Newsletter № 4, November 2009 – January 2010

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I was prompted by the guiding spirit of our planet Earth, Alcheringa to give some thought to Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) which resides in the heart of Australia. I was guided to do some research on the story of Uluru and to draw some resources together. Alcheringa himself came and dictated the conclusion to this work, and you may be interested to read this and listen to Alcheringa speaking. You can read these resources here.

Uluru, in the heart of Australia
The mysterious Uluru, in the heart of Australia

Of late, the climate changes and other apparently usettling events have taken place here on our Mother Earth, and there have been discoveries by the scientists in the far flung regions of our Universe. The geologists and sesmiologists speak of a rim of fire in the region of the recent undersea earthquakes. We know there is also a ring of love and light saturating this region, as I am sure many of you have been sending this love and light energy to all the souls caught up in these events.

Quite recently we had a series of dust storms blowing from the Red Centre of Australia right across to the big cities on the coast.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Dust nearly obscuring Sydney Harbour Bridge

We asked questions of Alcheringa, who is the spiritual guardian of Uluru, which is right in the heart of Australia. You can read what Alcheringa had to say and see some photographs of the occasion. Read Alcheringa’s comments

As many of you will know, I have been working with what I call “upstairs” for many years and over many lives. From time to time, I kept records of the work I have done, and taped some of the conversations. Back in 1996 I was planning a third book, and recorded some interviews. Australia is one of the oldest continents, and the Indigenous Australians are the oldest living culture on earth. We are all, as humans evolved from the upstanding ape-like creature from which the human race has uplifted after the interbreeding experiments by the Star People over 900,000 years ago, nearby Broken Bay, in New South Wales.

We now have a new interview on this topic on my website, and Gerry speaks about the Min-Min lights, the little people, the ancestors who could draw a gossamer like thread from their solar plexus and swing from tree to tree, or walk above the ground. As you are aware, my book STAR PEOPLE REVISITED has many records of lifetimes recalled by people here today, of their lives on that near-fatal mission to Planet Earth, and their role in that mission. Gerry Bostock was also involved, and in the interview, he recalls several liftimes in other Star People forms. You can read Gerry’s fascinating interview.

Following on from my last newsletter announcing the availability of STARPEOPLE REVISITED in eBook format, I would now like to add that it is also available with coloured pictures, in a PDF file which you can Download, print out and have it bound so that you have your own copy to share around.

I have made a small charge of AUD$7.00 just to help cover website operational costs. I am mindful that you will be taking up the cost of printing the file.

Book Cover, Star People Revisited

  • If you are curious as to how the human evolved from an upstanding ape-like creature
  • If there are other ‘human’ like life-forms in other worlds not of earth
  • If it is possible to recall past-historical events within our own mind
  • You will find this eBook enthralling, enlightening and evidential because so many people experienced the same memory.

    The New Frontier is within our INNER SPACE – when we master this we will find we have moved into Outer Space, and that there is no separation.

    You can read more about the new book on this page, and you can order the book on our order page.

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    Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.