Before 2012

ALCHERINGA … speaks …

“It is I Alcheringa …

Alcheringa speaks …

I have come this day to re-affirm of the major asteroids that have already hit this earth at another time … It is true cycles take place upon this earth, but I can assure you that there will be no more asteroids hitting this Earth.

It is an edict from the Hierarchy of the Elohim … they will not allow this to happen again.

The Earth has evolved to a point that peoples upon this Earth are taking responsibility for their actions. There is a need for people to respect one another … … to listen to one another and to resolve issues between one another.

There is a choice to follow God within and move forward into the Golden Age, which is a place of love, learning and giving. It is up to everybody upon this Earth to make that choice.

The Earth herself has already made that decision and is moving into a LINE of frequency that lifts the consciousness of every other thing that is upon this Earth.

St. Germaine, has said that the time of the ‘Fall of Atlantis’ was a time that spread all over the Earth… with upheavals happening in every place upon the Earth so that the people can remember of what happened at that time … they see images in their dreams, they have images in their soul memory … their fear is coming from that place. I would like everyone to understand this.

I will say again … NO asteroid will be allowed to plummet into your Earth. Be assured my children, I as Alcheringa have been known to the indigenous people as the Creator of the Dreamtime … … of the beginning … … of the creation of this Earth … and it is my assignment to make sure that from now on … this Earth and it’s solar system, travels to a place of peace and harmony … of calm, and loving energy … of always giving and sharing.

God Bless you My Children, God Bless you.”

Audio Recording of Alcheringa

You may listen to a recording of Alcheringa speaking about no more asteroids.

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Afterword by Valerie

ULURU holds a timeless energy point on the Earth. It is in the centre of Australia, making it the heart of Australia. Alcheringa has advised that to the star people there is no difference between the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension on Earth. The 4th dimension is not always seen by humans on Earth, although it is felt by us whether we realise it or not.

Thus the energy of change is still anchored on Earth by Uluru; it is an uplifting place, a place of deep mystery and unseen influences for good. A sacred place that the Indigenous people of Australia have always known and respected – performing regular ceremonies of suppliance. They know of the Creator Ancestor Alcheringa and why he says he resides at Uluru, and how the Creation Energy flows through 4th dimensional grid lines around the Earth.

The first time my keys were spirited away in 1994 was when I visited Uluru with a group of mediums to lift and bind the energies, with prayer, between Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

I misplaced my car keys and leaving the group, I retraced my steps walking alone along the Liru (meaning snake) track under the shadow of the huge rock Uluru. As I walked I became very upset and angry, not really knowing why, and as I strode out, sounding off as I walked, I realised I was walking beside the Ancestral Spirit of Alcheringa. I am tall and he was having trouble keeping up with me. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there. He was speaking to me. We must have walked about one kilometre. I didn’t really understand my behaviour, but it seemed to reach back into a past time within my soul memory, and was releasing pent up emotions held from a dreamtime. It was as though I was a snake shedding old skin. When we came to Uluru itself, he asked me was I still willing to work for him. I laughed and replied, “Of course.”

When I finally rejoined my colleagues I had to face the embarrassment of telling them that I had found my keys in my pocket. (Spirit had manifested them back there.)

The message, I believe now, is we are all Creators and it is time to devote ourselves with prayer to God to anchor the energy of change for the “Good of All”.

Sacred Uluru, the home of Alcheringa
Sacred Uluru, the home of Alcheringa