Alcheringa Speaks at Cave Hill

Part 3:
Visit to the Sacred Place at Cave Hill, Central Australia
A 5 hour journey from Uluru and back

The first peoples came from the Pleiades

The first peoples came from the Pleiades
(Photo used with permission from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day)

After Goolagaia and Egarinna left, Paul returned to the cave when Alcheringa returned to speak with him.




Valerie: Once Paul, after first agreeing to speak with Alcheringa, settled and the girls were still present, I invited Alcheringa to make his entrance. (calls Alcheringa with song)

Alcheringa: “I am here, and I am very pleased to be here … thank you for inviting me and I have been with you all day and it gives me great pleasure to be able to speak with you – and also my son, if you want to ask questions I will be happy to answer any that you may ask.

There is much history here in this cave and the lady (guide) has explained many things, it has many visitations from the Indigenous people, but even before that the Star People were here. So it is well known to us – this area.

So rather than me go on because you do know the story of the Alcheringa and when the first humans were created – is there anything that you would like to ask?

Paul: I would like to ask – this looks to me (paintings on the ceiling) like a map of the stars. And that it is a map of the star races and the journey through the Galaxies. I am just wondering if that is accurate. To me it looks like the main players are what I call the Children of Lyra, who come through the Lyra/Pleiades series and the Draco Reptilian and the whole story seems to me today to be the story of that galactic journey and it has also been played out on earth.

Alcheringa: “Indeed it is, this Earth if you like began as gasses and each process of its evolvement was overseen by the Elohim. It was a plan to be created as a Garden of Eden. There were many races that came to help that transformation to take place. That is a long story of course, and there have been developments on the planet that were not meant to happen but they still did and so because of the will of Elohim to allow everybody to evolve they allowed that to take place – the visitation from the Reptilian people. Nothing wrong in that and the Dinosaurs were created and you know the story of how they were destroyed to help bring the planet back to what it was planned to be – which was the Garden of Eden

Alcheringa: “The Australian Indigenous people were created here. They are the first humans. And they know this … they know they did not come from anywhere else. They began here on this planet. Even though the stock, shall we say of the race, which was the upstanding ape-like creature did come from elsewhere.

Alcheringa: “But the human was imbued with a Being of Light – with a God Man if you like – and that it continues even though there has been further evolution with the human race since then  … there has been many changes  … but they are Beings of God. Creations from God the Source  … and the Star People have helped that  … in the beginning they came from the Pleiades.   … There are other visitations from other worlds, other star groups  … the Indigenous people were very clever at watching the stars and knowing and understanding what was taking place in the cycles that happened with seasons and also within the solar system. You could say they were the first astronomers because the star people actually helped them to understand this. In a telepathic way they spoke to them – particularly the clever people and so they were able to pass on their knowledge to other members of the tribe. The Storytellers who were handed down through the ages from the different tribes. And this is where the Dreaming Stories came from also.

Alcheringa: “So there has been a long time of development with the Indigenous race.

Alcheringa: “And so you are asking if it is true that they understood the existence of other worlds, they spoke of them as Gods. Or Star People from other Worlds. Perhaps they did not use the word Star People but that is the way they saw them, as Beings more advanced than what they were and they were willing to learn from them. So does this answer your question?

Paul: “Yes. I think also what I feel when I look at this, although I don’t quite understand it – it seems to be not only a map of the stars and its history but its just like a clock that works its way around a cycle. Perhaps even a Cosmic Record of how things unfold. I suppose in the same way the Mayans have a clock. And so when the Zodiac moves from the sky certain things happen because it has happened in the past. It seems like there is a bit of that here too.

Alcheringa: “Indeed it is, indeed it is. There is cycles, within cycles, within cycles   … some cycles are small, some are large; some are very large. And the time is for a cycle that is coming into being now which has been prophesied by many   … all that tune into these prophecies remember a time when heartache and pain with the world being turned upside down – and they still have those memories within their hearts. But that does not necessarily mean that is going to happen again – people here as humans have the ability to be creative—they create what they want—whether they realise it or not. They are creating their own life   … they are being guided–that is true–from the blueprint that they come from a Soul  … you understand that  … and that gently influences their life as they come to live here on Earth.

