1st February, 2022 – Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Alcheringa – ANNOUNCEMENT

Meeting February 1st, 2022 – Moss Vale


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Valérie Barrow: Hello everybody it’s the 1st of February, 2022. With great love, universal love, we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to bless this meeting today. And Alcheringa and Andromeda Val will be joining me also from Andromeda M31.

So, with great love in my heart. It is recording taking place at Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia and it is 1 o’clock on the first of February, 2022. Thank you everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba
as channelled by Valérie:

I am here my dear and I am very pleased indeed. We have been waiting and we know your problems with technology. For us to assist you of course you have to recall the old way of doing things and it is a little difficult for us also. However, we have achieved it and we are very pleased my dear, very pleased indeed.

So there are no questions today and we have given you insight that we have an announcement to make and I hope you will be happy about this my dear. You have no idea what it’s about, we know that. And you had a feeling it was something, but we have been hinting at it and we have made aware around all these other people that have joined us from other galaxies as well, that we want to introduce you. Meaning Valérie, or, Andromeda Val as you are in the future, 6,000 years ahead. But, as you are here, on your Earth plane of, shall I say the Earth, it is another role and different of course and Andromeda Val, you are her ancestor. If that will make some sense to people.

So my dear, this is a turning point for you. You have reached a point where you have been initiated into a point of worldly knowledge and universal understanding, and I hope that does not worry you or bother you. But we would like to continue and Alcheringa is here waiting to talk to you. Andromeda Val is also with him. And so they may join in speaking from each other to you at the same time. Again, it is a very different meeting today.

So my dear, with great love and happiness and also appreciation of the work that you have dedicated to do over the years, and we thank you, thank you, thank you for that. And we hope, by making this public, that there will be others that recognise and realise that they are on a mission also and they will think and seriously take it so that they will follow their inner direction and not over think or imagine or just brush it off or wonder about it; realise it is very real. Everyone upon this planet Earth has come from somewhere else. In actual fact we could safely say that everybody, yes everyone, upon this planet, is from the stars. And so you are all Star People.

You have been wondering, and scientists have been trying to connect, to Star People! We are a lot of star people. everyone is Star People! So you are already here you already have connected. But there are others that are not on an Earth body in the human race, that are also here and around; but they are in different worlds. And this is something that perhaps the scientists, without me being rude, it’s just not taken seriously. And the way to connect to us is from an inner world, rather than an outer world. I hope that they will consider this. I appreciate, I love them all. We are all one. We come from the Source of All Creation. And we embrace all religions if you like. We embrace all the indigenous people on the way they have been taught from the beginning of the human race. And I would like everyone to consider that.

Thank you, thank you my children, thank you, thank you.

as channelled by Valérie:

I am Alcheringa and I am very pleased to be here. I actually would like to say it gives me pleasure to connect today because yes, it is a special day. A special day for Valérie. However she has no idea what we are talking about and so I will help her to understand.

The thing about all the work that we do with her and with other mediums that are able to take messages for us to pass on to the human race, is a connection with the star worlds and the star people. They communicate mind to mind. And so this is the need for scientists to understand. It is not really so much from an outside experience, it is within. And it is not difficult because you all come from the source of creation. And so there is shall we say connection, that takes place within you and it is quite possible. Particularly now as the shall we say the layer of consciousness that exists upon the planet at this time, is raising. The frequency and vibration is making it easier for you to connect to the inner worlds. And when I say inner worlds, they’re not really seen by your eyes outside, but, you do have the ability to see and experience from your inner eyes. Inside. The same as dreaming. And this is what the Australian indigenous people have been trying to share with everyone in the knowledge that they receive and the information that they are given, comes from other worlds. It comes from star people yes! It is come through their connection to their inside connection. Which is another aspect of yourselves. It is in everybody. Some people will say it does not exist. And you think about, shall we say, science, and that everything is energy and energy is never lost. Never. It can change its form, but it is never lost. And that is simply what you are as a human being. When it is time to leave your body which, if you have been caring for it and realising it has a consciousness of its own, you will look after it and care for it. And then it is time for it to leave, it goes back to the earth. However, energy is never lost. And your light body and your soul consciousness continues. It is who you really are. And this is not just for mediums, it is for everyone. Please listen, please listen to this. I would like to give hints if you like or ideas and thoughts of ways to communicate with other worlds. Because that’s what it is; another world. And other worlds are very similar to what you live in here. But they operate at a different frequency and vibration. And so from this layer of consciousness you can not readily see it. You are understanding I hope. It is impossible for you to see it at this layer of consciousness. However, some people experience an insight to other worlds and it’s just spontaneously. And that ability is available to everyone and I would like you to consider that and explore all that because it is not something that is given just out of the blue, it needs to be chosen by you because you are special beings and you are light beings, and you have a soul and an oversoul. You are a god being if you like or, if you do not like that word, you are a creator being. And so it is easy to connect to other god beings as well; if you make that choice. You have free will, this is the thing.

