3 Oms Shanti Shanti Shanti

Valerie Barrow opens our meeting with great love and respect and calls upon Cosmic Sai Baba and the White Sisterhood in Andromeda. We welcome them and ask them to bless this Oracle.

We asked was there anyone present – the answer came – almost a No – but then was very definitely a Yes. I love their sense of humour! We all laughed loudly.

We were asked to always call on Cosmic Sai Baba first – he would always set up the platform for the connection to Andromeda.

Sai Baba:

It is I, but I am only here briefly, but connecting the energy to Andromeda and the White Sisterhood, from which you girls belong. I am handing you over to Andromeda Val, she is here waiting, and very glad to be able to come in service.

Andromeda Val:

Daina and Anna are here with me and we look forward to the Oracle. We have much to do, and as time goes on, it will flow much more easily for you girls. You have been assisted within your channels, with opening up your voice box – both of you. To help you receive messages from Andromeda and to be able to allow Daina and Anna to speak through your voice box. I hope you are happy about that. You will find it much easier. It would also be good if you would practice with them, quietly on your own, whenever you can. This will assist with the adjustments of energy. There is a need for these adjustments to take place, not just for yourselves, but for them also. Thankyou, God Bless.

Then we meditated.

Jill: Felt that the light was very bright. White/Blue. She had wondered if not having any voice for two weeks was connected with a shift (in her consciousness)?

Valerie Barrow: Andromeda Val had said that she would like to speak in her language and that there was a reason and a purpose for it. Andromeda Val would give the understanding of the message at another time.

Jacqui: Was getting a lot of magenta and orange light, (shifting in to the right side of her body and only into the midline and feeling an integration happen), as though it was some sort of merging of energy.

I then asked what would they (being Sai Baba and our friends from Andromeda) like to talk about in our session today, they responded “the Angelic Realm and birds” – I then asked for some proof, I was shown images that showed definitely wanted to speak about the Birds and a (symbolic) golden egg.

Valerie intejected: The first race that helped develop the planet Earth.

We then asked the Oracle for confirmation to make sure that they did want to talk about Birds and the Angelic Realms. YES YES YES !!! We all laughed.

Valerie is still concerned that Jacqui has doubts. Jacqui responds that sometimes we need to question, and not blindly accept.

[0:26 recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

Jacqui: How do you feel when you’re channelling Andromeda Val? How do you feel on the inside?

Val tells us: It takes over my solar plexus and my throat. The energy flows up and out of my throat. I have no thought in my head.

NB (Even though when Valerie (Barrow) is channelling Cosmic Sai Baba, she can be having a another conversation with him in her head, and Sai Baba is still speaking using her voice box.)

Jacqui: Do you see things?

Valerie: Sometimes, but at the moment – no. Don’t see anything. I feel she and I are merging now more strongly. I am definitely feeling it. The merging in the solar plexus and the heart. I often feel men connect with other worlds (if you like) through the solar plexus – they get “gut feelings”, but for a female it is usually from the heart. A soul connection.

Valerie goes on to say how when she is channelling Andromeda Val it is a vibrational language, it’s telepathic – it’s understood through the mind.

Jacqui wondered do they (Andromedans) actually use their voice to communicate with each other? Do they sing or chant – with a sound?

Valerie: The voice box is different. You can have a sound in your head.

Jacqui meditates again on the question of the Birds and Angelic Kingdom.

A small golden egg – a gold lingham
Gold light – white light
A feather – brushing and cleaning – now blue light
Going down a tunnel
Symbolism – they want us to talk about – the connection between Earth and the Angelic Kingdom. Which I think is a good starting point for today, about the link between Andromeda and say Pleides or whatever star system, and the Earth, how the Earth was created.

Valerie mentions how way back, the Angelic realms had created the planet Earth. So can we ask the Oracle, where birds used in some way? – YES YES YES YES

Are they known as a particular race? – S E I C E G

Is this a vibrational word? – Yes.

Jacqui: So it’s beyond our understanding? – Yes

Are we speaking to Anna? From Andromeda – Yes.

Jacqui: Were these birds very large, bigger than say a man? – Yes

And they had massive wings? – Yes

So, as a race, where they humanoid as well? – No

So, if they helped to seed the Earth, would they have come on a star ship as well? – Yes

Can we ask where they came from please Anna? – They came from Andromeda.

