Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message July 2nd, 2019

Meeting July 2nd, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these three questions:

  1. When did the Angelic Realms begin sending ‘Souls’ into the Human Race?
  2. Are there ‘races’ on this Planet Earth without souls at this time in our evolution?
  3. Do you have a special message for us today?

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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.


Valerie Barrow: Today is the 2nd of July (2019), it’s Tuesday and we are having a meeting here at Mossvale and I welcome everybody. We connect to Andromeda Val. We call on Cosmic Sai Baba to introduce us and to hold a platform for us. Andromeda Val is in a different galaxy (Andromeda M31) so we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence among us, thank you.

Cosmic Sia Baba through Valerie Barrow:

I am here my dear and I am very pleased to be here. Andromeda Val is here and she is waiting and we look forward to the meeting today. Thank you My Dear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. It is a long distance but as we have said before, there is no time or distance when we are operating in consciousness and my consciousness is linking with Valerie’s consciousness and that is how the communication is taking place.

I welcome the opportunity to come and to speak with you and I look forward to that. But first I would also like to welcome you in my language and so if you will give me one minute I will welcome you in my language. Thank you.

[10 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to speak to you. So, thank you, thank you for welcoming me. Thank you.

And now we will continue and as I have always come with an opportunity to answer questions I hope. So do you have a question please?

First Question: Yes, the first question is: When did the Angelic Realm begin sending ‘Souls’ into the Human Race?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Yes, well thank you for that question. There was a time when the Human Race was developing and more has been said, as the animal race. But it was uplifted with Star People’s genes and the consciousness within the human race became raised and not limited so much. But then there was a decision to be made by the Angelic Realms and it was called ‘The Grand Plan’ to help bring consciousness to a level for the races here upon your planet, to raise and interconnect with other races from other worlds within the realms of your universe – and certainly within your solar system. So the corner of the solar system where you are now is quite a distance from the centre as you have seen I’m sure on many occasion on your television or maybe on the computer. There are a lot of races here and there was a design to bring warm blooded people here that had the raised consciousness to be able to assist the distinct races to understand and know what it was like to feel and to experience warmth and love. This was missing within those races although, I would hasten to say, they were very clever, and used genetic engineering relentlessly in some ways in changing what was the form of the pre-human race. We will call it MAN.

When the story was given to you about Alcheringa when the first ancestors were created, it was shown then how genetic engineering had actually taken place with the race of MAN and how that consciousness was raised. This at the same time was still experimental to a degree, but there had to be some other input from the Hierarchy or the Angelic Realm to help the race to evolve into being able to, shall we say, become one of the Star People’s universe and communication and understanding – and interaction and respect for each other. Even though the appearance of the humans on your planet Earth was very different. However, people can communicate telepathically, in fact many do, in fact most do in other worlds. And this will happen also on your planet Earth – it is already happening. It has happened in the past. So I will leave you with that thought for the moment. But when did the souls come? That was part of The Great Plan and it was a little while longer – not too long before a Plan had to take place to have some sort of, not control exactly but some way of knowing and understanding what was happening to the humans that had evolved, and those who had not. They had been encouraged to inter-act and breed, and that is what your archaeologists have found, that many, many different ah, homo, shall I say, ‘evolvements’.

But it wasn’t too long before the Angelic Realms decided there needed to be a board, a Karmic Board as you would call it, to actually have like a stage, a jumping off point from where souls would come in to every little child that was born into this Human Race so that it would help and help that body to evolve, but not only that, the whole of the race that existed upon your planet. And so I hope I am explaining myself here.

When it took place you ask? Well it wasn’t all that long really in time as you put it. It may have been say a few hundred thousand years, not very long at all, in evolvement times. But it did take place. And so, from then on, every human that was born onto your planet had a ‘soul’ consciousness with it – which meant a Light Body. And also meant that there had been intelligence that was coming also with a Contract with the Karmic Board and the over-riding, Star Peoples shall we say or the Angelic Realm, in helping that Human Race to evolve and come to understand, can I say, the bigger picture of where they had come from and the influence that was being made upon them.

So do you have a question about that at all? Or is that enough for you at this time?

We do have one more question here.

Second Question: Are there races on this planet Earth without souls at this time in our evolution?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

At this time time yes, there are races without souls. That does not mean to say that they do not have the love of the Creator in them. Because a Soul is a bit like a passport, if you would like to think of it that way. Every human that is born is known about and assisted from the Hierarchical Consciousness – that raised consciousness – and that over-viewing are keeping records and knowing exactly how they are faring in their life here in a human body.

So the Souls that come do have a contract to come, to live in various ways – they have made an agreement with other souls that have come at the same or similar time – the big thing is to help one another regardless of their association or their connections because the Human Race is the same. You are all brothers and sisters, you all have evolved from the same place. And so there is an Agreement with every Human that comes onto – that comes into this Planet Earth with a Soul has made a contract to help each other and never to hurt one another or judge one another.

These are reminders from the various beautiful Loved Ones who come to help teach and remind people – the Gurus you could say, or the Avatars. So I hope I am giving some understanding there. The one’s without souls of course are evolving also, and they need to be treated with peace, harmony, caring, loving and allowed to evolve with respect. Your animals do this indeed. There is a Soul Conscious over-viewing the whole race of the different animals – it’s not quite so specific as the Human Race.

So do you have another question?

No I don’t think so. We have another question for you though.

Third Question: Do you have a special message for us today?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Well, as you ask, on behalf of ALL the Angelic Race and ALL the souls that come I would like to remind them that they have come not to judge, and many do not, but there are some that get caught up with different ways of thinking – we could say a judgement if you like.

It is important to just remember to respect one another, regardless of what position you hold in society upon the planet. For there are those that are leaders, there are those that just follow. And there are those that stand firm and are just themselves and get on with their work, whatever they do. There is a role for everyone upon this Earth but all need to be respected. With respect comes compassion and a knowing that all should be cared for in whatever way. The ones that can help can make it so.

So does that help you my son? This is the message I would like: To love one another, to care for one another, to respect one another, and treat each other as you would want to be treated and I think that message has been long said, and it still applies.

So thank you, thank you so much for inviting me this day. I do welcome the opportunity to come and I send my love and our race sends our love to you all – thank you my children, thank you, thank you, thank you.

A Note from Valerie:

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