The Universal Law is that everyone upon this earth has free will and those that want to assist and help them to understand who they really are, is not easily given unless you, and I mean everyone listening now, make that choice to connect to their, as some people say “I am presence”, or their oversoul, or their god self, or, who you really are as a star person, so you can communicate and understand other worlds. And also different layers of consciousness which require a special frequency and vibration. It is available to everyone. You have it built in to your Earth body.

The ancients that survived the fall of Atlantis such as the ancient Egyptians, knew and understood this. I would not say they had it all correct but, they certainly knew and understood. And so did many other indigenous people or ancient races upon your earth. So listen, explore, this ancient time. There’s more and more evidence of their presence that has been on this planet.

There has been millions of years that have been experienced on this planet. Visits from other worlds and from other beings. You cannot always see them, as I said, they come from a different world however, they can show themselves if they want you to see them. But they can disappear just as fast. So be open to their presence and their readiness to assist. What is needed is for you to make a choice, and I am talking about the leaders as well. The leaders of nations around this planet and if they are sincere, they will be answered and worked with willingly so that all will come to understand who they truly are, and also how this planet was formed and what is the great plan for it. And the reason for so many different races that have come into an Earth body and it makes it very special amongst the star people. There are many, many very interested in the Human race that exists upon your planet Earth.

This has been said before and I hope I am not getting boring by saying it again, I just hope that some time you will come to realise that everything is one. I talk about different layers of consciousness, it is all one, it all goes back to the Source of All Creation. There are different layers. In other words there’s different strengths of light. And the light is a secret, and the colours that separate into the whole different dimensions also. There’s as much, or many paths in which people can follow to find out who they really are. But, there is a need for them to be willing and to reach out. And to never hurt anyone knowingly and never, ever raise a weapon to sort out a problem. It can always be sorted out with conversation and sitting in a circle and working with each other and explaining the differences. And you will find that the differences are not so broad or so wide apart, it’s just that sometimes words or language gives misunderstanding, and just requires a little more effort for understanding without judgements.

So I think I have gone on a little bit. I do want to say that Valérie has been initiated into the World of Light. She is one of our sisters who has come to help and assist. She has written another book called “Uluru and the Star People” because we asked her to do this. And at the age of 90 this year, it has been we know, quite difficult for her but she has done it. And so my beloved, you see Valérie in a body, and it’s not truly who she is really. Just the same as when I borrow her voice box, I am not exactly what would seem also. It is up to you to decide whether it feels right because all human beings now are one, in that they have feelings and they have the ability to know from within their soul consciousness or oversoul consciousness, whether something feels right for them, or whether it doesn’t. That is your choice.

Thank you my beloved, thank you my beloved, thank you. I will say farewell but it is not goodbye because we are always with you. All you have to do is call upon us and ask for assistance and it will be given.

We have invited the leaders to contact us because we have the technology to present ourselves so that you can see us. And it is real. And something that perhaps is shown in science fiction but it is not fiction, it is real.

And so my beloved again I say farewell but it is not goodbye, we are always with you. With love and willing to assist you, please, please open your hearts and ask for guidance or for a meeting or for whatever feels right for you. You have free will. And that is the secret. Thank you my beloved, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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