Not an Egyptian Artefact

An artefact found between two sandstone walls at Kariong has been analysed by Southern Cross University. Analysis of the composition of this artefact reveals that it is made of metals which are not found in Egypt. While Kariong has clear evidence of Egyptian origin, this particular artefact seems to be of non-Earthly origin. The University analysts don’t know where the other metals contained in this artefact have originated from. It is known that star people – refugees from betrayal – settled at Kariong after their mothership, the Rexegena, was destroyed. We take up the narrative of the discovery of the artefact at Kariong by Aunty Minnie Mace.


The Original Australians have known of the star peoples and they are part of the dreaming and the stories that are told of the “people from the skies”. Also, the story of the Seven Sisters has a narrative of an Eighth Sister coming from a constellation in the stars they called Darumulan. There are writings of the star people at Kariong, in addition to writings from the two expeditions from Egypt to Australia, one of which was by the two sons of Khufu. One son ( a royal prince) died at Kariong and there is a tomb. The body was mummified and interred. It was later recovered by King Tut, who had sailed to Australia.



Original Elder Aunty Minnie Mace was accompanying the first recent non-Original person (Raymond Johnson) to investigate the glyphs and what they meant. She felt drawn towards two objects laying on the dirt floor, one is a grey bulbous semi-conical shape that has been identified through a series of cat-scans as an ancient human bone, and the other a clump of congealed dirt.

At first glance and touch, there was no compelling reason to invest time and labour in even picking up this clump of dirt, but Aunty Minnie felt the spirits were on call and directing her to look further. And so she did, it took half an hour before all the dirt was removed and the metal disc with a raised relief on one side was clearly visible. It was immediately clear, with a complete clasp to hold a fine chain, a relief of what seems to be a person kneeling in a pose that could be in supplication to the Gods with the other side perfectly level and clean, that this was a piece of jewellery which seemed to be ancient Egyptian. Aunty Minnie Mace believes it was Egyptian, and to be honest so did we. Knowing that the organic material been identified through a CAT scan as an ancient human bone and was found beside glyphs, which many believe chronicled the arrival of two sons of Khufu and subsequent death of one of the brothers, it seemed logical to assume it was Egyptian.


 Metal Artefact (Back Side): Samarah Wood

It isn’t. A thorough analysis of the individual constituents found within conducted by EAL at Southern Cross University has returned more questions and ruled out any chance this was manufactured by, or sourced from, Egypt. But the anonymity does not end there, the metal is 73% Aluminium, 3% Copper and 24% unidentifiable. I remember the Director of the laboratory, Graham Lancaster, remarking that there is no bauxite in Egypt, nor was Aluminium manufactured in quantity anywhere on the planet until after the Second World War. While surrounded by clear evidence of ancient Egyptian presence, what this result demands is non-Egyptian parameters.

Once ruling out Egypt, it gets no less difficult when looking elsewhere on this planet, simply because every piece of Aluminium alloy made has a minimum content percentage of 85%, and this reading of 73% is 12% below the bottom line. Just to add to the imponderables, adding 3% copper into this unique mix is another precedent, but above both apparent anomalies is the missing 24%. The science and rigour of this laboratory is well established, but the missing quarter of this metallurgical puzzle seems to be lost in translation. All that can be stated with certainty is that this metal object has no Earthy parallel.

These three readings share one common feature, according to every accepted theory on human evolution, this metal artefact was not made here now, not before, not ever. Until this analysis, in every presentation we have given that mentions this relic always claimed an Egyptian ancestry. We were wrong, and with all the evidence in the only logical location left is that this artefact came from everywhere else but planet Earth.