The Creation of the Adonis Race in Andromeda M31

Adonis race  

(This is the story from the Star People’s point of view.)

Calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba  and Alcheringa
8th February 2022

Both responded: “We are here my dear and we are pleased you are willing to write about what happened to the little embryo which was rescued by us when you experienced a birth miscarriage not long after you were married on 18th June, 1978  to your 2nd husband John Wynford Grey Barrow. 

Alcheringa points out he has been here since the creation of our planet. He also pointed out that he was speaking from Andromeda and that his eternal self has always been connected to Andromeda even though he had been working as an Ancestor known to the First Peoples of Indigenous Australia.  He asked me to remember that.

Alcheringa and Cosmic Sai Baba both wanted me to write about the creation of the Adonis Race from Andromeda at the bequest of the Angelic Hierarchy from there.  Alcheringa confirmed that I was Andromeda Val (his twin soul) and that there had been a separation that had taken place a long time ago.  From the Source of Creation where all are Androgynous.

Addressing the story of Andromeda Val, who exists 6,000 years ahead in our time of now (or this era)  he announced that as a Walk-in, I was her ancestor.  

Remember the original Soul/baby was Valerie Judith and was the daughter of Beatrice and Keith born 17th December 1932 … she lived in that human body until the time of the agreement that there would be a ‘soul exchange’ (a walk-in – after a near death experience), when Valerie had lived in the body until 1969.

This was the same year my future British husband had come to Australia from Hong Kong.   He was unknown to me at this time – and it was a difficult time for me adjusting to the Soul Exchange at first – not realising exactly why I felt so different.

A walk-in is referred to as a Soul/Light body who has an agreement with a Human in the world of earth consciousness to exchange souls at a suitable time and take on the healing of that earth-body.  Not the full soul that was leaving. The body only, was to be healed; this is the effects previous owner’s actions as well as the actions themselves. 

Seven years later, John and Valerie met and 2 years after that, they married in 1978. This is where Cosmic Sai Baba and Alcheringa say they are happy I am willing to write about what happened to the little embryo which was rescued by them when I experienced a  birth miscarriage – not long after I was married.

The little soul that had been rescued by the Andromedans had to be cleared of all former ancestral emotions and the DNA history had to be eliminated from that particular embryo formed with the loving birth from Valerie and her new husband John.

That earth child which had her beginnings in the Earth human race was now free to become

part of the Adonis Race that was planned to be created for the future, some  6,000 years ahead. That race is now back from the future.  This happened to the 144,000 star people in the beginning and has grown ever since.  They have advanced knowledge and skills that are not yet fully known to the earth human race.  There are volunteer star-people  who have come to assist the little earthlings to understand who they really are, why they are here and where they are going.

The Adonis Race are free (from the effects of human karma and DNA history) and readily link to the wisdom of those chosen 6,000 years ago. These are now back from the future. 

That little embryo then became free and able to become part of the consciousness of Andromeda M31 and free of all past ancestral consciousness  in the human race although she still maintained the image of an earth human. That was the plan – to create the Adonis Race that looked similar to the earthlings – so they could meet and appear as brothers and sisters and there would be no fear between the different worlds. 

In the Universal Law nothing can just be taken and because this body was allowed to develop on this earth on account of its relationship to the Earthlings and the DNA and RNA of that human race.  When my little embryo was taken it was only taken from all the DNA etc., needed to develop another race on Andromeda that could survive upon that new world. 

Going back to the little one that was rescued … this happened in quite a number of different places on earth at that time.  Valerie was among the first … … it was a time when the human race experienced what they believe were ‘abductions’ but at another layer of their oversoul consciousness they had agreed for a full transplantation to take place.

As I have said, in the Universal Law nothing can just be taken and because this embryo was allowed to develop on this earth because of its relationship to the Earthlings and the DNA and RNA of that race …. when my  little embryo was taken it was only taken for all the DNA/resemblance/image needed to develop another race on Andromeda that could survive upon the world Andromeda. No karma was taken with the embryo.   (There is no judgement in all of this.)

This I understand now was the meaning of the reading given to me by my friend Helen, under the sign of the Dove,  when I was holding the Sacred Alcheringa Stone, belonging to the Indigenous Australians in August 1994.  It is recorded in my Starlady Book – Preface page xvi. (You may download this reading here).

I would recommend reading this for it gives clear understanding what life is like on Andromeda.

Alcheringa: I understand this sounds quite complicated but it is not really; it is just in and out of different layers of consciousness,  different worlds, all real,  that is why it is said that it is all One – and indeed it is.

Of course, any stories of walk-ins and experiences and understanding of souls – is not always who you really think you are. (smiling) and so this is why it is all being shared.

And so we hope that you can gain something from this information – if not – then just delete it out of your  mind. It is not necessary that you know, really. It is just an understanding how the Andromedans were asked to create a new race. The Adonis Race, so that they could intercommunicate and present themselves looking like the Earthlings and there would be no fear.


Karma is a word meaning the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. … It makes a person responsible for their own life, and how they treat other people. The theory of karma is a major belief in Hinduism, Ayyavazhi ( a branch of Hinduism), Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism.




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