Alien Outback Encounters

Alien Outback Encounters

DVD Cover, Alien Outback Encounters

This DVD is a produced by Attitude Productions/Flims of Tamworth, NSW.

The DVD focusses on Alien sightings in Australia’s remote outback Alice Springs to the undexplained mysteries of the Devil’s Marbles and the unexplained Cave Art near Sydney, NSW.


The DVD contains new footage, expert testimonies and mind-boggling UFO photos. One of the interviews on this DVD is of Valerie Barrow as she explains the mission of the Mothership Rexegena, and the role of the Alcheringa Stone with the Cave Art nearby Sydney, NSW.

Alien Outback Encounters runs for 55 minutes and is available from Attitiude Productions. Contact Graham Archer, phone (61) 02 6797 5737, mobile (61) 0419 817 215. Email contact is

Alien Outback Encounters is © Attitude Productions/Films, 2008