Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message May 1st, 2018

Cosmic Sai Baba

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please see the February 6, 2018 message from Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val to readers of the website.

Valerie Barrow: With great love and respect in our hearts we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His presence this day – it is 1st May, 2018 and we are at Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia.
Thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba (through Valerie):

“It is I, I am Cosmic Sai Baba and I am very pleased to be here. There has been a little problem getting started and I have been waiting… but I am very pleased that it has started now.

I am here to introduce Andromeda Val who comes from Andromeda. And, she is also waiting, so without any further ado I will present her, and welcome her, and I hope you will also. Thank you my children, thank you.”

Andromeda Val makes her presence:

“I am Andromeda Val. And it is giving me pleasure to be here. I like coming and I feel I am welcomed here – so thank you. Thank you indeed.

I have said before that the Angelic Realms from Andromeda, have created your planet the Earth, we used to call it Mu, but it is Earth. It is in your galaxy the Milky Way.

There have been problems with connecting so that I can speak through Valerie’s voice box because, we in Andromeda communicate telepathically. I know I have said these things before, but it gives me pleasure to repeat again just for those who have not heard it.

There are many Oversouls that connect to, from here Andromeda, they connect to the Souls in your Earth Planet. They are part of the 144,000 that I have mentioned that have come, as LIghtworkers – healers and they also come to help. To hold the energy connection from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 to the Galaxy the Milky Way.

There will be a time when our Galaxy Andromeda M31 will overtake your galaxy and embrace it gently. This is a long, long, long time ahead but we are preparing for that to take place and so there is a need for those upon this planet Earth to raise in consciousness – A frequency of consciousness so that it is a level of frequency of consciouosness that will meld with Andromeda.

Cosmic Sai Baba has referred to Andro-meda in that way, rather than Andromeda because He wants people to also understand that the people on Andromeda are Androgynous. That is part male – part female together. There is no separation on this glalaxy from where I speak.

And as you will see if you play with the words and the sound of the word Androgynous it actually links with the word Andro-genesis which is in your case, the beginning of the human. And that is what I would like to speak to you about today.

There have been many theories about the beginning of man on your earth. You are part physical earth bodies, but you are also light bodies. There is no disagreement with this.

You have a Soul and you have a LIghtbody that has come into a little baby that is made from the mother and father of physical earth bodies. So you are born into an Earth Body which is the race of the human.

It has been blessed ever since it took place by the Creative Source of All. And this blessing comes with the Soul of each and every birth that takes place upon the Earth. And so, it is linked always with your mother and your father, if you like, from the heavens.

There was one that is known by many as Jesus. And He speak of his father in heaven. I would like you to think about that a little. For it did not take place with a birth between a male and a female earth body – but rather just through the female body. Which was, because of the frequency and because of the willingness of the mother to actually allow a Light from the Source of All – which is love and compassion, to generate the egg and become a little embryo and then growing into a little baby which is of the Earth body. And that was Jesus. It was an immaculate conception.

There have been other times when such birth has taken place, but always for a reason and a purpose, and with a blessing from the Source of All.

So there have been many times that God Beings have come upon this Earth, your Earth. And show themselves so that a human could understand what they could be and where they came from in the first place.

For the Light from the Source has been blessed with every baby that has been born onto this earth now.

And so as I say this, I could say that you are all God’s people – All God’s children.

But they have not taken place as an immaculate conception. That is the difference and the only difference. So I would like you to think about that also.

And so I will continue with my talk as the months pass but for the moment I would like to actually speak in my language – my Light language – I have said I would like to speak it and Valerie is willing for that and as time moves on I will translate. For the moment please allow me, to let you hear the language that we speak from where I come from in Andromeda M31.”

[22 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

“And so I will leave at that my dears. It is a language – it may sound strange but it is our language.

And now I have also promised to ask if there are any questions that anyone may have.

So please ask me, and I will try to answer them. So does anyone have a question?”

Question: Yes, I do. I would like to know have you got any children where you are? Seeing as you are Androgynous – are there any children? Or how do you multiply?

Andromeda Val:

“Indeed yes we do have children. Our life span is much longer than what you have here on this earth planet and er, children are created. It is not done quite the same way as it is done here on your earth. However it does take place and there is an allowable time for a little embryo to be created and it grows over a period of time with energies that nourish the little child as it grows and then it becomes old enough to stand alone and to come from what you would call a humidicrib and live a life in Andromeda.

It is a good question and it is perhaps, thinking of it from your earth terms I would understand how you would wonder about how it could be created. It is always done with respect and with permission from the Elders. There are Wise Ones – Ones that are more advanced than I am, for instance. But children can be born here indeed and the race continues that way – so does that help you?”

Question: Yes, can you tell us what is the life-span of a life’s person?

Andromeda Val:

“Time and distance in lengths from you is different but I would say over 5 to 6 hundred years. That sounds a long time from Earth’s time I know but it is not long in our time. Does that answer your question?”

Question: Yes. When you pass over to the next life. Is that what we would call past lives?
Or, does that work differently?

Andromeda Val:

“The consciousness exists whether it is in a body or not. And so it is a Consideration of time that it is time to leave the body – if I can terminate it that way. It is that simple. Like all bodies that are formed, they do wear out. And so it is left – it just disintegrates and another one is created ready for that particular consciousness to take on another body. And another story, another journey, another mission, many, many things are open from our world. We do come from the Source of Creation. We have no limit. In other words if we desire something we just manifest it.

This has been shown on how it can happen with your Avatar of recent time Sri Sathya Sai Baba who was able to create and manifest in front of people. They questioned how He did it but I can assure you it was done in the same way it is done all the time in Andromeda.

Does that answer your question?”

Question: Yes, I guess it does. I need to think about it now.

Andromeda Val:

“I am happy about that – it is a bit difficult because things are very different from where I come. And so with that I would like to leave now, but maybe what has been said today will give you plenty of food, shall we say, to think about – I have enjoyed my coming here – I welcome it and I look forward to it, everytime, every month that you have meetings. Thank you and thank you for inviting me.”

[13:43 recording of Andromeda Val as channelled by Valerie Barrow]