Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message August 6th, 2019

Meeting August 6th, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these three questions:

  1. Did the Venusians go against the instruction from the Angelic Realms and how did this affect our human creation?
  2. How did they (the strange animals recorded in mythology) evolve?
  3. Atlantis: Where was it and when?

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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.


NOTE: The audio in the Youtube video above contains ethereal sounds making it hard to understand what is being said. Therefore you may prefer to listen to this alternative recording of the meeting instead. See the thoughts from Valerie at the bottom of this page for Sai Baba’s explanation as to what the high-pitched sound is about.

[15 minute 43 second recording of the meeting held August 6, 2019.]


Valerie Barrow: With great love and respect we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to be here today. Today is Tuesday the 6th of August 2019 and we welcome Cosmic Sai Baba who is going to connect us to the galaxy Andromeda.

Cosmic Sia Baba through Valerie Barrow:

Thank you, thank you my dear, thank you. It is I Cosmic Sai Baba and I am very pleased to be here and to be working with you girls and gentlemen.

It is an important day today, you may not quite realise it yet but you will come to. So, without further ado, Andromeda Val is here and she is waiting. And when I say she is here, she is connecting to us from Andromeda the galaxy. She is 6,000 years ahead of your time but you are still able to communicate because there is no time or distance when one focuses on another, no matter where they are; it is all relative.

Thank you my children thank you, thank you, thank you.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val and I have been waiting and I am very happy to make acquaintance with you again. I enjoy these meetings and I feel honoured that you invite me into your house and we can communicate. I have offered to answer three questions each meeting and I’ll be happy to do that but first I would just like to say a little bit of something in my language. So thank you, thank you for inviting me, as I have already said.

[18 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

It is a greeting and it is in our language or the one that I use at the galaxy Andromeda.

So may I have the first question please?

First Question: Andromeda Val tells us that the Blue People from Venus mated with the humans as Cro-Magnons about 3,00O years ago. Did the Venusians go against the instruction from the Angelic Realms? That is part of this question and how did this affect our human creation?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Thank you my son, thank you. I think actually you mean 300,000 years ago. This conversation has happened before with upstairs, which I call it lovingly. When I am here in a human body talking through Valerie, it is very difficult and different from when I can speak on my own. And I would hope to do that at some time soon. But at the moment we are talking about the Venusians that have come.

Understand of course that they do exist except that they exist in another frequency that the human eye cannot see yet or hear yet for some. They can tune in raising consciousness and being aware, they can communicate telepathically with the Venusians. They have played a role a long, long time even before your planet was created, in fact they were part of that, it’s been assisting for it to be created. So you are asking when the Venusians came and when they mated with the humans at that time, which is known by your scientists as Cro-Magnon. 300,000 years ago is about the time given. Time can be questionable, but it was a long time ago and they did mate. It has been written I understand in your bible, the Christian bible, and probably in other places as well for it did take place. They were known as the Atlanteans and they came with much knowledge and much advanced information and abilities and certainly technology.

There was not the limit that exists on your earth at this time. However, you can progress to that time. But for the moment we are talking about the Atlanteans and when they mated with the humans. And they did mate with the humans. There was a knowing that if they mated them that would help raise their consciousness and the DNA would be held there for time when the frequency upon your planet Earth was raised and they would be able to interact and communicate with Star People from other worlds. This did take place for a while, a quite a long while actually. But then there were scientists that started to experiment and genetically engineer with the animal man and the Human that existed at that time and interbreeding and intermixing their DNAs they created beings that were actually recorded in the legends that are held within the Greek mythology and so you can understand and know about that.

So, it was an interesting time in the evolvement of your planet earth and the Human for 300,000 years ago was the beginning and we have already spoken about the times that they evolved from animal man to human, the Light man 900,000 years ago and there were other evolvements also that we will talk about at another time. The Atlantean time was very interesting indeed and I’m wondering if this is enough for you or would you like me to answer more questions, or answer, go further with what I am talking about?

I have a second question here.

