3 Oms & We Sanctify the Space

We call upon Cosmic Sai Baba, we call upon God to bless this Oracle this day, and we ask to serve.

God lets us know he is present. He always is – everything is God! God is love and all things are God.

Sai Baba:

I am here, and very pleased to be here. Very pleased also to hear the conversations that have taken place between you this morning. You will have learnt a lot, as Valerie has, and so I want to confirm you are on the right path. The right track if you like. Thankyou my dears for being so committed. And now, know there are many waiting to hear this Oracle this morning. I will take my leave, but know that I am here overseeing all that is taking place. Thankyou my dears, God bless you.

Jacqui: I want to ask a question about God. Are there different levels of God, or Creator, or, are there many. Or are they separate dimensions of God that relate to each level or dimension of awareness?

Andromeda Val makes her presence known.

I have come with great love in my heart and look forward to this meeting. Understand that we know when you have arranged for a meeting and so it is a platform from which we can bring ourselves from the Andromeda galaxy, M31, to be able to join you. And there are many now waiting, so thankyou for setting up this meeting.

You asked about God, and if there are different levels or different frequencies in different worlds, and in a way there is. God the Creator of all is so overpowering and generating such a high frequency at the highest point of Creation, it would be too much for some of the beings that exist in shall we say, the slower frequencies. And so there are adjustments made for each world. Does that answer your question my dear?

Jacqui: Not entirely, I just wondered if there were different entities that are gods? As in the Hindu religion (even though I recognise they are all aspects of the Supreme Being).

Andromeda Val:

Yes, of course, there are God beings and they exist in different frequencies of the existence of the Creator energy of different frequencies – so does that answer your question? Yes there are God beings but there is source, or a force field that is the Creative Force. Understand what I have just said. It is a force field that operates at a certain frequency on different levels of er, worlds. Your world here on Earth is operating at shall we say, the crystalline frequency. From there is a level playing field, it is stronger than what already existed on your Earth for so long. It has now reached the 5D frequency and thereafter if there are God beings who come from other worlds who are higher in frequency then they can actually reduce or adjust to the 5D, so that there is interaction that can take place at a few different levels, but not too much because if it is too high and too fast, it would actually destroy. Does that make sense?

Jacqui: Yes, but I still need to think about it. So when we speak of God – that we are connecting to in (our sessions) this oracle, can you tell me about that God being, that God we are communicating with?

Andromeda Val:

The global frequency of the Creative Source of All that you connect to, as I have already said is at a crystalline frequency. This is the safest playing field, shall we say, to allow all beings that come in contact with that frequency to evolve and to raise in consciousness. This is what is happening now. On your Earth there is energy being received at a raised consciousness and that is helping to lift the lower frequencies from which many operate still on Earth. If I go on to say that if they raise too quickly, then it would be too much for them. You have discussed this this morning and you understand what I am saying. The safest frequency from the Creative Source of All at this level of consciousness or this world is one of the crystalline frequency. It has a vibration, it is energy. Everything is energy. It is Electro magnetic energy that exists on your planet. Does this help you my dear?

Jacqui: Yes it does, thankyou.

We then were wondering if Andromeda Val could show herself to the three of us similtaneously, if we could all align to the same frequency,(which may never work) create the right environment? We all “see” into other dimensions individually, but it would be wonderful to have the shared experience. Could Andromeda Val actually do that?

Valerie (Barrow) felt that Andromeda Val was going to show herself in public. In the end we decided to abandon this line of thought, and felt we should concentrate on the communication between Earth and Andromeda. We felt we were getting off track. No one person has all the information, unless you are an Avatar. Why are we here – we’re here to raise the consciousness on this Earth.

Talking about Avatars, caused us to ask Andromeda Val the question “are there always at least 14 Avatars on the Earth at any given time – and where do they come from, Andromeda or other planetary systems”

Andromeda Val:

YES. There are many that represent Avatar quality upon this Earth to help raise the frequency of what exists upon your planet, and you ask if they all come from the same place or do they come from other worlds. I can say they come from other worlds, yes. Do they come from the same place, at this time yes, they come from the galaxy Andromeda M31. That is not the only place of course in the Universe but, these 14 are coming from a place that is, focused, on raising your consciousness here on your planet Earth. There has been histories of them working with other planets within your solar system but for this time now, we are talking about the planet Earth. Is there anything else you would like to ask my dear?

