Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a message on 6th March 2018

Cosmic Sai Baba

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please see the February 6, 2018 message from Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val to readers of the website.

Valerie: We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba with great love and respect to introduce Andromeda Val this day. Thank you.

“It is I Cosmic Sai Baba – I am here and I am very pleased to be here. This, of course is one, or the first of many messages that Andromeda Val is going to be giving to you at my request. And so I will always be here to introduce her. So I hope you will welcome her for she is here right now.

Thank you everybody – thank you for being so keen and gentle with the meeting today. I send my love to you and I am always here if you want to call upon me. Thank you. I God bless you.”

“I am Andromeda Val and I have been here a while, listening, and waiting, but I am very pleased to be here. It is not difficult to connect to me really, although it does sound as if I am far away – but when you communicate telepathically there is no distance and no time, at a certain level of consciousness and this is where I am speaking of now.

From the ray, the Magenta Ray that comes from telepathy that makes it easy to communicate to Andromeda.

But there is also an adjustment to speak through Valerie’s voice box – and that I am getting used to now. It was a little bit difficult at first but we have synchronated, if that is the word, so thank you, thank you for being patient.

I love Valerie very much, and she loves me too. And so we share this love and we hope and pray that you will feel this love when you listen to us for what we have to say. There has already been talk about the planet Earth which is in your Galaxy, the Milky Way and which has been created by the Angelic Realms from Andromeda. And this is so. It was to replace a space that was made by a planet that blew up – it needed to be replaced so that the synchronization of the Solar System that you live in would not be altered in any way – and so that is why it has been replaced with your planet and so Andromeda has been, and those from it, from the Angelic Realms in particular, have been guiding and assisting the creation of your planet in the first place, but also it’s evolution.

And certainly it was a big jump to when HUMANS became part of the evolution – but they have progressed that all down the time as you would measure things. We do have a kind of ‘time’ but it is not quite the same, it is more mathematical and er, I would give more understanding about that at another time.

However, for the moment, your understanding would see me, Andromeda Val as 6,000 years ahead of you. So I am speaking, or coming back from the future. There has been films made about that. It is almost like fiction, but in actual fact it is science fact.

Time, as I said can be an illusion and difficult to understand but it depends from where you are as to distance and time. That is why it can be very confusing, so if you will just accept what I am saying for the moment, I would like to explain that the Angelic Realm, and I have said this before, is actually the ANGELIC (pronounced Angle-ic) Realm which is sacred geometry and that, of course, has form and numbers and measurement – it also encompasses time.

Some people would say that there is no time, and in some ways that can be true…but it depends on what it has been placed with, in other words to explain time, it can be replaced with something else. Another word perhaps – and in our world it is.

You could call it distance, you could call it numbers, you could call it vibration and energy and certainly consciousness – so what about if we just see it as a time in your future that is way ahead of where you are NOW.

I attempt to talk my language, just so that you can familiarize yourself with it. Er – with it comes knowledge, it has started with greetings but it does have knowledge and at another level you do understand and so if you will allow me, I will speak my language from where I come in Andromeda ….

[20 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

It will ring or feel familiar for you, I hope. It was some knowledge and at another time also, when I become familiar with swapping from language to language I will attempt to (sigh) translate it.

So this is a little bit of an experiment because there are others around who are speaking ‘Light Language’ and they come from their OVERSOUL and this is happening from quite a few places on Earth now.

I hope you will remain interested – also with questions – we have offered questions and I would like to offer three (3) questions now.

If anybody would like a question, please ask me? If you have not come prepared with a question, then next meeting I would like you to prepare a question and ask me and I will attempt to explain.

Please do not ask a personal question – this is not where we are coming from – we are coming from – trying to help people – the humanity upon this Earth to understand about other worlds, other languages, other races and so an attempt will be made to help to unconfuse, (probably not the best word) but it is what we will be trying to do. So that fear no longer exists between star people and humanity as we know you as Earthlings.

So are there any questions?

Question: Can you suggest an alternate system to our money exchange on Earth for services and materials?

