June 1st, 2021 – Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 & Alcheringa

Meeting June 1st, 2021 – Moss Vale

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Valerie Barrow: Today is Tuesday the first of June, 2021. The meeting is at Moss Vale, in New South Wales, Australia. And with great love and respect we are being asked to receive messages today. No questions just messages. So, we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence and to introduce Andromeda Val, and I think Alcheringa as well.

However, I just hand myself over and allow the messages to take place. So thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am Cosmic Sai Baba and I am very pleased to be here. I will not have much to say today because Andromeda Val has a message and Alcheringa also. They are Androgynous, they are twin souls and I would like people to know and understand that.

So with great love, I will hand you over to Andromeda Val. Thank you.

Andromeda Val as channelled by Valerie: I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. We have connected beautifully today. It is a very cold day today and a cold night, but, the warmth of love and compassion is always with us.

So it is my great duty and appreciation that I am given this opportunity to talk, for the Earth is still in a time of change and much is happening with not just the Earth itself, but every living thing upon it. And of course everything has consciousness. So that includes the rocks, the Earth, everything that you can see, and there is no limit.

The Earth is in a transition and it is coming into alignment with the core of suns that actually will lead you back to the World of Light, which is of Creation. The Source – The Source of All Creation. The blessings that come for that (lead) is from that Source.

It has been out of alignment for quite some time now since Atlantis fell, and that is a story that has been told and I will not elaborate on that now, but it dropped the atmosphere and the dimensions shall I say, for the world that existed then, and it dropped into a lower dimension in that the measurement of frequency and vibration was a lot slower. And so it caused division. Separation if you like. And this is what we had been climbing out. And when I say we, I, working through Valérie, had been Earthing the new energy and helping it to raise above, step by step back to the source. Or to the Golden Age as it was before. And there is more to come about that also. Because the Earth was very different in the time of Atlantis, and Lemuria also. It was a time of great evolvement upon the planet. There are something like 300,000 years of your time. But I hasten to not talk about time so much because from the Star Worlds, the measurement of time is very different from what it is measured here upon your planet Earth. But that is not a judgement it is just a way it is done here on this Earth. However it was a long time and there were many races that were coming, and going, from your Earth. Very interested in its evolvement and the way it was, its beauty, its way of living. If you took into the way the Lemurian actually lived with great care and love and also connection to everything upon this Earth so that there was no separation so it held all together. It was a period that was good. And the Star People that came, come from different planets and they actually helped to introduce technology that had not yet taken on in your planet. The Human race was evolving but it needed to raise more, more to what it is now. But there is still opportunity to learn and know and understand a lot more. Not just in technology of the advanced Star People or, or I should say and, the actual operation of the planet and how it works, how it interrelates with the Solar System that it exists within your rotation of planets around the Sun. All this is coming into understanding now. Your science, if I may be so bold as to say, will understand a lot more when they accept that Star People have been coming and going and helping and assisting with the evolvement, not only of the planet itself and its alignment but also with the people upon it and I speak of the Human race. There have been many, many races evolved, or it would seem, that there were. But they all interrelated and I’m talking about the Homo sapiens sapiens. There is a lot of work but there has been also genetic engineering for the good of the development of the Homo sapiens sapiens. Of the Humans. So, I think form there on, I would like to reassure, that there has always been love and concern. And we so wish and pray, that the Human race can be free of fear of understanding and knowing of the Star Peoples existence, because we are actually related, so we are like family and we would like that bond to be shown and known more so that there would be a broader understanding of everything that has been happening upon your Earth planet. So with that I would like to hand over to my other half if you like, is a way of expressing it, it’s , because I’m in a female body, even though I’m a star person, there is still separation. But I can assure you there is love and respect and understanding of the differences between male and female. Different roles, different way of thinking, but all complementary and needed to be listened to also, from both sides. So that consensus can always reign upon your planet.

So, as I said, I’d like to hand over now to Alcheringa, he’s known as the name that has been upon your Earth in assisting and working as an ancient ancestor with the indigenous people and they have always worked with the Lemurian age that has been a lot longer then 300,000 years I can assure you.

So, with love and respect, I hand over to Alcheringa, who is known by other names of course. But it is the energy that is important, and the feelings. This is what all beings upon the Earth who are feeling people, sentient people, that will know and understand intuitively if they are happy with someone or if they feel a bit awkward or not sure about them. So with love, I leave.

