St Germain on the Fall of Atlantis

St Germain – from the Universal Council of Light

St Germain’s graphic description of “The Fall of Atlantis” Channelled by AZENA.

Extract from the Book of Love by a Medium with permission of Triad Publishing Pty Ltd, PO Box 1045 Cairns, Queensland, Australia, publishers of EARTH BIRTH CHANGES.

“There was a celestial body – an asteroid, and it came into an orbital alignment which was in the evening of time, at dusk when the heavenly bodies that you call Earth, Moon and Venus were aligned. This asteroid was deflected into the orbital pattern of this Earth. It was indeed enhanced through the gravitational fields of Venus and the Moon, towards the deflection in the Earth’s orbital pattern.

Now, these scientists upon Atlantis, the technologists, they were aware of this uncommon phenomenon, and they were desirous of establishing their crystalline technology on this asteroid and therefore intended to capture it with, what you term, tractor beams allowing it to be brought forth into alignment to hold still, as it were, and be captured into an orbit of the Earth, likened unto another moon. That was the desire of the Atlantean scientists. They felt their laser power was powerful enough to capture this asteroid body to encircle the Earth and place their instruments of war upon it so that the entire Earth planet would be at their submission, would indeed be their kingdom. This was their hearts’ desire in that moment. It was a grand one.

There were many who were aware of what their desires were, shrouded as they were. And they counseled them and laboured to bring forth wisdom and love of their brothers , to exits without interference, without dominion. But yeh, these entities voiced powerlust and their desire to rule the empire of the world, and indeed, it was at the threshold of their fingertips, so they felt.

So they set up their grand instrumentation which was experimental. It was not shall we say, a laboratory in nature. Therefore, there was not trial. They felt, therefore, that this was to be a great maiden journey for their new laser technology. The dolphin in that period of time was embodied in a different fashion, but it was the same sort of consciousness. They came forth and counseled and pleaded with the entities to give forbearance unto this asteroid and allow it to continue its journey in the celestial heavens. They said nay to this and went forth with much confidence and strength of conviction that they were now the new rulers and masters of the Earth plane.

Your brothers, the Pleiadeans of the mountain of Atlas – the Atlantis of your new era to be born yet again – they held counsel among themselves. They understood what was to occur. They also understood beyond the understanding of these scientists that there was to be a deflection of the laser ray, that, when encountering the asteroid, it would be deflected and collide with Atlantis itself, in addition to the asteroid. They counseled whether or not to alert the Atlanteans about this oncoming disaster.

However, they decided to allow the scientists to understand the wisdom about interference and they went forth and brought many of the records of wisdom in the temples of Egypt. The wisdom of the ages encoded in hieroglyphic form, a terminology not understood of your day, not understood of the language of that time, in that era, because they desire not the same occurrence until the wisdom was captured. This counsel was allowed and aligned and so they extended this understanding unto the entity called Noah, to go forth and craft himself a grand ship, a grand ark, as it were, and to go forth in the shining light of his own essence and be patriarch of the new land, to bring the genealogy of the Atlanteans and the Lemurians into the new continents to be dispersed.

This was done and the casting forth of the laser rays, it also was done. It deflected the light of the laser ray and indeed, the asteroid was damaged, it captured the blast, and it brought forth its essence into the atmosphere of the Earth plane in a grand fashion.

The asteroid was about six miles in diameter and it was traveling at a rate of about eight miles per second (8 miles + 28,800 miles/h or 46,080 km/h). When it encountered the atmosphere, it lit into a grand blaze. The blaze was blinding. The energy coefficient of it was 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun’s surface is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That will give you an idea of how blazing the light came to be upon the plane.

It was a flash that existed for about two minutes of your time, and its explosion into two pieces lasted about the same time. It came down over the Atlantic Ocean and embedded itself in the ocean floor near the Puerto Rico plateau. There are two grand holes there now – about 23,000 feet in depth. This is the impact.

The continent of Atlantis was quite in shock. There was much disarray. They frenzied, panicked, and there was some fleeing. Indeed there was some flight by ship. The impact brought forth the rubble of the smaller structures travelling behind the asteroid.

Because the impact was loaded with so much heat, so much tremendous potential power, everything it touched immediately vaporised and therefore there was an enormous vapour of gas emission in that area beneath the surface of the Earth. Tremendous sub-terrestrial power was released through the Earth plane.

The Earth’s crust was brittle and fractured and all this power created rumblings beneath the surface of the Earth throughout the globe and there were risings and lowerings of the Earth’s crust in this fashion all over the Earth. That is why there were many Atlantis’s the submersion of many continents in some fashion or other – in this timing, until the platform of the islands and the continenets gave way, and indeed brought for the a grand volcano, which spewed forth fire into the air.