Alcheringa: “And so the cycles going around in the evolution in the cycles of the Earth and her solar system and it is slowly aligning with a core of suns that go back to the Creative Source of All. And from that place there will be an upliftment of consciousness and in humans all around the Earth will begin to realise just who they really are. And that is not just a physical body, or a human body, but rather Light Beings – Star People. You understand?

Paul: “These suns on the ceiling trigger the memory  … I see alignment of these circles which, to me, look like alignments of the stars and that when they line up then the energy can be supported through those stars so that if Earth is to bathed in that it will be an awakening.

Rock art at Mutijulu Springs suggesting the alignment of the core of suns to the Earth

The rock art at Mutijulu Springs suggests an alignment of the suns and the solar system
 (large version)

Alcheringa: “It is and it is a slow alignment that is taking place for it would be too much if the energy that is coming onto this Earth was to come on in its fullest power   … it would knock people out because some are not ready to receive it. But there are places upon the Earth that are opening up – and they are Points of Light. The Centre of Australia is one of them, and it always has been and there are many others around the Earth. People come and stay and then they go—they are touched by it—this new Light, this new energy  … this upliftment. This will eventually cover the whole of the Earth when the alignment of the Suns take place. And this is the Turning Point for the Cycle to move into another Cycle.

Alcheringa: “And this will be, as it was meant to be, when the Garden of Eden was first designed.

Paul: “So how can we assist? We have been called here—we have come here—we have tuned into things  … surely there must be more that can be done. I just feel  … I feel frustrated because I have these memories but I don’t have the ability to go with my memory; but I feel, still, things to be done.

Alcheringa: “There is indeed. And you will prompted  … this is today  … there is still tomorrow. And the next day. You will prompted  … and I would like to reassure you that you have the ability—very much so—it is your destiny  … to help with these changes   … to help uplift the consciousness on this Earth.    … … Because you come from the stars and you come with much power – and you can use this power if you acknowledge it and accept it. That will help you with the uplifting of the energy.

Alcheringa: “The binding of the times—of the time when the Earth almost went backwards—from the time when the Dinosaurs were destroyed and also at the time of what is generally known as The Fall of Atlantis. It happened all over the Earth and these times are still written very strongly into people’s hearts   … in their memories and your role is to help them to accept the changes that took place then   … recognise that it does not have to repeat itself   … but rather they lift their consciousness to their Soul Consciousness and then be able to move forward with the true understanding of who they really are—and that is they are Star People. Does that make sense?

Paul: “The image I have just had  … is on the beach with the waves coming in and you have a child—if the child is hit by the full force of the wave it would be brutal indeed—but if you just lift under their arms they can sail up and over the top of the wave and have great joy in the fine experience.

Alcheringa: “Exactly  … There are many waves that are coming all the time and in particular Solar Waves so there is some misunderstanding with some people.

Alcheringa: “When they look at prophecies   … a prophecy is just a warning saying this could happen again unless you uplift your consciousness and realise it. That you are Creators   … you are God Beings and you can make the Earth become what it is truly meant to be. Does that make sense?

(Paul says yes.)

Alcheringa: “There are many here on this Earth now who can do just this – as you are – My son.

Paul: “The girls who have come—Liz and Judy—they are part of this puzzle  … they are still trying to find their way. Do you have any words for them?     … They have abilities, but it is still coming to the surface.

Alcheringa: “Well the girl’s have already been through some girls’ business – womens’ business if you like – but I joke  … so is there anyone else who would like to ask a question before I take my leave?

Judy: My question is the same as Paul’s.

What are our roles?

Alcheringa: “This is an exercise that I am encouraging you to do – to listen to your inner voice which you do – trust it  … you will be guided  … you are being downloaded even as I speak. OK? And you will be able to follow this  … you will know much more by tomorrow.

Alcheringa: “So this is a little interim of my visiting, but really the main thing is to reassure you and ask you to have faith in your abilities and trust the feelings of what you are being asked to do and then just follow. Is that all-right?

(murmurs of agreement)

Alcheringa:”Then I will take my leave and I will come back if you really want me to come back  …but I am already with you. So the energy is going out to you—and it is infiltrating you—and you can feel it  … and I want you to know that you can trust it. Thank you, thank you my children and God Bless you.

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