Valerie Barrow: Memorial and Celebration

Valerie BarrowValerie Barrow’s family are pleased to announce the Celebration of Life Memorial event, honouring the life and works of Valerie Barrow. This will take place on Friday 29 July from 2-5pm at Dormie House, Moss Vale Golf Course, Arthur St, Moss Vale, NSW. We look forward to celebrating Valli’s amazing life.

Valerie Barrow’s family will hold a Memorial Celebration of the Life and Works of Valerie Judith Barrow, who passed on 30 June 2022.

Valerie was a star-lady and light worker, who connected with many souls known in her past incarnations, and connected with many light workers in this present day and age – in her own vocation of light worker, healer, medium and chronicler of the Alcheringa Stone. In her later life, Valerie was to also channel the Spirit Being Alcheringa and reveal the many, many connections between Indigenous Australians and the Star People.

In this Memorial and Celebration, it is the wish of Valerie’s family that people who associated with Valerie in her work be present, and mingle, sharing their experiences of Valerie, and celebrating her work, contributions, and sparkles to your soul’s journey in this life.

We look forward to celebrating Valli’s amazing life.

Dormie House has an event hall, which has limited capacity; and so those who wish to participate are asked to RSVP to before 25 July 2022.

Event Details

Program: Celebration of Life Memorial
Date: Friday 29 July from 2-5pm
Location: Dormie House, Moss Vale Golf Course
Address: 38 Arthur St Moss Vale
RSVP by 25 July for catering (and hall capacity limit) to Jenny Cubit


Valerie Barrow
Valerie Barrow – chronicler, medium, lightworker