Communication with Andromeda

Jacqui Johnston: Is Sai Baba present? Did you ask for a glass of water.

Sai Baba: YES.

JJ: Thankyou, I just thought I may have been going crazy!

Sai Baba asked to speak through Valerie.

Sai Baba through Valerie Barrow:

It is I Cosmic Sai Baba and I am very pleased to be here, know that my presence is with you at all times, you do not have to make a special ceremony for me. I am always with you. However, a ceremony in setting up to make the space sacred is a good idea. So, do you have any questions today?

Jill Denny: We did wonder was today a special day for information to travel freely between worlds?

SB: through VB:

Astrologically, yes it is a good day, of course I was wondering if you would be connecting with the galaxy of Andromeda today, for that is the miracle of the meeting. If I may, I would like you all to focus on the oversoul of whom you all know within yourselves, and receive a message – each one individually. That would be good. Do not worry just allow it to happen. There are some messages that I would like you to make the connections so it is comfortable and flows easily. Each lady is to connect individually.

JJ: First of all I felt like our friends from Andromeda were pulling my ears, as though to say LISTEN. Listen Listen Listen. The I felt a lot of gold light going around my head, I felt it meant WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS.

Then I wasn’t getting much, and I felt like I needed to ask a question, which was “are we going to continue with the Oracle” and they said YES, at least for another three years. I also asked if they would like me to help Valerie with the transcribing, it will help your own writing. I felt a strong connection with Anna (my future self 6000 of our Earth years ahead and coming from Andromeda), even though I had been having doubts about this earlier, worrying that the messages we receive are just from our own subconscious minds.

VB: You should include in the transcripts your feelings of negativity, as its part of the learning of how to communicate with other worlds. We are not controlling this, but somewhere, somehow, different things resonate with different people.

VB Meditates: Calls on Andromeda Val, who comes through and speaks the star language. She tells us she has been waiting to speak to us.

Andromeda Val through Valerie:

I am Andromeda Val. We are changing things around a little today. We hope you will not mind. It will work well. I would like Valerie to speak the Light Language that we use in Andromeda. It is a greeting. These are words that can help bring change to people in their psyche and in their consciousness.

It is a little different to that which Valerie was speaking at Uluru, but that will change. That’s enough for today. It is known that with Light Language, you do not need to know the meaning of the language, but I can assure you that it is our language. No different from adjectives, nouns and verbs that we have in the English language.

[2:08 recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

JD Meditates and her questions are about the feminine energy and the future of the world. So mainly about strong women leaders – are we going to get them? The answer was a very strong YES.

VB: Women on the whole, think differently to men and men think differently to women. There is no right or wrong. That brings balance, matriarchal and patriarchal.

Val went on to say that her very close Aboriginal Elder friend that recently died, Gerry Bostock, told her that in the early days of the ancient Aboriginal people the women were the leaders – that’s why they were passive.

Valerie goes onto channel from spirit about the female aspect.

Andromeda Val through Valerie:

I am Andromeda Val and you have asked about the female, the feminine, which is important. There is talk about a female brain and a male brain, and certainly the two are separate and they do come together inn the consciousness of the brain. But of course you have all come to understand that there is a different consciousness that exists and it is shall we say it is a cosmic consciousness, which is never ending and is always present. It’s home is with the oversoul. Everyone on this planet Earth has an oversoul. An oversoul is like an angelic realm or an angle-ic realm that is sacred geometry but it is also portrayed as angels or androgynous beings that are neither male nor female in a separate way. They are together. It is true that the androgynous beings filter through to the soul which is a collection of lives that people have had not just upon this planet, but other stars, other worlds and sometimes as a male energy sometimes as a female energy, and so when they come together, they are androgynous. It is interesting, as I have said before that Andromeda and androgynous are very similar in words. In actual fact, androgynous is related to the word genesis. Think about that, think about that. There is only a small part of an earth body that decides when its little embryo is being formed ready to come into this planet, whether it will be male or female. And it gives understanding when you think about androgyny, why some people are confused as to the body they have that presents as a female body and they feel male and the other way that the body is male but they feel female. That is the consciousness that is coming from a pure spirituality. It’s coming from advanced thinking and advanced knowing. It is no surprise or accident that there has been talk about people that love each other, know each other well and they are of the same sex in the (physical) body. It gives understanding, but it doesn’t really matter. It is the consciousness that is important and the love that people have for one another. For the universe is love, it is pure love. God energy is love, nothing else. There are many things of the word love that we know and understand, but it is NOT about the opposites like killing or anything that is going against the energy of love. So on this Earth, you could say it is very male, patriarchal, if you like. From Governments, it overwhelms the thinking, the consciousness upon this Earth, because it is out of balance. There needs to be more feminine energy, more thinking, A feminine energy is one that is the Mother. A mother produces the babies and the babies need to be cared for and loved. They are tiny, they need gentleness and handling with care and love always. So it the feminine energy is about that. It is loving and caring and also finding the way for people to respect one another and honour each other. The male energy is one of, shall we say “push”, but that is not quite the right word, but it’s a driving force that is in the male and sometimes the caring, loving and consideration for others is a bit lost. However, there is a role for the male dominance to take care of, and look after the “family” shall we say but was our … ? world. Looking after different races and different beings. It takes a force, a strong driving force to care for everyone. So there is need for both male and female. So I think that answers your questions, unless you would like to ask any questions.

Valerie (Barrow) then spoke, saying that the reason we gather to communicate with the Galaxy of Andromeda is that the beings from there are far in advance of us here on Earth so we could hopefully be given some good ideas and suggestions on how to move forward for the best interests of all here on Earth, and the rest of our Galaxy for that matter.

Hearing this, the 3 of us asked spirit for a confirmation about focusing on Andromeda. The answer was YES YES YES.

We also asked would we just be working with the three entities from Andromeda – the answer again was a very strong YES. Infact they said very strongly that we would be communicating with them for at least the next three years.

We also asked should we come prepared with questions to ask our Andromedan friends. The answer was come to the table with an open mind.

Andromeda Val then “dropped in” to clarify.

There is a need for some preparation before you have your meeting. You will be prompted, and really that is what was meant. Leave yourselves open yes, but also be ready and open for suggestions and questions will come, or some idea or thought that will take the Oracle into an area that had not been considered. So we would like you to remain open from that point of view.

I am here when we have our meeting, as are Anna and Daina. There is nothing more I can say except we look forward to our next meeting. Thankyou so much for working with us. We send our love. See us as your White Sisterhood it is the counter energy of the male White Brotherhood. Thankyou.

Valerie Barrow then closed the meeting with thanks and great love and respect.

Source: Narayana Oracle