Our journey across the Atlantic Ocean into the knowledge of Ancient Atlantis

Atlas and Plato

Plato taught that Atlantis fell into the sea in one day. On our voyage to Iceland, “upstairs” gave information about the fall of Atlantis.

The Athenian Philosopher, Plato wrote in the fourth century BC that Ancient Atlantis had existed 9,500 BC. Once upon a time, he wrote, There had been a magnificent seafaring civilization that existed that had attempted to take over the World but had perished when its island sank into the sea – the result of an unbearable cataclysm of earthquakes and floods. This civilization had heralded from the Atlantic Ocean, taking its name from the god Atlas who presided over the depths of the sea.

Atlas and Plato on Greek Mythology stamp

Atlas, Plato and the myth of Atlantis on a Greek mythology-series stamp

Plato recorded another Athenian Statesman named Solon in his dialogue TIMAEUS and CRITIAS, four centuries before Christ. Solon had travelled to Egypt and interviewed priests from the ancient city Sais on the Nile delta claiming to have escaped the worst of the disastrous floods, and so had been able to preserve their written records some of which dated back 9,600 BC before Solon’s visit.

The Heirokopolis painted tomb (website) dates 3,500 – 3,200 BC – a predynastic period with maps suggesting sea travel by early Egyptian boats. Here is a link to an interesting site – you can read more about Egyptian Priests describing the destruction of Atlantis to Solon.

St. Germain has given us a graphic description of when ancient Atlantis Fell. (You can read this here) He advised that there were many little Atlantis’s going down at the same time all over this Earth.

While John and I were sailing on a very big cruise ship on the Atlantic Ocean we passed a pointed mountain looking like a huge pyramid rising out of the Ocean. This was land we were passing as we made our way to the capital Reykjavik, in Iceland. On that morning the sun was just rising and cast a beautiful glow over the Ocean and the pyramid shaped mountain rising out of the sea. I felt it was probably covered with ice but with the reflection of the Sun it looked like a golden pyramid.

Pyramid shaped mountain Búlandstindur near Djúpivogur in Iceland

The pyramid shaped mountain Búlandstindur near Djúpivogur in Iceland

Bulandstindur is a mountain alongside Berufjordur, to the south of Breiddalsvik in eastern Iceland. The mountain is also known as God’s Rock, or Godabord. It got this name when locals supposedly threw their pagan items off the top of the mountain following Iceland’s conversion to Christianity in 1000 AD. Bulandstindur rises to 1,068m above sea level. There are a number of walking routes of varying difficulties leading to the top, from where the views are fantastic.

We were sailing from East to West on our way to the capital. (Land was well in view when I grabbed my camera to take the Golden photo out of our stateroom but unfortunately I missed the Pyramid shaped mountain bathed in the deep golden light.) Maybe spirit wanted me to see it surrounded by water – ready for me to understand that it was linked but not sunken with the sunken 12,000 mile mountain range under the Atlantic Ocean. It was definitely not a volcano – I remember thinking that and how strange the mountain appeared. There is a 12,000 mile Mid Atlantic Ridge going south from Iceland to opposite the Caribbean – it then goes all the way down to Antartica. If you Google Mid Atlantic Ridge all sorts of theories come up. You can read more about the Mid Atlantic Ridge on Wikipedia.

As I watched this beautiful pyramid mountain, looking through our stateroom window, ‘upstairs’ began talking to me and advising that Iceland was the seat of Ancient Atlantis. I had the feeling I was looking at the fabled Mount Atlan. My Mentor continued, “The Poles (North Pole, South Pole) were in a different place before Atlantis sank into the sea and that the land was in a warmer place”. He added, “The land was connected to what is now known as Russia and surrounding lands. Mt. Atlan is how the Atlantic Ocean was named.” Understanding was given that we lived on Earth as Light Beings who had come from Venus, 200,000 years earlier and we knew the value and power of crystals. We were highly evolved in technology and astronomy.

View out Porthole, near Iceland

As I watched it, looking through our stateroom window, ‘upstairs’ began talking to me

On the Earth, there also existed the descendents of the hairy ones who had less hair on their bodies and who had developed knowledge. They lived closer to the Equator. There was an edict from the Cosmic Hierarchy that the Atlanteans were not to mate with them – otherwise it would lower the frequency of their Light body. Many of the Atlantean people did mate with the earth people, lowering their light. Their children inherited a degree of the Atlantean ascended Light consciousness along with the existing earthman’s ancestral history of part Reptillian, part Mammalian and part earlier star people’s blood line from the Pleiades and Sirius.