Jac: Just a quick question; was Yogananda an Avatar?

Andromeda Val:

I would like to say yes. I would also like to say a general reply to anybody that is reading this work that is going on your website that they use their intuition, from their heart, because there is still mischievious work happening upon your Earth until the change is completed for the Golden Age, which is very close now, but is still in that change process and so there is some mischievious nonsense going on here. But when I say nonsense I’m really just saying it so people will be aware not to give away their own power, shall I say, and draw upon the knowledge they have within their hearts, for that is a direct connection to their oversoul. And from there, they are guided to accept or discard information that comes from a being that is presenting itself perhaps as an Avatar, or someone that is very knowing. Just know that you need to trust your own inner voice. And that is a feeling, an emotion, a knowing that comes from within the heart, and it is from there that you will have the feeling of the greatness of the person that you are connecting to.

Jill wanted to know if there was a special message for today from Andromeda Val.

The Answer was YES – they wanted to speak through Valerie Barrow.

Andromeda Val

Yes … We’d like to work more in action between you girls, all of you, we would like to see and hear what you’re doing now, but would also, if you feel prompted to just allow yourself to receive the energy from Anna and Daina and just let it flow through you and let it speak, because they can very easily speak through you in their own language. Which would be fun and which they have a reason for. But they will tell you that at another time. For the moment, things are flowing along beautifully. And so my dears I would suggest that you just meditate at this time and if you feel that you are receiving a message, then ask the Oracle. Otherwise, we will see and flow from that point.

Andromeda Val

I am merging with Valerie more and more these days, I feel more comfortable in speaking the language “In-ga-lish” and it gives me pleasure to be here – you girls will be the same, given a little time. However, you are asking if I intend to show myself because I had suggested in a dream to Valerie that I would like to do that. And she wonders if it would be done in front of public, in other words many people, the mainstream, if you like, that are not used to seeing images from other worlds and so I would like to say yes. Because the more I meld with Valerie it makes it easier for me, to come into this Earth planet and reveal myself, show myself as a being of light yes, but also one with a physical body and a life in another world, a race if you like that is very human looking and a language. And this language I will speak now. Thank you.

[0:26 recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

Andromeda Val

As I have said, we speak telepathically and for me to transpose it into Valerie’s voicebox is a little difficult but it is possible and I am learning this. And so yes, this is working well and I will go on to actually translate what has just been said. But at the moment I would like to confirm that yes I will be appearing, not quite yet – until Valerie has integrated me from the galaxy Andromeda M31. This will enable everyone to be able to see me. Thank you my dears, thank you.

We then meditated – sat silently – eyes closed.

Valerie wanted to speak – to send out the message to others – about grounding or Earthing the Consciousness that is coming in. Earthing into the physical body so that the synchronisation will allow the ascension of consciousness. Trust your own inner power Simple techniques, such as just walking on the earth, grass, sand or in the sea. Drinking water(try and use glass bottles). Qigong – bring up the earth energy into the solar plexus and heart centre, and universal energy down into the heart. All info available on the internet. Also the use of the Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), information is also widely available on the internet. Charging and blessing your food is also important.

Jacqui wanted to know the meaning of 777 as she had been channeling a large painting, red and magenta and the three 7’s seemed dominant.

The Oracle: Yes it was channelled.

Andromeda Val:

7 is very important, it is a cycle. Cycles exist in many ways through numbers in your everyday life on your Earth – 7 days in a week. It has a presence and a number that is to do with cycles. Every cycle of 7 years makes a change in the life of that being. 7,14,21,28 etc. Again it is a spiral. Be ready to understand and know that the cycles belong to Earth, then the raising of the cycle to 8 become Cosmic. So there is a frequency that exists with all these cycles.

I might not have answered the question totally. Would you like to ask a more specific question?

No. Thankyou.

3 Oms and thanks and close.

Source: Narayana Oracle