Starlady Valérie Reveals the Meaning of Life


Title: Starlady
Author: Valerie Barrow
Publisher: Aurora House

Valérie Barrow is not originally from Earth. She is a Starlady – one of 144,000 souls that travelled here from the galaxy Andromeda M31. Their mission: help raise humankinds’ consciousness and bring forth the Golden Age.

The cover of the new Starlady book by Valérie

Have you ever wondered why humans were created? Or how planet Earth evolved? Valérie Barrow answers these questions, and many more, in her book Starlady, where she remembers the many past lives she has had with her husband, John. Her past lives include Queen Tiye of Egypt, Joan of Arc, and even a member of Jesus’s family, to name a few.

Starlady is divided into three parts, with part one explaining how Valérie and her husband were able to access the memories of their past lives and discover that they weren’t originally from Earth. Part two retells of Valérie’s mission to guard a sacred Australian Indigenous Alcheringa Stone that came from the stars, and how when she touched it, her consciousness opened up and allowed her to speak with the Golden One, who educated her on Earth and humanity’s evolution. Part three is a channelled account from a female aspect of Alcheringa – an ancient Creator Ancestor – and Valérie is the messenger for this ancient being’s knowledge.

Starlady is a metaphysical book that reads sometimes like science-fiction but is all based on true accounts. If you have ever wondered about the creation of the world or how to open up your consciousness to access your past lives, then look no further than Valérie Barrow’s Starlady.

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About the Author

Valerie Barrow was a businesswoman for many years before moving with her husband to country New South Wales, Australia, to be closer to her grandchildren and nature. She has worked in the Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore regions teaching, conducting groups, and giving public talks. She has been interviewed on television in Hong Kong and Australia, and on radio in New York, Texas, and Australia. The author is highly regarded for her mediumship and wise counsel.

Several visits to India and conversations with Sri Sathya Sai Baba helped her understand she receives information by divine illumination. Since 1982, she has worked with unseen beings that speak with her or over-light her body and speak through her.

In 2018, 37 years later, she has been introduced to her oversoul from Andromeda M31 who speaks through her, sometimes using star language. Valérie is advised that Andromeda Val works from the highest order 6,000 years into our future. She has written three books, but now her mentor has requested that she write ONE BOOK, her Tome, bringing all the information from two books and an overview of the third book, and more, into one volume. The Alcheringa Story of when the first ancestors were created will be published on its own.