The Fall of Atlantis

The Fall of Atlantis

The Angelic Realms organized a grid of energetic net to be thrown around the earth to contain the catastrophic disruption that was happening on earth1. The catastrophe had been caused by some of the scientists of the advanced race on earth, the Blue People. Many of their leaders had tried to stop the experimentation that had been taking place. Going against the wishes of their leaders, scientists had tried to capture an asteroid to be used as a second moon. A staging area for inter-action of various galactic races visiting this planet. Each moon was to be opposite each other held magnetically in orbit to the outer-atmosphere of the earth. It was to be used as a star ship launch and landing stage, as well as an observation post. The experiment failed miserably, with the asteroid missing the alignment point and slamming into the earth herself. An edict was given by the Star Nations Hierarchy under the supervision of the Angelic Realms that the earth was to be left to its own devices and not allowed to interrupt the normal flow of cosmic energy within the Galaxy. What man on earth had done to earth, man on earth had to undo.

The Earth is now moving from the third back into the fourth dimension as new energy from the Cosmos is allowed to enter into earth’s atmosphere. The grid that had been created around the earth is being opened like gates where energy lines cross. The new energy from the Cosmos, coming into the earth’s atmosphere, is causing a battle of the dark and light forces on earth seeking a balance. The new energy, Divine Light, will overcome the slower frequencies and infiltrate everything upon the earth. Thus the earth within its solar system is slowly aligning its sun – with the core of suns from other solar systems within our galaxy and universe, leading back to the source of all creation on its way to the fifth dimension. When, I believe we shall again be able to see the star people, God forms, and Angelic forms. The lifting of the third dimension to the fourth dimension is also the reason why so many archaeologists are finding so many ancient artefacts and bones. They just couldn’t see them until now.


1The energetic lines can been seen by those who have the capacity to view the 4th and 5th dimensions. At this point in time (early 2009) Upstairs has recently given the message that the new energy coming onto the earth is now coming through much stronger. The grid, seen as white, is opening like a doorway where the grids cross and is known as stargates.

One such seeker who sees the grid net regularly recently saw the intense energy which is transforming the earth. This photo was taken just after sunrise. The sun in fact is rising on the far left behind the photographer.

Pink Energy Grid in early morning skies