Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message April 3rd, 2018

Cosmic Sai Baba

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please see the February 6, 2018 message from Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val to readers of the website.

Valerie Barrow: So with great love and respect in our hearts we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba –

Cosmic Sai Baba (through Valerie):

“I am here and I am very pleased to be here. I welcome this opportunity in coming and conducting the introduction, shall we say, to Andromeda Val. You all know of her and her reason for coming and that is to help lift the consciousness and also show that there are beings – races that exist in other worlds that are very human like so that there is really no need to be afraid. For they understand and know many things and they can assist you and help you if you want to ask. I suggest that you do just that.

So with great love and respect I am presenting Andromeda Val. Thank you my dears, thank you I God Bless you.”

Andromeda Val (through Valerie):

“I am Andromeda Val, and Valerie is asking me to speak up, so I shall try to speak a little louder. I have difficulty, of course in communicating telepathically to using a voice box and we have spent the last year in practicing and adjusting to that. So I can speak now, more clearly, I am still having a little bit of trouble when I hesitate but that is the reason. I hope you will make allowances for that. I love you dearly and I welcome the opportunity for coming in your time, I come from a distance far ahead, 6,000 years in fact. But do not let that phase you because it depends on where you are as to the distance and time.

That is why some say there is no time, and er, in a way it is a measurement, so if you think of it as a measurement then that would perhaps make more sense.

There are many things from where I come from, which is not unlike your planet Earth. The energy is different. The frequency of consciousness is raised and there is certainly no wars or unhappiness because people have come to understand and respect each other. No matter what difference.

The race that Valerie has come from is the Adonis Race. It actually is a hybrid race from the Human Race that you are in now. This human race has been going now for about, we could say nearly a million years, perhaps a little less. This is the problem, measuring time and putting it to something differs so much that it makes it difficult to communicate exactly how old something is and there is a lot of argument and disagreement.

Understanding will come to Scientists as we move on in raising your consciousness and they will realize it depends a lot on different things as to whether something can be measured at one time or a length of time and measurement of another thing could be measured a different time but seem to come from the same time. (she laughed) if that makes sense.

So in other words, it is a broad thing and perhaps would be best if it wasn’t considered so intensely but rather saying something very ancient or something very new. Somethings that is set in for the future.

I do not want to sound like I am making fun of anyone. But I do have the memory of being in the race, the human race through Valerie, for I am she in the future, if that makes some sense.

You can ponder that a little if you like. Valerie, like quite a few other people at this time and before time as it is now, when there was considered to be a lot of Genetic Engineering going on to people who claimed they were abducted.

I could say, that would seem they were abducted, but they had actually, another level of consciousness, given their permission for some genetic material to be taken from the human. Valerie will say, she has actually had a little embryo taken also.

So that is who I am in the future….or at least the generations that follow on from that. It can sound a little complicated. But what I wanted to say was that there were malevolent ones who did this abduction thing, at the same time, with a lot of experimentation and caused a lot of fear among the human race. And unfortunately it was allowed at the time, but it has now stopped. It is no longer happening.

They were just repeating what they thought they could do, when the Benevolent Beings were carrying on the Human Race as it is and into the future to exist on the Galaxy Andromeda M31.

So, I will invite questions now, 3 questions will be allowed as we are on a time (she chuckled) limit. Would you like to ask any questions about that, anybody? ( Long pause. ) The Silence is deafening. Perhaps I could ask then if you have another question that you would like to ask? Anything at all.”

Question: Given that we have a planetary Earth hierarchy of ascended masters (The White Brotherhhood), is it more beneficial to focus on communicating with them, rather than giving time and attention to off planet (extraterrestrial) Beings? I’m thinking of beings such as Sanat Kumara, Maitreya, the Boddhisattva, Kuthumi, El Moyra, St Germaine.

Andromeda Val:

“I understand your question. My first question is why would you see them as different? I know these Beings well. They do reside at Andromeda, they do come and go, they go to other places, other galaxies, other worlds in other Universes. But when you think about what I am speaking about as the Star People you could see the Earth Planet will become part of the Star System. Valerie has just explained that and that is what is happening and so could I suggest that you don’t see them separate. Or am I not understanding what you are asking?

They are at different levels of frequency, we on Andromeda Galaxy have wise ones – so perhaps if you think of them as the wise ones I would say very happily that they are. Does that answer your question?”

Question: It is a complex question. The White Brotherhood are focused on the evolution on plant Earth, where the ET Beings are more concerned with the galactic scene. Is it better to focus one’s attention and efforts to the immediate Earth scene, rather than the larger picture galactic scene?

