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Hello Everyone,

Well at least something is looking up – Just had news from our publisher, that our book STARLADY, The True Story of Valérie and Mr Dickens and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow is…

In regards to your free e-book … you’re already number 1 in all of your categories for a bestseller

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I have tried to write the story as our lives unfolded. It is an autobiography of our ‘Meaning of Life.’ When we began – we had no idea where it was going to lead. For this reason the book could be helpful for many people ‘searching’ and to find that there is meaning to our lives. That we all come from somewhere else; there is a reason for why we are here on Earth, and we do return to our home when we leave Earth.

While we are here we have a ‘beginning, a middle and an end to our lives on Earth’ – our earth body returns to mother earth and our real body of Light lives on.

Click here to visit the book’s page on Amazon where you can get your free copy or order the paperback version.