I was reminded of how Osiris and Isis were said to have come from the Great North and walked into Ancient Egypt – helping to create a new culture. Pyramids were built at that time. They were tall, blonde and blue-eyed. The Pharaoic Kingdoms began after their arrival. They were gifted with extraordinary psychic abilities. Just before Atlantis Fell, when the Earth Fell into the 3rd Dimension, the Atlantean race of Light Beings left the Earth. That would have been 11,500 years ago. The survivors continued with what we know as the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and revered Osiris and Isis as their Gods.

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye who has curly red/blonde hair

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye who has curly red/blonde hair

Carbon dating by scientists could be confusing if a fall from 4th Dimensional vibrational frequency pre ‘Atlantis’ is not taken into account that the world afterwards operated in the 3rd Dimensional vibrational frequency.

It is interesting that when we visited the Cairo Museum ‘Mummies Room’ in Egypt, we found that many of the Pharaohs and their Queens had blonde or golden red hair. I believe the Ancient Egyptians referred to the race as The Hathors. They were said to be giant like. And images are drawn with emphasis on their ears that I believe is focusing on their ability to communicate by hearing telepathically.

When Atlantis FELL the world was reduced to the 3rd dimensional vibrational frequency, I was also introduced to a book ‘ When the Earth nearly Died’ by D.S Allan & J.B. Delair – published by Gateway Books, U.K. 1995. (Now published with a new title, Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C It is compelling evidence of a Catastrophic World Change 9,500 BC. You can read Madame Blavaktsky on DNA and Atlantis (the recently discovered Mitrochondral DNA confirms what Mme Blavatsky writes), and read an excerpt from this book here.

There are many theories as to what caused the catastrophic fall of Atlantis. “Upstairs” has advised that there were some of the Atlantean Race who were scientists – they wanted to capture a straying asteroid heading towards this planet. Despite warnings the scientists went ahead and tried to capture it only to lose control and it slammed into this planet. The galactic world of the Reptillian Race already had a base on our existing Moon. To counter that dominance was the reasoning behind the Atlantean scientists wanting to have equal control of this planet. Plato has recorded in his story the time of a huge explosion, when seas rose, land disappeared and volcanoes erupted and massive tectonic plates shifting. The Earth was then plunged into darkness, ice and cold. Survivors were living in caves around the world.

Plato's legend of Atlantis

Plato’s legend about the Fall of Atlantis occuring during the course of a single day

“This then would have been the first really modern human, upright, with large brain and developed larynx for speech. Culture, language and technology was almost lost as they struggled to survive being attacked by predators – hungry and cold – in the new dark age after the floods and dust cloud. Everything declined into a long period of chaos, isolation and racial amnesia. Perhaps being the distant ancestors of cultures like the Basques, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Carians, Mayans, proto-North American Indians, Mayas, pre-Olmecs, and pre-Incas. ” (refer Nigel Blair) I would also add the Australian Aboriginals, the Israelites, Celts, Gauls and Occitans.

Another very interesting theory put forward has just been sent to me, by an Indian scholar.

“Shweta Saila” is a Sanskrit word meaning the “Isle of the White Cliffs”. Hindu sailors sailed to the English Channel. It appears in many early Vedic scriptures. Early settlers of Great Britain after the Great Deluge of the world-wide flood of between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, were Hindus. Ancient Irish folklore tells of brown-skinned men who came in sailing ships from the east after the Deluge carrying knowledge of the stars, the gift of prophecy, and the ability to foretell the equinoxes. They sailed on towards the west “to see what was left of the world after the Great Flood”. The Irish begged them to stay but they said they were under orders to report back to their king. The British trace their language to its “Latin” roots, little realising that Latin and even Greek are directly descended from Sanskrit.

We Hindus are among the oldest people on this planet. Most Europeans, with one or two exceptions – such as the Basques of Spain – are our first cousins. They were among the Aryan races of India who emigrated into Europe when the ice over that continent, melted some 12,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Many Shiva temples have been found all over Europe, especially England and Ireland.The Druids of Europe and the British Isles were fire-worshipping Brahmins like us.

The Russians consider themselves a Vedic people and did indeed practice Shiva worship until the advent of Christianity about 1000 years ago. An Ancient Shiva temple and other shrines have been found in the permafrost in Siberia that is now thawing.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden, the Nordic peoples worshipped God with homas or sacrificial fires – exactly as we Hindus do. This is why they are called “Scandinavians”. It is a Sanskrit word that comes directly from the name of Lord Shiva’s son, Skanda.

Arya” never referred to any race but rather, to the noble qualities that good Hindus were supposed to inculcate, such as peaceful co-existence, abstention from eating meat, killing and religious bigotry. Sanskrit, the Indo European languages and the Aryan races went to Europe out of India and not the other way around. Heinrich von Max – Muller was the first to translate Sanskrit into English and thus opened up a hitherto lost world.”

