Himel the Warrior – Part 2 (past life recall of John Barrow)

During the 18 years of living at Canyonleigh, Valerie Barrow worked with many who had past life memories of being participants on the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena. After the betrayal of the Rexegena, the Cosmic Cops – the Leonines – came in their space vessels. Here, Valerie Barrow leads her husband John through his memories of being a Leonine warrior along with his memories of their purpose, and the beings that populated the Space Vessel Himel commanded.


(Valerie:) Continuing the past life recall of my husband John – he has excellent recall of being a schoolboy and writing about a life as the Duke of Burgundy, and of being a warrior. Here, John continues:

“Going back to the hieroglyphs. If I was to say I got a big buzz when I was there that would not be right but I certainly got this sense of being a ‘protector’. Remember when I confronted those young louts who were flying up and down in a car on that road leading to the chasm? There where enough of them, they could have done me over if they had wanted to, but they were terrified of me. There was something about that whole situation that was protecting me! It was to protect you women and protect those cars. Maybe it was a re-run of something that had been here before. Maybe when you all were first here; you were attacked – I don’t know.”

John became quiet, settling into an alpha state. I took the opportunity to ask him to return to the memory of when he saw himself as a very, very aggressive and strong Leonine male – he could see he had furry paws with claws that could retract. We asked God to help him. He said when he is flying anywhere even now; he has a huge sense of power and right on top of everything. Being airborne gives him a sense of power. He has seen himself a number of times as a Leonine. He felt he was in command of a ship.

“The controls are crystal, pyramid shaped, with light around it, and that is what steers the ship but I have no idea how.”

“Do you think you do it with your mind? I asked.

“No I definitely, definitely use my hands, or paws. I have similar beings, male and female around me but I have been in command. There are other beings that have nothing to do with felines – their image was vague but they were under my command. I suspect that all of them have been sub-human.”

“What do you mean by sub-human?”

“They have been part human as we know and part animal.”

“By human you mean standing up and walking around, with arms, legs and a torso?

“Yes. They are bipeds.”

He was asked to go deeper into the memory of being on the airship. I asked John about the Leonine character.

J.B. said “Most of the time they think they are right.”

I laughed, “So that would be a Leonine trait, eh? Did you feel you were sent on a mission of going somewhere?”

“We are going somewhere. I feel in limbo. I do not know where we have come from or where we are going to.”

“That’s OK. Just allow yourself to go deeper into the memory. Do you know why you are so aggressive – are all the other males aggressive also? Or was there something that made you in particular very aggressive?”

“I don’t know.”

John was lifting in and out of the depth of his memory as he continued …




“It seems to me that there are these half man, half animal bipeds and they come from different planets. I have always thought cats and dogs come from a different dimension”.

“Are there beings that look like dog bipeds?”.

“Yes, but they are lesser beings, lesser than the leonine. You only have to look at the cat family and they are totally superior, or they think they are, to everybody else. Even domestic cats, they are in charge, you had better believe it, at least from their standpoint. Whereas dogs are servile, generally speaking.”

I murmured, “Yes, I see. Do you know anything about the other bipeds?

“No not really. Right now I am surrounded by pussy cats but I can’t identify them.”

He was asked to move on in his memory, until he came to a point of where he arrived somewhere. He saw himself travelling around the sky:

“I wasn’t in command of the ship, I am a total leader of all the ships. I am looking out the window; black outer space fills the sky with stars. It is definitely an attacking force.” (He was aware of Reptiles, Dinosaurs.) “The Reptile beings have also got very high intelligence and technology. And they are suppressing some other beings; that is why we are out there sorting them out. In fact we are the Kings of space. In fact we are the Governors of space.”

He was asked if he had any one that he answered to?

He said, “No. Not that I perceive, we are definitely the Lords of Space. Perhaps we are God.”

“Is that the way you see yourself? ”

“Maybe, a total power and a total sense of right and justice.

“The Reptile people and Dinosoids have created a very bad situation here on Mu. I think our mission is to go and fix them up – to wipe them out. Now whether the timing fits with what you are talking about?

“No, no, I don’t want you to think about anything like that. Just experience; don’t worry about questioning anything? You said they were suppressing others, what others were they suppressing?”

“I don’t know, other kind of creatures, – the Dinosoids clearly had high intelligence and had compassion – they were just like humans, although they had become decadent and were suppressing other creatures- repressing other forms of life – they had to be dealt with. I think that was what our mission was all about.

“We had the technology to destroy them – they were causing far too much trouble.”


 Dinosoids – John explains these are frog-looking beings