Newsletter № 5, February – May 2010

Hello Everyone,

We are on our way home, in more ways than one; each of us travels on an individual journey, some hither and thither, and I am pleased to share with you that John and I will shortly be settled in our home place again. As we know, Home is where the Heart is, and our true home is with the Source of All, known by many names. Here in Australia, the source is known to the first peoples as Alcheringa, and it is to this website that Alcheringa, the guiding spirit of this planet, directs us to share with you matters of the heart. Uluru is the Sacred Heart of Australia, and indeed, as you will learn from Alcheringa, the Sacred Heart of this beloved planet we call Home.

As I shared with you in my last message, my Guiding Spirit, Alcheringa continues to prompt me to focus on ULURU and to speak of more experiences. I have interviewed some old friends, Jan and Bob Wright, who managed the Ansett Lodge which was built under cover of the shadow of Uluru back in 1967.

view of Ayers Rock Ansett Resort from the air
View of the Ansett Resort in the background, at Uluru (then called Ayers Rock)

At that time there was a township development close to the Great Rock when tourism was growing. That township has since been demolished and a new, larger township known as Yulara has been established. This is all outside of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park which is now operated by the Aboriginal people and the Northern Territory Government.

Yet, it is interesting to hear of the adventures of our friends when they lived close to Ayers Rock and The Olgas (which is what Uluru and Kata Tjuta were called in those days) – and when tourism was operated by the white man not fully understanding the Indigenous people’s knowledge of the area.

Indigenous elder at Uluru
Indigenous Elder on the Great Rock

One important discovery I encountered while interviewing Jan and Bob was that they had been told that AYERS ROCK (Uluru) had plummeted from the sky, and that was what the Kadaichi man (shaman) and Elder from Glen Helen had said to them. Glen Helen is a quite few hundred Kilometres from Uluru but well known to the locals. Before the white man came to Australia the Uluru area was used as a ‘Meeting Place’ by the Aboriginal Tribes. They would send out a call telepathically for a gathering to take place. Gatherings are often called Corroborees where song, dance, music and storytelling take place, along with ceremonial rituals.

This interview is now online; you may read this story on Bob and Jan Wright’s page. We will also be updating this interview and adding many more pictures to an additional page, in the next day or so.

view of Uluru from the The Olgas
View of Uluru from Kata Tjuta (then called “The Olgas”)

To bring you up to date, Cosmic Sai Baba has suggested in His latest transmission with respect to the many tempests which torment various regions of the Earth, that these tempests will also be felt within….

“The human race will also experience minor earthquakes within themselves. It will bring change, it will bring change within each individual being. So if there are ‘out there’ many people who are, troubled, concerned, worried – give them your time, if you will – for you do have the understanding of what is taking place – but not everybody does and there is a need to share that understanding.”  To read this in full, visit – message 2nd March 2010)

We are all people of the heart, and it is from the heart that peace and confidence emerges to surround our loved ones, and all the ones we engage with in our daily lives. We may tune into Source from our hearts to obtain yet more energy to disperse around us in every place and move those troubled, concerned and worried souls to a place of calm, peace and love.

Following on from my last newsletter announcing the availability of STARPEOPLE REVISITED in eBook format, I would now like to add that it is also available with coloured pictures, in a PDF file which you can Download, print out and have it bound so that you have your own copy to share around.

I have made a small charge of AUD$7.00 just to help cover website operational costs. I am mindful that you will be taking up the cost of printing the file.

Book Cover, Star People Revisited

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    The New Frontier is within our INNER SPACE – when we master this we will find we have moved into Outer Space, and that there is no separation.

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    Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.