After Sai Baba left

Sai Baba, after Samadhi (leaving the body)

Here on this page, we bring you one experience of Sai Baba, shortly after he left his physical body.

The following information is given, with permission, from Belinda Pate:

Sai Baba breaking coconuts

The message I received from Swami today was very clear. He was standing right in front of me and said:

“I was never in one body; I was in Every Body and still am. It is now time for my work to be done through Every Body, especially those who have been my ‘devotees’. ” (He says ‘devotees’ in a way that indicates he knows everyone is the same, just that those who have followed his teachings whilst he was incarnate will be called upon to practice those teachings and share them with the world.)

He then showed me that now His physical body is no longer here, there will not be a focal point for the darker energies to project their allegations and dissentions to. No one makes accusations against Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Allah because they are no longer in physical form. Without the physical body, His teachings can be shine through Every Body and with less resistance. It is time for us to step up to the plate.

I also understood that His physical form now being in the 4th dimension makes it easier to be a bridge for the transformation into the 5th dimension which will take place over the next few years.

The experience I had on the Thursday before his passing was important.

I was in a space of peace and contentment whilst away camping at Cania Gorge. I was simply walking to the shop to buy some ice when I felt the energy of the Puttaparthi ashram surround me and saw Swami quite clearly in front of me. He said “I am here, I am present”. I had experiences whilst I was away of being changed profoundly. Rainbows were emanating from my heart in concentric circles. I felt I was being prepared to work in a different way.

The message I felt from His appearance at the camping site was that whenever you are in a space of peace, contentment and openness, then you will see Him easily. He is everywhere, we just need to be in that space continually to see Him clearly.

Please feel free to share any of this on your website, and with anywhere else you think will be of benefit to others.

with much love Belinda

Sai Baba