Sai Baba – by Frances Todd

Sai Baba, by Frances Todd

Here on this page, we bring you one experience of Sai Baba, shortly after he left his physical body.

The following information is given, with permission, from Frances Todd:

Sai Baba in Mumbai

I thought you might like this humorous little personal anecdote from just before Baba’s passing from his earth shell. Please feel free to publish it on your website as a personal anecdote.

Sai Humour very much alive

Written to a Sai friend on 25 April 2011, who sent a message about Sai Baba’s leaving the physical body on Easter Sunday. I had known some years before he would probably leave early and I was aware that he was in hospital in Puttiparthi.

In the week leading up to Easter 2011, I had been thinking more about fine-tuning relations with spiritual guides, and relating to them more consciously on a day to day level, and in particular moments. I have never bothered too much about names before, feeling presences and promptings only. But this time, there was need for something deeper for rest of this life. So I asked for a name, something with El in it to indicate angel (Jewish/Arabic suffix to do with angel or holy). A movie title with Madigan caught my attention.

Then I thought of Elvira Madigan. Then I thought of ways to spell it. El-vera. Then the question, what does Vera mean – all this accompanied with sense of much laughter. So I went online to a website of names to check out meaning of name for Vera – it is, Truth.

Then I wondered, El-vera – is there a name spelt like that?S o I typed in it, and Elvera, Elverah, is an old English name meaning: man of truth. Can be used for male/female names. This exercise was carried out on either Friday/Saturday of this Easter week. Throughout the week, there had been many mental flashes of Baba in my mind.

So with Baba’s passing on Ester Sunday morning – delivered via a friends’ email – the connection between Elverah (truth) – and Sathya Sai Baba (truth) was made. Sai Baba is not gone, I can see him in mind.

And he is now my Angel of Truth (El-verah), which is how He appears to me. For someone else, He will appear differently,but still the same Baba serious and with impish sense of humour at same time. I like to laugh a lot with Baba.

Now He is freed of the Body in this dimension, at least, in form as he appeared to world and us, he sets to accomplish next stage of His mission. So we as eyes head heart hands and limbs of cosmic Sai continue the work of love and loving.

4 May 2011

Sai Baba