The impact caused a tidal wave of grand fashion – 2,000 feet (610) in height were the waves. But before they could reach the coastal areas, there was the emission of the volcanoes in that area. There was a torrent of magma spewing forth into the heavens. A tower of light, a pillar of fire, going forth beyond the Troposphere into the Ionosphere. It was of such impact that about 480,000 cubic miles (480,000 miles = 1,966,080 km) of magma were emitted from the volcano of this area called Atlantis. As it spewed forth there was the crashing of the waves and the hissing of the steam quenching the fire and this occurred all over the Earth plane, but in particular in Atlantis.

The magma that spewed into the atmosphere was carried by storms and torrential tornadoes as the enshrouded themselves in mushroom clouds of steam and ash and dust emitted from the volcanoes. What was of volcanic action was set off in a chain reaction. Every volcano on Earth became active to release the pressure from the gases beneath your subterranean understanding.

As this came forth into the air, it was swept into massive clouds that became black as night with amber glow because of the ash and the dust. Massive indeed – and they accumulated their size in tremendous speed. They became the size of continents and hovered low across the continent. It was overcast. It was dark as night. Your land, the Earth plane, your beloved Terra, was shrouded in fog for 5,000 years after this. There was no Sun to bring warmth into the land.

The tidal waves crashed into all areas of the Earth plane and funneled into the glens and valleys and flooded the forests; and then came the cold.

The asphyxiating gases traveled across the Bering Strait and were followed by arctic cold. This continued for 5,000 of your years, until the warming occurred due to the dispersion of the mists, the shroud of gasses, dust and ash. The ash of Atlantis was funneled through these clouds to all areas of the Earth, so if you in this day of your time, pick up a clod of clay, it could have been touched by the dust of Atlantis.

The platform of the island of Atlantis sunk 10,000 feet (3 km), not only the land itself, but the bottom of the Earth floor that supported the island sunk 10,000 feet. It was a gradual disappearance. This occurrence lasted about one and a half of your days and this translates into about one inch per second of your time.

Now, through the impact of this asteroid body, the Earth’s axis experienced a rotational polar shift of about two degrees, and this is still so in our understanding of this day. So the temperate primordial forests were brought forth in the south, and the pole of north came northward. The cold was of the northern hemisphere.

The pulse and blast they were two different ones. The first one caused the jarring and rending of the continents from one another. Until this time they were all connected, they were all unified, harmoniously joined within their essence. The impact brought about their severance. They were ripped and torn from one another and they went eastward and westward, separate. That is where the separate Eastern and Western philosophies came from. That also began the polarities in this fashion of Alter Ego and Divine Ego, in the manner they are represented upon this plane in your now.

Now, the separation of continents, the continental drift, as it is called, originated from the Atlantean destruction. The second blast went in the opposite direction. It was an echo of sorts and indeed the shock of this created many fragmented islands around the nations because the Earth was brittle in the crust and therefore created a fragmented appearance. The second blast caused the widening of the Atlantic Ocean, for it was much narrower in the day of your time. The wailing and mourning on the Earth plane could be heard many, many dimensions from this one. It was the mourning of humanity for a lost civilization of God.

Then there were the storms, the rains, the heavens breaking open their hearts and allowing their tears to run from the breast of the Earth, and allowing Mother/Father principle to mourn for Mother Earth. And indeed she did. The tidal waves and the torrential rains in their union, they brought forth much flooding and destruction and damage upon the plane. The sea level, around the Earth plane rose approximately an average of about 300 feet (approx 100 m) world-wide.

Also the glaciers shifted and broke apart. This was caused in part by the polar shift. However, they did not melt right away in your time, not immediately. It was about 5,000 of your years before they dissipated, when the breaking of the dawn came, and the warming of the temperature. The Ice Age was really the Atlantean age. The present era is the birth of a new land of golden warmth in the understanding of God Divine Essence within the Ice Age of your now.

The ice is not apparent upon the plane now. The ice is within your hearts, and it can be melted and merged with very much like the snow and the fire melt into one another. The fire within your breast can merge with and melt the ice of another’s heart, and that is how you become unified. That is how the manipulators become one with God Divine Essence. Their ice is melting.

Now, many of you remember, but you do not remember. This event of cataclysmic proportions has been engraved upon the hearts and memories and souls of all humanity. But they have forgotten. It haunts them. They have dreams about it. There are relics and echoes and shadows within their experience whispering about it. But they do not understand these whisperings of wisdom. This is brought forth before you this day in your time for you to understand, for you to embrace it, for you to capture what it is that you have experienced, and indeed, enlighten, inflame the world with your new-found knowingness, with your new understanding of what be you and what be your Earth plane, and what be this new Atlantis.

Indeed, to bring the fire of the mountain of Atlantis, (Mt. Atlas) and the golden glow of it, to bring it forth for all to see and understand for your own divine example. Burnish yourself with this wisdom and you shall be indeed the refined gold of God.”