Second Question: Andromeda Val also said that at the time scientists began experimenting with genetic engineering creating all the strange animal & man together. The images have been recorded in written in Greek mythology. How did they evolve?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

How did they evolve? That is a good question because they are still around in, well how can I expand, in your next world. You have the dimensions of a limited understanding or frequency in compared to the world of the stars and the universe. However that is one of the reasons that it was lowered here on your planet because at that time the beings that were created and these images that are shown many, many images of what they were looking like when they were created, part animal, part Man in other words, and so they do exist even now. They had nowhere to go they were created and they became more or less victims and sometimes they are assisted, from shall we say a higher thinking people or people that are in control from other worlds and not always for the good or the love of the universe and so depending on where and who they are influenced by, they do sometimes act demonic which is describing those that have not any soul but they were created by the star people or those people that came. However this was not allowed and so it had to be stopped and for that reason Atlantis fell. There was horrific explosions, the volcanoes and tsunamis and they were in unison all around the planet to actually stop this activity but at the same time re-creating and lifting, shall we say, the Human that had been created. And so that is what existed and still does in the next world that you would call the astral I think. Whatever, it does exist and it is in the same place as your Sun and your planet. So does that help you?

Yes it does.

And of course I must add here that the demonic beings really need some assistance. All they need is love and recognition. However may I have your next question please?

Third Question: Yes you have partly answered it already by saying why did Atlantis fall. Where was it and when?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Well it is true I have actually said this, there are places that a stronger Venusian evolvement upon this planet, but there are other places also that the people moved around exactly as is happening now on your planet; people travel, people stay where they moved to, they evolve, they create civilisations, the same thing happened. Many places were destroyed because the evolution on this planet in the Angelic Realm terms was not going according to plan and so they had to change it. And so what Man had done upon this planet has to be undone by Man. And so there is records scientifically in how this planet almost died at that time which would not be all that long ago in evolutionary time, it would be shall we say in your time from 10,000 to 12,000 years something like that, not very long at all. And from there all the Star People civilisations that were visiting or living upon this planet left and just the human survived in caves and lived and went back to a very primitive way of living. So that is shown in records sometimes scientists have discovered and realised, they also realised that there are other activities upon there planet which they do not understand or can not explain and I hope I am explaining that to you at this time. The human then went on to be retrained and re-assisted but from a distance by the Angelic Realms and those from the United Planetary Nations that are always trying to help the little Human or earthling upon this planet to raise in consciousness to connect and understand and realise that they have a consciousness that is governed by a soul and from that soul they are linked with their over-soul which comes from another place altogether.

This is why people need to understand that the brain which just records things for the Human, it does not actually create. The creation comes from thoughts and ideas through the soul which helps them to evolve and to build and create things and advance in many ways. If it’s done with love in their hearts and always with recognition to the source of all creation, which is love, never judgement, never cruel, never punishing at all; it is pure love. And from that point if people upon Earth can relate to their own soul for everyone on Earth has a soul, they can evolve and be happy and be guided from that source of consciousness that is within them for consciousness is not lost. Once that soul or that Earth body is left, it goes back as ash to the Earth but the soul, the light being, the consciousness of who it is returns to it’s source. So I hope I have given you some real understanding of who you are, why you are here, which is another story, and where you are going. So thank you my children I will leave now, thank you, thank you and God bless you. Thank you.

Thoughts from Valerie:
See Isaac Tigret’s talk at Guru Purnima celebrations on YouTube video about a new door opening that had been closed for thousands of years…

16 July 2019, Morning : Guru Purnima Celebrations Live From Muddenahalli

Cosmic Sai Baba when introducing this message from the Galaxy Andromeda on 6th August 2019 said It was an important message we would understand more at a later time.

Also, Cosmic Sai Baba has sent this message on 9th August,2019 regarding the High pitched sound which could not be removed and sounding ethereal…
Cosmic Sai Baba:

I am here my dear, and I wish to confirm that the sound over-sounding the message spoken through Valerie from Andromeda Val. The High Pitched sound is, along with an underneath sound, a coded message we are sending from the Stars and we would like it to be examined and it will be found it is coming from outer-space.

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