Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message September 3rd, 2019

Meeting September 3rd, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address this question:

  1. As requested by Cosmic Sai Baba to have the high-pitched sound examined on the message received on August the 6th 2019. We have been advised by scientists and they say it doesn’t prove it comes from Andromeda. Where do we go from here?

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Valerie Barrow: It’s Tuesday the 3rd of September, 2019. And we are here to call upon, with great love and respect, Cosmic Sai Baba who introduces us to Andromeda Val for our normal monthly meeting. So thank you, thank you.

Cosmic Sia Baba through Valerie Barrow:

I am here and I am very pleased to be here. I am Cosmic Sai Baba and I know I am welcomed and it gives me pleasure to introduce Andromed Val who is waiting here now to speak to you all. So thank you my dear, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. As always it gives me joy to be able to come and to speak. You are having a little trouble in receiving some confirmation in a scientific way that we are speaking from Andromeda and I know it is a little hard to accept. However, it is a sound and the sound can be traced, and the sound is coming from Andromeda I can assure you. You are listening to a voice that is 6,000 years ahead of the time of your specific place of Earth planet in the Milky Way. But there is no distance or time that exists to separate us for when we are focused, as you can see, there is some technology that helps to connect us, but you can see me and I can see you. And so, I would like to give my normal greeting in the language that I use in my home and that is:

[17 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

And now I would like to ask if you have a question at all as we normally conduct when we have these meetings. So is there a question that you would like to ask please?

Question: As requested by Cosmic Sai Baba to have the high-pitched sound examined on the message received on August the 6th 2019. We have been advised by scientists and they say it doesn’t prove it comes from Andromeda. Where do we go from here?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Well it is true and I understand, we have been watching the progress of what Valerie has being trying to do and we appreciate her efforts and we also appreciate the scientists that have been involved in listening to the sound. And of course that is what is the connection, so that would be where there is needed to be investigated. I hope that you will not mind me saying this, there is slight limitation in the way that the sound is being examined or thought about would probably be a better way to say it. The high-pitched sound actually can be made in your Earth level from your computer but it is done by us to help bring the whole thing to the scientific world to bring it to their attention. That is what we are doing. And, as one of the scientists have said, the sound of the voice is very interesting. And so if that could be examined more closely and worked upon, you would find, and I speak as a scientist now, that it is coming from a long way. It is not coming from within your Milky Way. However, there is a need for you to accept the existence of technology that helps to act as a platform for the communication to take place. It is no different from shall we say Skype. You have Skype that you interact with people around the world on your computers and your image is seen no matter what the difference of the time or the distance. The images are immediate and that is exactly what is happening now. So I hope that if by prompting you to think this way and again, I speak to scientists, they will investigate a little differently. It will require a little more understanding and an opening of the mind to be able to connect and understand that this communication can take place, and in actual fact, we are from the United Planetary Nations have actually being communicating with many on your planet and so if you listen and use discernment you will find that yes, communication is taking place between the Star People and the people on your Earth and they have been for a long time. Your indigenous races have been doing this for a long time in the earlier days of the planets, shall I say, when it was built, because it took a little while for that to take place.

So I hope I am challenging you. We would like you to follow this up. Cosmic Sai Baba is more than what he seemed to be upon your planet I can assure you, and he wants this to take place. He is of a place within the universe that is very well respected and he is asking this to take place and for the connection to be understood and heard this girl, Valerie, although she will laugh at that, but she is a young one, but it is to take place through her.

So I will leave you with that thought and I send love and blessings to all that may listen to this recording. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God bless you. Thank you.

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