I do know that Sanat Kumara has stated that he has never incarnated into an earth body but that he was a Light Being living on earth pre-Atlantean times. His place of living was where the Gobi desert now exists. There where many white buildings and temples built in large circles with canals of water. Sanat Kumara is revered as a God Being by the Hindu people.

Hanuman is also revered and he is said to be the one who loved God the most. I believe he represents the first human. And the first humans were the Australian Aborigines. They have dreaming stories of how they travelled the earth in boats in a figure eight. They also have dreaming stories of a great cataclysm and floods.

The body that Sri Sathya Sai Baba took while on Earth looked very like the early Dravidians and Tamils of India. Genetically look like the Australian Aborigine people.

My mentors advise that when the Earth FELL into the 3rd dimension the Cosmic Heirarchy put an edict out that an energetic net was to be placed around the earth to contain the catastrophic effects of the event. Now we have been reassured by The Hierarchy that no asteroid will be allowed to hit our planet again. What is happening is the gradual lifting of the 3rd dimensional frequency of everything here, including our consciousness taking us into the 4th dimension and on to the 5th dimension that has long been forecast as the new Golden Age.

After the ‘Turning Point’ – December Solstice 2012

My Mentors advise that our future, after the ‘Turning Point of Dimensional Frequencies’ brings us into a vibrational alignment with a core of suns within the Universe … is a time that will move steadily for the Earthling’s growth. The ‘net’ that had been placed around the Earth for containment will match the new energy that is coming onto this Earth. The Earth’s changes will begin to settle and become calm.

As for the people we will also become calm, it will perhaps take a little longer than the Earth herself, but people will be able to think more clearly – be more connected to their ‘higher selves,’ to the God Consciousness that is within them.

Alcheringa speaks about Ascending and Visiting Sacred Places

Alcheringa Uluru

Alcheringa gave a transmission at Moss Vale on 6 December about consciousness, ascension and the need to visit Sacred Places, in person and in spirit.

Transcript from Alcheringa dated 6th December, 2011 at Moss Vale, Australia.

Valerie: I am being asked to receive a transmission from Alcheringa and when I call upon Alcheringa I see myself sitting, in spirit, on top of Uluru for I am told that is where he resides; I call out to him from there.

(calls Alcheringa with song)

He comes in Loud and clear:

Alcheringa:”I am Here, My Dear, thank you for calling upon me.”

Val: “Well I was wondering if there is anything you wanted to say to us, for I have been prompted to call upon you.”

Alcheringa: “Indeed there is My Dear, I know that you have received messages about the ascended state of being … …  and I would like to say that the ascended state of being already exists in Uluru and the surrounding areas. There are other places around the earth that are also in the uplifted frequency of Light and Love. When people visit these places, these sacred places, they experience the energy and it touches them…it touches their heart …  it touches everybody cell, every part of their physical body and helps to lift.

Alcheringa: Everything has a consciousness …  it may not be of a language that you would think …  …  but it has a consciousness. It is predestined for many things to grow …   and to grow the same continuous way. And so it is for the earthling …  but adjustments can be made at times to fit into certain situations …   but sometimes the mind gets in the way and interferes with that growth …   that ascended state.

So I would like to encourage everybody to visit sacred places if they can …   and if they cannot physically actually go there …   Then to sit quietly in a meditative state and gently roll their eyes towards the heavens and see themselves at a certain place that they have decided to go to in their mind.

For it is the consciousness of the soul that is taking them on the journey and it is equally as beneficial to the people to experience being there. It will be a sacred journey …   it will be a blessing …   and if they keep the brain away from that consciousness they will experience many things.

That will assist them in many ways. A knowing, but more than that a feeling will come upon them and then they will know. Without any explanation or words and this is what I mean when I say and I speak of consciousness in everything.

When you try to speak of this experience, you will use your language …   your own language …   and it will be possible to some degree for others to understand what you are experiencing and what you are telling. But it is a feeling and it is the feeling that is appropriate for every single earthling upon this Earth.

Every single earthling upon this Earth has an individual journey to take within, within themselves. Because once they go into their inner divinity all else falls away and they become ONE with everything around them.

I encourage you to try this, you can call upon me, if you like …   you can call upon any Divine Being that you are familiar with and you like working with …   or you can call upon the Mother Father God of all Creation, or just the Creative Energy of All. That is God.

Please try it , it will help you, it will help calm you …  more than you realise.

Thank you …   thank you …   for calling upon me.

God Bless you.

You may listen to this transmission from Alcheringa: