Mother Energy – Source of all Energy

Defining the Mother – Energy from the Creative Source of All

The Mother God is the source of all
The Mother Energy is in All

Transcript Tuesday February 6th-2007

The mother energy … Is the female energy upon this earth and is within us all, be it male or female humans, of this earth. It is in human, animal, reptile insect and bird. This mother, the mother energy is within them all. The earth herself has the mother, the mother energy in her. It is the creative energy from the Source, the Source of God, the source of all Creation.

It is The Mother and with it comes the love of the mother … the love is God. The love is what goes with the mother to nurture and to give and forgive, teach and understand with compassion. It is the Mother. It is all Love – from the Source to all creation …

You will see the Mother in Plants, in Flowers and Trees all goes on to re-produce with the energy of the Mother.

The Mother energy if you could describe it …   … it opens out like arms and emcompasses all. It is the Mother energy that is in us all – representing a hug or a holding, a healing. It is the Mother.

The symbol of the Mary is the Mother. It is the Mother energy that the ‘Marys’ were holding – it is the energy as they grew to sisters they were able to pass into a journey of holding the Mother energy with knowledge and understanding. (The wise women) and to impart that to all that came into their presence.

It would be wrong to describe them as priestesses – for there was no ceremony, in the sense that ceremony is understood. It was a ceremony within themselves – that was like a bell – that lifts and resounded in each of the ones who hold the name of Mary to connect and to be all emcompassing. To respect – to reflect – the mother from the Creator. Some could call it the Goddess – but again that would suggest Idols … and it is neither that nor ceremony – it is the energy of God which is Love. It exists in all.

Be it male or female, the energy can come forth and reflect what it encompasses on the spiritual earth. It is the true understanding of God as Love.

It is the Love … it is the Maa .. haa … ree, the Mahari – it is Mary – Divine women.

Maha means Great

Eee means female

Mother Sarasvathi
The Great Mother is worshipped in all traditions