Himel the Warrior – Part 4 (past life recall of John Barrow)

Valerie takes us to India for the conclusion to understanding the past life recall of her husband, John Barrow. Many people come back to life with fears, phobias and embodied memories of trauma and events experienced in their past lives. It is in India that Valerie experiences her husband’s embodied fear of snakes and is able to relate this back to the Leonine Warrior Himel being bitten by a snake in the vicinity of Lion Island, nearby Gosford. Himel the warrior is brought low by the snakebite and experiences emotion and fear for the first time. Such feelings were carried over into this life, as Valerie unfolds the narrative:


I have found that working with people who regress into past lives also develop their psychic abilities – so that there is not such a tight line of delineation between their dreaming and their everyday reality. This has also been shown by those who began to have glimpses of the memory of being starpeople. Once investigating the memory their psychic abilities increased – they then found it was easier to enter their ‘dream state’ to receive increased detail of the memory of those lifetimes.

Listening to John’s regression into his past life as a Leonine I observed he was able, after a while, to speak of his experience in an everyday consciousness. His memory became so vivid he did not have to enter an ‘altered state of consciousness’ to recall the lifetime.

I want to speak of the time we both visited an Ashram in India. My husband wanted to release his fear and anger; there seemed to be more emotional memory within him to be released other than the Cosmic Leonine race lifetime.

John, in this life now, had been troubled as a young child with a diseased bone in his lower leg. He had spent many months in sick bed at boarding school. As he grew older, the leg where the disease had been, seemed to weaken his ankle; troubling him from time to time. He often preferred to wear ankle high boots for support. While at the ashram he came to realise the injury mirrored a time he had remembered as being a star person who had come with a fleet of ships to rescue the survivors of The Mission of the Rexegena.


 The Rexegena, accompanied by scout vessels in proximity of Earth

He saw himself as a tall extraterrestrial, looking similar to the Lyrans but taller and his name was Himel. He commanded a fleet of Leonine warriors and others who were the same race as he, from Sirius. They were the ones who brought ‘a little piece of home‘ with them; namely The Alcheringa Stone.

After landing his starship near our little outpost he quickly investigated the area some distance around us and some distance from us to familiarise himself. (Something he subconsciously replayed in this present life when visiting the chasm at Kariong for the first time). Being ever the protector, as a sky-policeman, he was concerned for our safety although we ourselves were not fearful or worried. In his reconnoitring he was bitten by a snake. He was bitten very seriously, at a point that the poison almost killed him. He was laid low for many, many months and it was in that time that he and I came to know each other. It developed to a point where as he was so severely weakened because of the different environment, and poisoning, he decided to stay. We then married in our small community; he becoming my second husband then, as he is in this life.

Why he was so angry, is that the snake (being a reptile), was a form of life created on this Earth by the Reptilians. The Reptoids were the ones that had destroyed our Mothership. Himel was a warrior. He felt he had been attacked in an insidious way. It angered him that he could have been attacked and almost killed in such an unexpectedly simple way.

A secret way or cowardly way as he saw it. Try to see him as he was – as a star warrior, in command of a fleet of easily manoeuvrable and fast moving ships. He knew everything that was aboard those ships. From that world his abilities and technology were far superior than there are now. He was aware of what was around the ships; having the ability to view great distances. He was always in command and used to giving orders.



He was also angry because our defenceless mothership had been destroyed even though we had come in peace, with thousands aboard to establish the first settlement on Earth. He was angry (as we were also,) that we had been attacked and loved ones murdered by the Reptoids and Dinosoids even though we had been led to believe they had agreed to leave.

Himel was angered, but he was also angry with himself, because there was some fear involved as well. It was something he didn’t understand, having never experienced the emotion before.

While walking the streets outside of the Ashram in India we came across a small Indian boy handling cobras and other dangerous snakes, for entertainment. John was unreasonably nervous and walked far out of his way to avoid them. It didn’t make sense to me at first for he had been near snakes before without fear. This was obviously the time for him to release his fear and anger; knowing from where it originated made it easier. That lifetime before as a Star Being known, as Himel had been the time he had been attacked and bitten, almost losing his life, from snakebite. At that time, was his way of thinking and operating from a highly developed, highly technical starship that could quickly dart around the skies without limit. Up until then it just did not fit into his strategy of warfare to be attacked by such a small life form. It was his emotional memory of the whole scenario that linked with the snake bite that needed to be released. In this life he had created another scenario with a diseased leg and emotions to remember the story with opportunity to release the memory.

I think it was like that for all of us who were trapped on this Earth at that time, everything was so different from where we had come from and we had to adjust. We had to learn to deal with new situations we were subjected to, as well as disease, and poisoning; previously unknown to us. Disease included major problems with worm infestation carried by insects, and foreign microscopic bacteria in water. All left over life forms that had originally been created by the Reptoids and Dinosoid people (the bipeds who look like frogs) to help breakdown the dead carcasses of gigantic dinosaur and reptile creatures.


 Uluru under the Milky Way