Himel the Warrior – Part 1 (past life recall of John Barrow)

During the 18 years of living at Canyonleigh, Valerie Barrow worked with many who had past life memories of being participants on the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena. That mission ended in betrayal and destruction and occasioned intervention by the Angelic Realms to send the “Lords of Space”, the Cosmic Cops as it were. In this narrative, Valerie explains her work in past life recall, and leads her husband John through his memories of being a Leonine warrior and the interaction and influence of memory on his present day experiences.


CHAPTER THIRTEEN (taken from an unpublished manuscript Journey with the Sacred Stone)

I have by now much experience in working with people in a Theta level, rapid eye movement, consciousness which allows people, when they are ready, to regress into past life memories within the Cosmos.

Many people have come to me and when led into an altered state of consciousness, they regressed into a memory connecting to the Mothership Rexegena mission. They came as if they were holding an etheric number saying it is my turn now. The regressions continued and the line of people shifted into those who remembered being, from the Draconian, Reptilian and Dinoid races; thus remembering being part of the conspiracy to `blow up the ship.’ They were terribly upset and were here now in this life to try to make amends.

Once that story was released the focus became of people regressing into cosmic memories, in an altered state of consciousness, not necessarily connecting to the Mission of the Rexegena but having experienced lives on other planets in very different looking physical bodies. Their faces registered surprise and disbelief when they saw how they looked. Others are proud of the very different body and from whence they came. Some weep because they are just plain homesick. Some looked like a preying mantis, some reptile looking and frog looking, some lion-cat looking, some spider like, fish like and even whale like. Others were more human looking with a larger skull, larger eyes but without hair. Without exception the people experienced strong emotion and a knowing this to be true; this took them out of the realms of imagination.

The Indigenous Peoples of Australia believe all animals, fish, reptiles and insects on this Earth were once people.

The subjects remember sometimes being on reconnaissance and landing on the Earth planet in the early days of its formation. Genes were used from their own cosmic race, and others, to create living creatures on earth. Some with permission from the Source of all Creation; some without permission. Others can remember seeding the planet with plant life, trees, rocks, crystals and minerals from other planets.

Others recall just being a consciousness with no physical body at all, although they could create what they wanted, the same as virtual reality. These people were remembering who they were as souls, from the Sea of Souls in the World of Light, before incarnating into a physical body, either on Earth or another planet.

For the reader’s interest I would like to share some of the my husband’s memory from the Cosmic Consciousness, including his memory of being in a Cosmic Leonine race – and my own.


John settled into the ‘hot seat’ the healing lounge chair in the healing room at Canyonleigh.

He just began reminiscing, saying he had been to the Kariong hieroglyphs twice. (I don’t remember him going twice. Only once with me.) He said he remembered being there with me twice, but then when he first visited the site he said it felt familiar and that he knew he had been there before. He said he had had dreams of being there since our visit. His impression when he first saw the glyphs was that they looked so new. I, myself, marvelled on how clear and new looking the glyphs looked at that time. They seemed to be almost standing out from the wall!

John continued, “I’m not questioning the age of the drawings, some of them seem very new but some of them seem very old. I believe that they could have been written by some past race. I still believe that the ancient Egyptians were able to move anywhere on the face of the Earth in some sort of time tunnel travel, they had the knowledge of the power of crystals, but where they got it from is another matter.”

John commented that if you look at Egyptian hieroglyphs they are half animal, half man; “I just don’t think they were wearing masks, I really believe there were really bipeds – half man, half animal – dogs, cats and so forth. The Egyptians also deified cats, and I think the reason for that was that the cat people came from another planet or dimension. I have two very strong memories within me. One was when I was a very powerful entity, because I have this feeling in me now, of sovereignty. I have a sort of aristocratic attitude to people – in this dimension I am talking about – and I reckon that impacts back on something that has happened many, many lives ago. I also feel I have been involved with cat people. I have had flashes of myself in heavy leather gear, heavy leather armour, or similar material, and my head has been totally leonine, a bit like `beauty and the beast image’ I have seen myself in that role and I have been totally in command.”

“I have had that before. It is not something new. It goes back a few years; I cannot put a finger on when the memory first started.

“The strongest awareness of a past-life I can remember was when I was a child and I could remember living the life of the Duke of Burgundy. When you are a child these things run with great clarity. I can remember writing an essay about the Duke of Burgundy and Joan of Arc and the Burgundian wars. I was about thirteen years old. I received 100% for the essay. My teacher asked me who had helped me. I said “Nobody, Sir!”

“Well its extraordinary” he said, “It is so good, it is as if you had written a novel as if you had actually been there.

“I have flashed back to other past lives as well, you know that quite well after our visit together in rural France. I feel I have some affinity with King Arthur as well. I know I have been reincarnated again and again but I don’t think I have ever been anything but a warrior.


 I don’t think I have ever been anything but a warrior