Andromeda Val:

“I can understand what you are saying. Can I say these Beings that you speak of are very like Sri Sathya Sai Baba is and was when he was on Earth he said, “My life is my message” and he was without limit. He was able to appear and disappear in many places around the Earth. It is the same with these Wise Ones from the White Brotherhood for instance that you speak of. They are here, but they are there all at the sametime. There is no separation. So I am not suggesting that I am the Wise One, but I am not limited in that I am there and I am here too with Valerie at the sametime. Does that make sense? And is there a question you would like to clarify there? Because I could remind you that Earth is considered to be Terrestrial right. And everything outside our Planet is Extra-terrestrial. In other words it is from the Star Worlds. So why is there a limit in not understanding that other Beings can live in Other Worlds very similar to this World and still be able to have abilities that others that have come here and shown that it is telepathically possible to communicate no matter what the distance is. That does make sense?

The Separation does not exist actually, everything is One. If you think of one wise Beings such as White Eagle he is part of the White Brotherhood. He did not make his appearance here he worked through others did he not? Just the same as I am working through others.

Well, Valerie. I am Andromeda Val but our story as Valerie has already said is, a little different but there is no limit. Can you not see that you are creating a division where there is none. Does it not seem like everything is unified, everything interacts and everything is One.

Perhaps, there is a little need to think more about that or perhaps ask another question if you like.”

Questioner: I think I will digest that for awhile.

Andromeda Val:

“So is there another question anyone would like to ask?”

Question: Is the Earth quarantined from an interstellar council, because of the violence on this planet?

Are we here mean’t to add our spiritual support to grow awareness of higher spiritual values?

Andromeda Val:

“The consciousness – can I say there are different levels of consciousness, and can I also say some are wiser and some are not. There is no judgement here, the only judgement you have is upon yourself.

If I could say as it is in Andromeda, there is a frequency of consciousness that exists where a thought just does not enter into anybody’s head to sort out a problem with a weapon. And so they do not exist. Do you understand?

Coming to a planet, such as your own, it does exist. There is a sense of responsibility for those in Andromeda in that they have already said, the Angelic Realms have said that they created your planet Earth in the first place. It was to take place of another planet that had been destroyed and there was a vacuum and that needed to be replaced so that the Solar System would continue operating the way it always had.

So with the creation of the planet Earth, it actually was created with a higher frequency of energy to try and help lift this corner of the Galaxy (Milky Way). Which is considered to be very dark when you look from Universal Point of View.

And also the races that had grown in this corner of your Galaxy. Does that make sense?

And so the frequency of the Earth then became a place of where Andromedans and many others working with them, wanted to help it to grow. It has been referred to as a Garden of Eden and it was.

Then it was overtaken by others that had no right to it but they made it their own. And so rather than a war; although some effort was used to try to get them to vacate the planet, it didn’t happen. So there was a lot of evolution that took place upon your planet first and since then there have been many different ways that the star people or the Angelic Realms from Andromeda have used to help raise or hold the new vibration that was coming from Andromeda on this corner of your galaxy.

Am I explaining that well enough. Does that makes sense to you?

I would like to make a point about the age of the Earth and to realize how long evolvement has been taking place and it is changing and growing and evolving in consciousness. The Earth herself is a consciousness and that is evolving also. It was a beautiful Being but it fell back because of mis-use and the way it was treated and to some degree it still is.

It is a little hard to think about seeing one thing happening and then seeing it now because there is such a distance in time. Even though we talked about time not really being a “time” shall we say. It is a measurement and from where you are looking. So if you are looking at Earth and where it is now – you could look back to when all the dinosaurs where all created and they were upon this Planet Earth. And the very difference now here on planet Earth without dinosaurs, although there are bones, and knowledge that they did exist at one time upon your planet.

That was not meant to happen but it did. And so the Great Plan was adjusted to help for that growth to maintain and still happen, but with changes. Does that make sense?

I think for now My Dears we will have to leave this questioning for the moment. I would like you to, If you would and if you are interested, to write your questions and ask them when I come next meeting and it will give me great joy to answer them if I can.

It would be a good way to actually connect to your intuition, or your soul consciousness to make a suggestion for a question because we are actually working to communicate knowledge to the masses if that makes sense. So if I may I will leave this now and I have had great joy in being with you and I hope you all welcome me when I return on our next meeting. It is a platform that has been set up so that all the necessary technology is put in place for the communication to take place.

So thank you My Dears, thank you very much for having me, I God Bless you.”

[20 min, 21 sec recording from the meeting of April 3, 2018]