Is that race of birds still in Andromeda today? – A Very strong YES!

So they are still going today, and they remember all those millions of years ago seeding the Earth? – Yes

Valerie B: Can I ask if they stand upright, these birds? – Yes

Jacqui: That’s how I was seeing them, like a bird-man, like the Aztecs, Egyptians and Peruvians have those images.

So, they had the ability to fly and they had full consciousness? God realised beings with such wisdom. And still have? They came to help set up the Earth? – YES YES YES

Is this related to the ancient Hindu mythology, the golden lingham, Shivaratri? – NO – STICK WITH THE BIRDMAN.

Is it possible to tell us something about the star ship that these birdmen came on? – They want to speak through Valerie Barrow

Sai Baba through Valerie Barrow:

I have to come to clarify for you. Understand also that I reside at Andromeda, not the only place. But I do go there and I am from there, many times down through Evolution.
The bird race is connected to the Golden Egg because they lay eggs. And the golden of course, is alchemy, which is to do with change, and it is to do with raising of consciousness. It is within you and everyone upon this Earth as they hold that golden egg within them. It comes with the blessing of the soul. So you need to think from that my dears. It is good that you use the Oracle more, because it can spell out things, even though you may not readily understand at first. It will become a place in your journey that you can look back and it will all have meaning.

We speak between ourselves. Strangely, Jacqui has been guided in the week previous to bring her large lingam from the Namada River into the courtyard and it is directly behind us as we do this channeling now. Valerie has also been gifted a very special crystal from a friend and when my husband saw it and held it, he started talking about the metal gold. (Even though he doesn’t normally enter into our metaphysical meetings) Strangely the gold is part of our message today.

We also spoke of the Deccan area in India (where we think the lingham came from- the Namada River) and Valerie mentioned that she believed that the Deccan had never been under water. Also that many God beings are born or live in this part of India. Bharat – Ancient India. Need to do some research.

Why are we being shown to ask the question about the bird men? We all meditate.

Jacqui was prompted to paint the image she received. Was also seeing Andromeda Val standing behind Jill.

Valerie Barrow had a message from Andromeda Val…

[1:03 recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

We ask is there more in regard to the Bird Man? – YES

And also in relation to the Aztec civilisation – very strong YES

And they want to speak through Valerie.

Our friends from Andromeda want to speak through Valerie.

The Birdman Race is still here overwatching this planet as the Watchers.

They are Record Holders.

They can read every soul on Earth and know if people are ready to accept them or not.

Jacqui: When will we be able to accept them ? – will it be within the next ten years? – YES – very strong. In six years – ie 2024 – (In our timeline)

Will they be in an etheric form or a strong physical form? – YES – Physical Form

Will it be in Australia? – Yes

At Uluru? – No.

Will they be hovering in the sky? – YES

Will they land? – YES

They will communicate in the language of the land/with parliaments and governments – YES

Strong feeling for the three of us to meditate to receive a message.

Jill asks again if she has been going through an initiation as she has been so unwell.

Jacqui – laughs I think the information I was getting must have been for you Jill! I felt someone place a magenta cape around my shoulders, and I could see into a beautiful beautiful tunnel, and many higher beings – entities surrounded by a beautiful golden light – like a communication channel was being opened up.

We ask for confirmation – if what I saw was a message for Jill. – YES

She was very happy as she felt she had been through some sort of raising of consciousness.

They want to speak through Valerie Barrow.

Sai Baba through Valerie Barrow:

It is I, Cosmic Sai Baba, and we are very pleased with the way the meeting has been going today. We want to thank you. You have achieved quite a lot, although you may not realise it. It has helped many others that are tuned into you, may I say. As I’ve said before, it’s a bit like a television station or radio station, that communication can be listened to by others. And they do. We send our love and best wishes.

3 Oms and Val sing *“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhanvantu” Shanti Shanti Shanti

*NB It simply means:


We thank Satya Sai Baba, the ladies from Andromeda, Val, Daina and Anna. We also thank the beautiful crystal that Valerie brought with her, for making it such a special space. Thankyou. Thankyou Thankyou.

Source: Narayana Oracle