The Forms of the Star Peoples

On account of the messages from the Angelic Realms that mass showings – disclosure – of the star vessels and the star peoples is possible if the Earthlings do welcome them, we do alert our readers that these visitors to our planet – they are here now in other dimensions – are humanoid. They possess all the sacred qualities of humans yet do not resemble humans 100% … a different torso, a differing number of fingers, the limbs might be longer and skin colour different. In this article, we seek to bring you what the Angelic Realms have shared with us about the forms of the Star Peoples.


Little Green Men from Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs referred to the “green men of Mars” and “green Martian women” in his first 1912 science fiction novel A Princess of Mars, though at 10 to 12 feet tall, they were hardly “little.”

Green aliens soon came to commonly portray extraterrestrials and adorned the covers of many of the 1920s to 1950s science fiction pulp magazines with pictures of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon battling green alien monsters. Marvin the Martian (also green) was a cartoon character in Looney Tunes along with Bugs Bunny, Yosmite Sam and Daffy Duck. He wanted to blow up the Earth because it obstructed his view of Venus.

Italy, 1974


Two creatures were sighted, approximately 3 feet tall. The head is larger than that of a human, there is no hair, there are tight fitting brown caps; eyes are large, protruding and round. Eyes are yellow-green with vertical pupils like a cat. The hands had 8 fingers.

Kelly and Hopkinsville


12 witnesses report a small, humanoid being with big round head and large luminous eyes. Arms are slender, extending almost to the ground. Eyes glow with a yellowish light. Body is covered with a silver substance which glows in the dark.


  A more modern rendition of this humanoid

New Mexico


Two male humanoids of average height dressed in bulky blue overalls; wearing wide belts and gloves that match the overalls. Boots reach halfway up the calf. Helmets have dark visors. No facial features visible, creatures appear to be rigid.

Winged Humanoid


Three winged humanoids are sighted emerging from an orange sphere. 3½ feet tall, paper thin wings covered with glittering raised dots. Eyes are bright black and far apart on wide faces. Only a slight hint of nose and mouth. Appear not to have digits but rather pointed shapes at the end of hands and feet.

Gray Humanoids


Often called Zeta-Reticulans, these are small, around 4 feet tall, in loose fitting jumpsuits with high domed heads with large eyes, tiny noses, tiny mouth and ears. Hands have five fingers with fingernails, and bodies appear to have soft, marshmallow like gray skin.





These beings are shorter than humans, with large heads, pointed chins, large dark eyes. Their heads are out of proportion to the bodies which are thin. Arms and legs are very thin, hands have four fingers which are semi-opposed.

Bird-like Beings


A being with avian like appearance of beaked nose, bird-like mouth and small body. Eyes are recessed and more to the rear of the skull. May have dark, leather-like skin, furry legs and sometimes, wings folded back – recessed into the body.


Some ask where are the repterrans, reptilians, reptile-appearing-like beings of the past narratives? There are stories given to us from the Angelic beings about beings here and taking over this planet (then named A-din) for their own purposes which did not fit the purported creation of this galaxy. (A-din is both utterance, vocalisation and vibration, meaning “place of beautiful-peaceful garden”.) The creators of the dinosaurs and earlier forms of the hairy upstanding ape-like creatures did not work with the permission of the Creative Source of the All. They will not be returning and showing themselves in the 4th, 5th dimensions.

Dragons, Cetacians, Dugongs

Everything that exists on this planet has been brought from somewhere else in the Universe, even other other universes. Where most of Nature is green, note in the photograph above that the Jacaranda is purple. A clear example of a life-form existing here that has its origin in some other home world and has adapted to grow here.

The dragons – there are many kinds, those that came from water, those that came from the Mako, the leathery bird-like beings. They were brought here and were very early creator-beings on this planet. They have the fire element within, as all our myths and legends reveal, and continue to exist in other dimensions, particularly in Cymru, Wales, as the national flag of Wales depicts, above.

Various whales, deep sea creatures, dolphins (with their six forms of consciousness) and other cetaceans were brought here in the time of the fish peoples. Through their sonar communications underwater and their essence, they held a specific vibration upon this planet which enabled air-breathing creatures to exist without gills, fins, tails. A new vertebrae emerged with the support of the cetaceans. The dugongs were the first mothers of the up-standing ape-like creatures.

A Welcome

The Angelic Realms have shared with us here and here that the earthlings are being offered the opportunity to see the Motherships and Star-ships – UFO – and the star peoples at Uluru, the heart of Australia, which is on the heart ley-line of our planet. Such shewings (as Julian of Norwich put it in ancient english – for they are showings from another dimension) really depend upon the welcome – the welcome from the heart – that is given to the Starpeople from all upon Earth.

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft – The Carpenters



Image Source: Faces of the Visitors, Kevin Randle, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1976,