Goolagaia and Eagarinna speak at Cave Hill

Part 2:
Visit to the Sacred Place at Cave Hill, Central Australia
A 5 hour journey from Uluru and back

Cave Hill cave with its roof paintings

The Seven Sisters by Ros Langford of the Cummeragunja
(Source: Indigenous Law Centre)(with permission)

Paul, his son Sam and the others climbed to the top of Cave Hill while the girls and I found ourselves alone in the cave. It was an opportunity we had been waiting for and we quickly settled ourselves in the cave while I called upon Alcheringa the Ancient Ancestor from Creation Time to make his presence with us.



Valerie: I am just going to call on Alcheringa first:

I am here My Dear, thank you for calling upon me I have been with you all day and I am very pleased to be with you. You have in mind you would like to call upon the Black Giantess, known as Goolagaia, and she is ready, she would very much like to come to speak with you. So I will stand aside for this moment and I will come back again when your friend returns and I would like to speak with him.

Goolagaia came through speaking very loudly, like you would expect a Giantess to speak.

I am here and I am very pleased to be here   … I am knoowwn as Goolagaia but I hoooold the energy of the 8th sister from the stars. I have been hooolding it since the star people came. It is my pleasure to be heeere—there is informaaationnn that has been given to yooou in thoughts and it is real so take note—you will find that you will be able to sit and share, shall we say the promptings that have been given to you.

I am tooooo bigggg to be in Valerie’s body completely   … and I share this cave with you girls  … and it is my joy to do so  … I live here in this area  … and I keep safe the tribal people that live here and the little children  … I have already introduced myself to Valerie—she is holding the energy from the 8th sister from the stars—and she and I have come together with an initiation that took place at Mutitjulu Springs.

I would like you to know that  … so that you will understand if I leave now the 8th sister from the Pleiades is to make her entrance   … …

(Sound of distant singing or wind blowing, but it is not blowing outside  …)

Huh! My name is Eagarinna and I come from the stars  … we came on a Mothership hundreds of thousands years ago  … to bring Light into this corner of the Galaxy (still hear distant wind in the background?) of where it was very dark.

The Planet we call Mu was created as a Garden of Eden. But we have visitors from around this corner of the Galaxy that were not really meant to live here – but they came. And so they were allowed to live here by the Hierarchy – they were of Reptilian nature although they were bipeds and had great knowledge and intelligence but they did not really know or understand the Love of God.

most dinosaurs were plant eaters

Dinosaurs had long necks to reach the leaves

The Reptoids experimented with their creations and they made what has become known as the Age of the Dinosaurs. But it came a time when the Dinosaurs became too many, too often, and when dying back to the Earth—it took too long and so there was an odour created and they were eating too much of the foliage that had been created here—they were really destroying what had been so lovingly cared for and created as the Garden of Eden. And so an asteroid, (which you know as Uluru) was brought to destroy them. We did not like to do this or have to do this but it was an edict from the Elohim.

most dinosaurs were plant eaters

Most dinosaurs were plant eaters

It did not destroy all the Dinosaurs upon this earth but it did many. It changed the earth into a new opportunity to go back to what it really was created for in the first place.

At the time that Eagarinna came in the Mothership, along with 50,000 others it would have been nearly a million years ago. Unfortunately the ship was attacked by Reptilian Forces and most of the people and the Mothership destroyed.

Mothership Rexegena was like a cloudship

Mothership Rexegena was a huge vessel, like this cloudship

There were a few survivors, and some of the survivors tried to establish the proposed civilization of Light Beings – but it was too difficult – too hot – too difficult to breathe and the food and the insects were still difficult to live with for the Starpeople. And so they decided, with permission from The Source, to create a Being that would be able to hold the energy of God and from there they did succeed in producing from the Ape-like creature, the upstanding ape-like creature with the genes from the Mothers of the Starpeople interacting with the Mothers of the Ape-like creature and a new race was born.

This is what is now known as the Australian Indigenous Aborigine.

They have gone on to adjust and change over the years but they were the beginning of the Human Race. They began here … in the land of what you call Australia now, although at that time we called it Mu…

Much evolution has happened upon the Earth since then … but this is the role of the 8th sister because she stayed for a while and then returned into one of the new humans and taught the young indigenous people. And I say young, in that they still had much to learn. She is, shall we say a clever woman, and she taught them many things. She promised, when it was time for her to leave, that she would one day return – and so it is time for her, myself, to return and reconnect with the Giantess who has held the energy of the 8th Sister down through the ages, where she sleeps in the cave with the crystal.

These stories are held in the Dreaming Stories of many of the tribes of the Indigenous people. It is time now for the World to accept and understand that the Indigenous Race of Australia truly were the first humans. they did not come from somewhere else they began here. Although the resources that were used from the Ape-like creature, of course had come from elsewhere.

They had been created at another time by the Reptoids – some of these stories are told here with the drawings in this cave … not all indigenous people remember now and so I bless you my sisters for being here … I have actually moved on to the Angelic Realms but when I am called upon I come as Eagarinna the 8th white sister for we as Starpeople had a blue/white skin … … we were hairless … and big eyes, very alien looking that has been drawn on the caves elsewhere and in here … this is the reason I have come and more will follow … Alcheringa and his team are helping for all these things to unfold … and it will come in many ways.

Wanjina as sketched by Lt. Grey

Wanjina as sketched by Lt. Grey

Wanjina as seen in cave by Lt. Grey

Wanjina as seen in cave by Lt. Grey

Wandjina Spirit Namaralie

the Wandjina Spirit Namaralie recreated as a 35 metre high sculpture
at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

For the time being I would like you to know that you are overseen by the Starpeople—you are never alone—we talk about the Angelic Realms and it is a state of Being. There is really no abode at all… they just ARE. They have no limit and so they can be anywhere at any time. And this is what is happening now in speaking through Valerie. So our friend (meaning Paul) is shortly to return and I shall call Alcheringa to speak with him but for the moment I am closing this meeting in what we would call, womens’ business. Thank you. I send my love to both of you.

Goolagaia the Black Giantess, is well known to the indigenous people. She has already come to me three times now. The first time was when she initiated me to the sacred waters at Mutitjulu Springs at Uluru. She later told us that she held the energy of the 8th Sister from the Pleiades and that she slept with the crystal in the cave. She has melded her energy with the 8th white sister from the Pleiades who has said she would return when the time was right and that is now. (see Goolagaia speaks in 2002)  It has been narrated in many tribal Dreaming stories for millennia that she would one day return.

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