Alcheringa: I am Alcheringa and I am very pleased to be here. As Val has said, I am the male aspect of her being. All beings from the source manifest into an Androgynous being. It is often thought of as and it is the Mother/Father God. Both together, but separate still together. So think about that please, think about that and your relationship with male and female. I am not pointing a finger at anyone in particular. I am just asking you to recognise that you are not totally who you are from the source. If that makes sense.

You can easily connect to who you really are, in the source, and that could be explained in many ways. It is consciousness. And so understand that and recognise that there is an energy that is male like, and there is an energy that is female like. Now we’re not talking about the way babies are created here upon this planet, although there is nothing wrong with that, it is also the strength and the holding of a vision and one mind to create. It’s considered more male and the female of course is the opposite, she brings in and encompasses, with love and nourishment and caring. And so the two go together. They should never be separated, or dominated in any way. They need to be recognised as differences yes, but necessary for both.

The female of course on your planet are the mothers and they needed this energy for caring and loving and nurturing. For the little ones that are born, the new little babies, they care, until they are old enough to take care of themselves. And then as parents of course it is sometimes hard to let go, but we need to let the children make their mistakes and learn and understand from their error of way, to help them develop and their character, and their independence and their confidence. All these things are necessary for a Human to be able to live upon your Earth and create. Because you are all creators. And you need to think carefully about what you think because what you think, you create. You are all electro-magnetic energy people, and the field will manifest for you the very thing that you think. So be aware of what you think, and take care. It’s habit really. But it is also a knowing that the brain is not the only consciousness that exists within you, but rather it has always been connected to your soul, your soul-consciousness. Which is, I have said, a consciousness. And so the two, brain and soul-consciousness go together. But you need to put your brain to sleep and listen to your heart, and your intuition which is your inside teaching. It is coming from your soul-consciousness, it is directly connected to the source, the creator. God if you like. And I say God with some reserve because there have been many things that have been done in the name of God which has got nothing to do with God at all. Please hear that. God does not judge. God source is a force field, it is one of love and it is one of creation. It gives. Please hear that. And you here on Earth can give, with no thinking about what you get in return.

There is always an over-seeing aspect to you which some have described as an angelic force. And we could call it that or we could call it a force of whatever you can relate to as a force that is for work, to take care of you, to monitor what you are doing so you are never ever alone. Because you have free will, there is a need to remember that there is a universal law that no one is to interfere with another or force them into a slavery of some sort. You need to think about that also. And any form you are not happy with; you can ask for advice, from the source. From your God-Self. Because this is where you have come from and this is where you have been blessed.

There has been a story, that has been held, I would say, by all tribes in Australia, who are the oldest living race upon this Earth. They are the first people. And there are other indigenous people that hold on to this story also that connect to the story from the Pleiades and the Seven Sisters. That was a time when the hierarchy organised for you to be blessed, to raise in consciousness and for physical changes to happen within you, and you were given an understanding of love, and a soul, which actually is eternal. So you have this eternal self within you, walking with you, every day. And some might find that hard to think or believe or even understand. But there is much that is written in many different ways that you can help and understand, it is to do with consciousness, and consciousness exists in everything. No matter what you touch, you can feel it, you can feel an energy and with that comes a story. You are here as a beginning, a middle, and an end of an Earth body, but that is not your total self. Far from it, far from it. It is a very small story of who you really are. You have many stories that have come from many other worlds, many other planets. In other words you can see yourself as Star People upon this Earth as Humans. So it is no coincidence that there is a lot more talk about Star People coming through your media. Because, from the source, ideas and thoughts come from there, not from your brain. Your brain records things. It has a memory and it helps you remember about certain things. You can learn also and retain that knowledge. That is good too. But, what you really are and where you come from is eternal. And so the knowledge is so large that it would be too much to download into your brain. So don’t ever think that you have been punished in some way, that you can only live the life here on this Earth and that is it. It is not like that at all.

From the source, the consciousness operates from many, many levels. When I say that I mean many steps shall we say, of different frequencies and vibration, and energy. Nikola Tesla was sent, and he came to try and help the human to understand. Perhaps a little before his time, but his work is still revered now, and perhaps still not quite understood. But there are different layers of consciousness that exist, even in each individual person. Some are stronger and they can carry a stronger light of knowledge and understanding.

And so I think I have said enough for today. I look forward to speaking more and I do hope you will accept what I have been saying. We send our love, Andromeda Val and Alcheringa, and of course our beloved Sri Sathya Sai Baba in this consciousness also. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone, thank you. God bless.

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