Alcheringa Speaks about Andromeda

One of Valerie’s regular contacts invited her to Canberra early in July of 2017, to give a talk. When Valerie arrived, she was asked if it were possible to give a channelling? Upon inquiry, Alcheringa responded and indicated he would like to come and speak. What follows is a transmission from Alcheringa giving the background of the creation Planet Earth, its place in the galaxy and the oversight and assistance given to all who dwell upon Earth. Alcheringa also references the future of humans, and the transformation of the human race with the coming of the Golden Age, the age of the Adonis race.


Talk given at Australian National University
Theosophical Society – Canberra. 1st July, 2017

We called upon ‘Alcheringa’ to make his presence among us. He tells he resides at Uluru so I would like you all to see yourselves sitting and overlooking Uluru.

(sings Alcheringa’s name, while in her mind’s eye she sees herself sitting on top of Uluru). (With great respect to the Indigenous Elders Valerie has never walked on Uluru which is considered sacred.)

“I am here, and thank you for inviting me – It gives me great pleasure to be here among you. Valerie as described where I live and who I am . So that I hope you are understanding that I come with love and love only. We want to help also.

To help the little Earthling into their advancement of being HUMAN … … And this will happen. It will happen upon this Planet.

This Planet was created by the Angelic Realm in ANDROMEDA. And that is another galaxy that has been influencing you all the time. For it was our wish and our Great Plan to set up a civilisation in the corner of this Galaxy the Milky Way so that LIGHT and WISDOM & LOVE be established in this corner. So that it was not so dark or lost.

There are many people who have come as Light Workers from the Galaxy ANDROMEDA. Valerie has mentioned the colour Magenta and the magenta colour as you know, is not in your rainbow. However, it exists from Andromeda and it is influencing you in many ways in different colours – as we talk about the Hue-man have different vibrations – different energies – different knowledge and different wisdom.


 The galaxy by name Andromeda has millions of suns

But the Magenta colour is from the Heart. It is Universal Love and so that is what is happening to all of you at this time. With the new energy that is coming on the Milky Way – it is influencing not only your planet but many life-forms in your solar system and your galaxy.

This has been requested by many of the different leaders of different races in your galaxy. And so we are doing our best to assist. And as I have said, there are many volunteers who have come from Andromeda to walk into an earth body and be able to share and hold the energy, the divine energy of Love of God, or the Force of the Creation upon this planet.

Much is happening for the evolvement of the Human race, it has been explained about how it is actually a hybrid race and it is going on with definite changes, genetic changes and developing more into what has become an ADONIS RACE – which is in your future – it already exists in Andromeda.

And so it has already developed – so in some ways we can talk about what is happening in your future. It has been a choice for many upon this Earth to raise in consciousness to live in Peace, and Harmony and Goodwill – and not to choose weapons to sort out a problem – but rather to sit and take the time to understand each other. And so, when you understand each other then peace can follow, or understanding. To agree or not to disagree but to make allowances.

It can happen. And it does happen.

So I would like to reassure you at this time, that changes are happening very quickly and you must feel this change – you must feel there is an energy that seems to be moving quite fast. But it is actually going into the change when a switch over or a turning point will happen to a point you will feel at one with the same energy that is coming from Andromeda at this time.

From then on things will relax and you will not be racing against yourself. But for the moment there is adjustments taking place and releasing of the unwanted and adjusting to the new energy that is coming onto the Earth is helping to lift away all the unwanted.

Your atmosphere is changing. Your climate is changing. You yourselves are changing but I can assure you for the good – for the choice that you make and hopefully – that is to be a Being of Love and Light at ONE: ONE that no longer wants war upon your planet.

So if you join me in Love, creating that intent within you – you will be able to travel with that change that is taking place – and reaching a point of Peace – Peace at Last … … and caring for all others upon the Earth and helping one another.

For this is a promise that you made as a Soul before you have come to a physical earth body and living on this planet.

I hope you will think about this my children, for I give you many blessings and love – we are here to help – remember all you need do is ASK.

Thank you and God Bless You.



 flowers presented to Valerie have a magenta wrap;
note the magenta colour has spilled down Valerie’s hand