We Chanted 3 Oms

Val opened the meeting by calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba and we know that he holds the door open for us when we connect with Andromeda and our oversouls; one is Val, one is Daina and one is Anna. Our future selves, 6000 years ahead. We look forward to working with them. We felt they were already there waiting.

Jacqui (Johnston): We asked who was present and it clearly and energetically spelt out GOD.

Jacqui: We have been guided to keep our focus tight and to concentrate on Andromeda. Is that what you want? A very clear YES.

Jacqui: Did you want us to meditate first for a question? The glass went in a clockwise direction, which meant that Andromeda Val wanted to speak through Valerie.

Andromeda Val through Valerie (Barrow): It is Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. We always know when your meetings are to happen, and so we are always here ready to make contact with you three. You are asking should there be a meditation or if a question should be asked. A meditation would help you to receive a question, if you would like to work that way, but it is up to you. It is your choice. I will take my leave and give you an opportunity to decide which way you want to work. Whether to meditate or come up with a question. Either way you will be guided.

Jacqui: I feel that’s true, they’re already guiding us – its like they speak through us really. So we all decided to leave the meditation and go with the flow.

Valerie had a question:

I would like to ask actually, if Andromeda Val, who I’m told is myself in the future, does she come from genetic engineering that was done to me or was there an embryo. Is that how the whole race of where we come from and where we are connecting now (Andromeda). I am told by my oversoul that we are very humanoid looking.

(NB: When Valerie Barrow first saw Andromeda Val, she thought she had the understanding that Andromeda Val was her future self and that she had been created from who she was now on this planet – Earth. It was also her understanding that people had given their permission at another level …?)

At one stage Val knows there was an embryo taken or rescued – (Andromeda Val confirmed this – YES)

We all had similar experiences with female embryos – babies that had been lost through miscarriage etc. So somehow at another level we had given our permission to the Source for this genetic engineering to take place.

We asked for confirmation – Very strong YES.

As an aside, Valerie said that lower ETs had also done this BUT without permission.

We asked for confirmation – Very strong YES.

They were quite bizarre and very upsetting for a lot of people. This is the reason the whole planet, part of the creator’s plan to be in Andromeda, was stopped. We asked for confirmation – YES.

We then discussed some personal stories and similarities in our backgrounds in relation to conceiving children.

Question: Is it possible in today’s modern life (on Earth) that it possible for a woman to have a child/embryo without male sperm?


Valerie went on to speak to Jill and I about (if we could generalise it), how we are all aspects of God and by that, all aspects of our own oversoul, which is still in another “world” and another time. She also spoke about the many thousands of people who have had encounters with people from different planets ie ET’s and have had some very upsetting experiences, and many of these people are fearful. She thought that because at some level their soul knows they also are from various other dimensions/planets. If they could realise this consciously, their fear would go.

Jacqui: – You know, maybe this whole conversation has been a good starting point for our work with Andromeda.

We asked for confirmation from the ORACLE in regard to if we were on track and if in fact this conversation was guided by them – the answer of course was YES.

Andromeda Val then spoke through Valerie.

We have prompted you my dears and we are so pleased you have come to realise and understand your connection not only to your human self that exists right here now at this time on Earth, but also as we move forward from the past and into the future. At Andromeda and the race that exists there now, (that does not mean that the human race will not continue as the human race upon this Earth). So understand there is a difference there. We are trying to help people to understand that there has been an aspect of them, that has been taken in some way with their agreement, although at the time they did not realise they had made the agreement to be a part of a future race that exists on Andromeda. There are many upon Andromeda that connect to humans upon the Earth and in actual fact I can say that is what the 144,000 is about. Do you have a question?

Jacqui: Will we (personally, ie Jill, Val and myself) have more lives in other situations between now (whatever “now means”) and 6000 years ahead when we will be Val, Daina and Anna?

Andromeda Val through Valerie:

Oh yes indeed! Even if you look at your past, you have had many lives. Not just upon this earth, but on other systems within your Milky Way and other galaxies as well as Andromeda. Your soul or your oversoul is in heaven (?) The lives that you have lived have helped (of course this has been your role) to lift the consciousness in various places. In the long term the Milky Way, your galaxy, will eventually meld with the galaxy of Andromeda. At this time Andromeda galaxy is operating at a higher, or I would like to say, faster frequency than that exists on here in your Milky Way. This is a long time ahead more than 6,000 years but it will take place, and astronomers have said this and know it and it will take place. At present there are preparations for that and take on a physical body, not necessarily an earth body, have come in just a part of who they really are, just a small aspect of who they really are. So the story that you have and who you are and where you have come from is unlimited. Does that make sense?

Yes was the reply from Jill and from me.

We also asked the Oracle a question – if beings from Andromeda were androgynous – Answer was YES.

We also spoke about how children on Andromeda were grown outside the body in a sort of clear “humidicrib”, after permission is sought from a council of elders for the agreement to bring a child into the society. As beings on Andromeda may live for 300, 400, 500 of our years, not many children are required. So it is indeed a blessing and an honour to bring a child into being. All the qualities for providing a safe, secure, well educated and loving childhood must be met before permission is granted.

As a group we went on to talk about language on Andromeda. There being many languages in Andromeda. All languages are telepathic.

Jill asked was there a final message for us – YES was the reply from the Oracle.

Andromeda Val through Valerie:

Thankyou for your loving support, the meeting went well today. It will help more than you realise.

Valerie then spoke in a star language.

AV through V:

God bless you my children, God bless you.

3 Oms – Close

NB: When transcribed, it may not seem like a lot of information from God and our 3 ladies from Andromeda, but on a personal level, the three of us received much information in regard to what we were being used for and where we had come from. Most of this wasn’t suitable for publication as in the most part it was quite personal and not relevant to others.

For me personally – through this connection to Andromeda it seems I am more able to connect the dots. There have been so many amazing “incidents” and happenings in my life, psychic visions, and connection to beings from different dimensions, angelic realms, things that most people would find very difficult to believe. It is only now, at the age of 69 that I am starting to see why I was shown so much throughout my life, and that I now have to put it to use for other seekers.

Source: Narayana Oracle