Lord Shiva and the Sacred Alcheringa Spring


I would like to add another story about the time I met Sai Baba and when He gave me His Green Ring.

Just after the interview I was sitting in Darshan when somebody gave me this photo of the Lord Siva.

Lord Siva
The Card with Lord Siva

I liked the Trident having green stones down the holder, and all the OM symbols that seemed to be inside Orbs of Light. My attention was particularly drawn to the Siva Symbol and the three green leaves on his forehead.

When it came time to leave the Ashram I was given some sacred green leaves by the Seva Dals (service orderlies). I thanked them of course, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take them home because of the strict importation laws against live plants into Australia.

bilva leaves
Bilva leaves

So … I pressed them between paper and closed them into my diary, knowing it would be two weeks or so before I arrived back to Australia and I believed they would have become dry by then.

When I arrived home, I found the leaves were still alive.

Before we had left for our trip, my husband had commissioned a steep road to be cut down through the valley and to the bottom of the creek. When we returned we found that the deep cut into the valley had released a “spring” of water.

At the sametime, I received a fax from a well known psychic medium who lives on the other side of the world; announcing that Mother Mary had released sacred spring water at various points around the earth.

Well, I thought that was not a coincidence, so I collected some of the water in a glass tumbler and put the 2 green sacred leaves into it to keep them alive.

For a whole year I watched those leaves looking back at me, like two eyes. I put my finger into the water from time to time and continued to find that the water remained sweet to taste and I never once had to change the water.

Then after the year passed, and around the Sivarathi festival time my husband was planning to travel on business to Malaysia and asked me would I like to once again visit Sai Baba. As soon as I agreed, a third green leaf grew, so that there were three sacred green leaves looking at me just like on the forehead of the photo of Lord Siva.

I have since allowed the sacred plant to be discarded as it was against the law to have it in Australia – I really believe the whole scenario about the plant surviving for the year was really to show that the water did have ‘special’ healing qualities and the plant was just to show us all that. (‘Upstairs’ doesn’t ask us to break any laws)

When I had received the ring I had become very ill – but I knew it was an initiation and that all the cells in my body were being squeezed like a lemon. When my husband met with me at that time , he was so shocked at my state of health and loss of weight he said I was never going back to India again.

With the chance to return to India – I quickly accepted … saying to John, “I can’t believe you are suggesting I return to India again after you were so upset when I became seriously ill after the last trip.”

John paused and said, “I can’t believe I am suggesting it to you either!”

We believe the water from the spring is blessed – it is not meant to be sold commercially – but rather to drink a little – to use it like holy water – to be used in a flower essence from the Highest Gum Tress in the valley and where the water from the spring gathers at the base of the valley; to be walked into barefoot.

Alcheringa -  Uluru
Sacred Uluru, the home of Alcheringa

This sacred water along with the Blessing from the sky for The Alcheringa Crystal – Makes the valley a very Holy place indeed.

The valley is at Satori Springs, Tugalong Road, Canyoneligh.