Andromeda Val: “I understand your question – and It is a good one because money is being misused, I would say on your planet Earth – and this is not a judgement it is just that it was always meant to be something to make it easier to exchange ideas or products or thoughts, different things the way money is used now.

And so if you could think and er, I am pre-empting Prema Sai Baba who will be coming as Cosmic Sai Baba He will be preparing himself to come to er, come onto this Earth and be present among you again – this will not happen for awhile but He will be coming and He will not be speaking. This is because He will be communicating with every individual Being on Earth – intuitively or telepathically. Whatever way you like to consider or speak of this.

Now you have asked about money. That is a good question – because money has been mis-used, it was never meant to be used the way it is – or has grown to be used the way it is. A more simple way at looking at money, or the use of it, it is energy.

It is exchange of energy you could say – and so to think of ways of exchanging energy between you as a kind of thank you or payment or respect or energy that would replace writing a cheque or giving money in coins because in Andromeda the energy has raised or the Consciousness has raised to a point where there is no need to have money.

So it is possible where money is no longer needed. But it is only possible when people come to respect one another and agree to assist one another without any expectation of money for any reason – or any ‘payback’ for a deed that maybe helpful to another.

I would like you to think about that and come up with ideas or thoughts as to how you could integrate everything that money does on this earth and replace it with and energy or thoughtform – a motion of love in giving and receiving.

Because when you come to a point in other worlds, and particularly in Andromeda, there is not the limit of your abilities that you have at this time.

You can create – you can manifest – so that there is no need to actually make something and use something that you pay for to create something that is time taken ….it is different….it is a different way of thinking and I would like you to prepare yourselves for thinking that way because that is what will lift you to a different consciousness where there is no longer a need of money.

So I hope I am helping you with some thoughts here because it is as you are on this Earth, a time when you need to make decisions for yourselves. Nobody can take it over nor can we from Andromeda say that you should do this or do that, it is something that you need to make the decision for yourselves.

However, we can plant ideas in your head if that will help, but you need to ASK.

So think logically, individually, on the way money is used in many ways – if you take it one at a time – one system at a time, and think about that, you will start to resolve how money can finally be given away completely. Does that help you (thank you).

Andromeda Val: Is there another with a question?

Question: Will there be a happy interaction between the Earthlings and people from other Planets in the future?

Andromeda Val: In one way I would say yes. It has been an evolution – there has been a time of difficulties but there has been slowly a united reunification that has been taking place, with the consciousness with all the races that exist upon this planet Earth. For that reason Peace,Harmony and Goodwill does exist on this planet in the future – I can assure you of that. Does that help you?
Is there another question?

Question: Can you comment on our climate change issue? Is it due mainly to mankind’s activities or is it more cosmological movement of planetary bodies. If mankind’s activities, what is the way forward?

Andromeda Val: From you, where you are now there is difficulties with climate change and despite the argument or disagreement as to whether there is climate change or not – is becoming more real – more evident and there is no argument at all, there is climate change.

So there needs to be change completely – this where, if fear can be taken away from humanity and that they interact with the knowledge that star people have in advanced understanding and knowledge of climate – remember Andromeda created this Planet – it must know how it creates and the way it works. That is simple language but what I am trying to say is they do have the knowledge and understanding to assist you to regulate climate change that is happening upon your planet.

They cannot come and interfere with it now because you have been given the choice and free will. And so there is a need to overcome your fear, and I am not speaking of you personally, but there is a need for humanity to overcome fear and be ready and willing to listen to advice from the star people who want to assist you and there are many. There are the United Nations of star people that are willing and want to help. All you have to do is to ask.

The idea and the intelligence will come – but you need to ask. But there is a problem with your planet and it’s climate at this time. I have used the word time, but I mean as you are in this moment of time on your planet. Does that make sense?

The knowledge is there waiting to be given to you. There was a time when this Planet was often visited by other worlds from people from other planets and knowledge and inter-change of different ways of doing things was given. This planet can return to a similar thing – if not better. So I hope I am being of assistance and I will take my leave now, I am being told it is time to close this meeting.

But I welcome the opportunity to speak to you and I look forward to speaking to you again in your time of one month ahead. Thank you.”

[20 minute recording from the meeting of March 6, 2018]