After 2012

Message from a Group of Light Beings – Announcement

On a recent meditation meeting at our new house in Moss Vale a number of visitors gathered, seated in a circle in our blue healing room. As I always do, I light a candle requesting all present to connect their minds to the Source of all Creation. As I have said, I do not plan how the meeting is to unfold. I ask everyone present to allow themselves, in the name of God, to become peaceful with loving thoughts. This particular day I heard a voice ask me if I would be willing to receive direction from a conglomerate of Light Beings, allowing an address to take place. I willingly agreed, although a little curious, as I haven’t done this before. I felt a peaceful energy overtake my energy field and begin speaking through my voice box.

“The one that comes through speaks on behalf of the Light Beings. They have always been here to hold the energy of the Crystal Light in whatever form they present themselves. As they have said so often, all you have to do is ask for guidance and/or assistance and they will come.

It is from the World of Light that the energy is coming. The World of Light is where souls return to, to a sea of souls. Souls are aspects of Light Beings. The energy of the soul is never lost.

There have been many races created and evolved on Earth and in the Cosmos. The Beings of Light are here now to assist the little Earthling to raise the consciousness of the Earth body. The Earth body continues to multiply and hold the energy in its cells of the ascension that has taken place at various times through its beginning and will continue to ascend. This Light energy is held in the eggs of the Earthling race and continues to be held with each new generation of babies. It holds the signature of the Earth being and so the race of the Earthling is always infused with the Light in the World of Light.

There are two major upliftments of the Earthling race. In particular when the infusion began from the animal man into human, the Light was imbued into the form of human. The other was when babies were born to Earthwomen who had been infused with Light from the Blue people. This is what has been brought to the Earthling’s understanding so that they may be aware of their beginnings and continue to have understanding of their source and their connection to their source of Creation of All.

All the Beings of Light who were here at Atlantean Times are back here now – assisting with this uplifting of the Earthling. Those that were part of the race that were progeny of the Blue people who fell to a degree are here but so are the Light Beings that have never broken away from the Source of Creation of all. They are here to bring that strength, that courage and that initiation into the Earthling that exists here now.

The Earthling is imbued with many different energy forms and Light forms. The Blue Crystal Light is the one that will take them into the future of the Adonis Race – which is a co-habitation and image of energies that have been used down through the ages to create the future form of the Earthling. This is where the Earthling race will move into.

There will be two paths. There will be a path where the Earthling will move into the Golden Age and be part of the Adonis Race, and a path where the race of the Earthling who is not ready to move into the Adonis Race. They will continue to live on Earth as Earth is presented at this time to evolve and mature until they are ready to move into the future race of the Adonis.

The Adonis Race to look at is very similar to the Earthling. A very good looking race -the eyes are not as large as those that are seen in the extraterrestrial but they do have large eyes – more as was seen with the ancient Egyptians. They have hair -they have well shaped bodies and balanced auras – a very graceful movement – they are free of disease – free of imperfections when unions take place and the new little embryos are formed; imperfections will no longer exist. They will carry the energy of the Adonis Race as each form is recreated at the coming together to produce the little ones. It is an act of God. It is an act, which has total permission from the Source, and therefore no pulling away in any distorted fashion from the World of Light or from The Source.

The people are kind and generous in thought. – big people, caring people, loving people, considerate to one another and always if there is a difference of opinion – honouring that difference and finding consensus to overcome a problem.

This is the new Earth. There are two Earths. One operating in a different dimension. Those operating in the new Earth of the Adonis Race will not be aware of the other race that is operating on the Earth. Nor will those Earth people be aware of the Earth’s Adonis Race – they will operate independently but within the same sphere.

Some have spoken about two suns and in actual fact that is true. But they are independent of each other. It is a different world. A World upon a World. It is separate but in the same place.

I speak on behalf the Beings of Light who have come and are always here to assist in any way that they can. To reach the point of separation where those that have chosen to move into the Adonis Race they will be welcomed with open arms. Those that choose to stay in a different dimension will be assisted and allowed to evolve. It is no judgement – it has been spoken of as at time of ‘wheat being sorted from the chaff’ an allegory only, of what we are speaking about.

Thank you my beloved. Thank you for allowing us to come – we bless you – we are always with you. Our hearts are One. God Bless.