Alcheringa speaks at Kariong

Alcheringa at Kariong, (New South Wales, Australia)

cavern-entrance at Kariong
Entrance to the Cavern at Kariong

Very shortly after writing The Book of Love by a Medium I met an Aboriginal man named Gerry. It was the first time I had actually met socially, an indigenous man even though I have lived all of my life in Australia. He was wary of me at first, because he knew I had the sacred Alcheringa Stone. He was stern in appearance and word, when he asked me about the stone, he said, “It is men’s business.”

I reassured him I had always respected it and had never un-wrapped the parcel of paperbark (peeled from a tree) and calico tied with string. I advised him that when I sat with it I found myself to be surrounded by a blue-white light that seem to lift my consciousness and I was able to read information that was held in the sacred stone. I also said that I had a Being of Light, named Alcheringa, speak through me. I was nervous telling Gerry about this for, in my ignorance, I wasn’t sure that indigenous people believed in all ‘that stuff.’

His demeanor immediately changed to a huge smile and interest and I was later to find out that the indigenous people live their lives with spirit and the knowledge of other worlds. It is their life, they see spirit and God in everything.

Gerry animatedly asked me more about the spirit being Alcheringa, saying he was well known to the indigenous people. He spoke about a cavern in the bush with petraglyphs carved into the stone walls, some looking Egyptian. It was just north of Sydney. “Do you think if I take you there; Alcheringa will speak to me?”

Grandmother Tree - site guardian
Grandmother Tree at Kariong

I readily agreed he would. For Alcheringa had already said to me, at another time, he would speak to the Aboriginal Elder – I thought at the time it was going to be when we took the painted symbols to Uluru. Not so …. it was going to be a different site, but interestingly still involving symbols which were this time cut into stone walls.

Gerry, myself and a friend named Helen, drove north towards Gosford. It was as though we had set off on an expedition with a few other friends following in cars behind us. Leaving our cars at our destination, and carrying our food and drink for a picnic later, Gerry led the way along a sandy road through the bush. He stopped and asked us to pick a leaf from a green eucalyptus tree, chew it, and that would assist us to bond with the area. We could feel the strong smell of the oil seep into us. Then he asked us to throw some small stones ahead into the trees and underwood, asking permission of the spirits of the land to permit us to enter. He happily ground some red ochre, under the guardian ‘Grandmother tree’ and ceremoniously rubbed a little on each of our foreheads. The indigenous people use the red ochre in ceremonies and believe it helps them to see and connect to spirits.

Val taking photos of the Petroglyphs on the walls of the Cavern at Kariong

Up the slight hill we climbed through the bush and faced a fern covered entrance, looking like a chute through which we crawled into a very uneven, stone covered floor only about one metre wide and about three metres long. Gerry had warned we would all feel cold in there…but the walls rose high either side of us with the sun’s warmth reaching into part of the cavern. We were overwhelmed with all of the drawings on the rock wall, there must have been about 250 of them. Some were covered in moss, but they looked like they had just been cut.

Looking out from the Cavern at Kariong

Climbing further above these walls, it was here we all settled to invite Alcheringa to come and speak to us.

When Alcheringa came and overlighted my body, a strong wind blew. I have since found whenever I connect to Alcheringa out in the bush, he comes with the wind, and speaks through my voice box. (See Transcipt below.)

It led, just like Alcheringa told us on that day, more would eventuate, and it did. My 2nd book Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created records the story of Star People Revisited.

ALCHERINGA SPEAKS at Kariong, NSW – Part 1.
10th October, 1995

Today is the 10th of the 10th1995 which when you look at the number it is 11 – which is a stargate, or a door opening. We are all very privileged to be present on this special day in this chasm and witnessing the many symbols that have been drawn on the rock walls.

I am going to call upon Alcheringa, with great love in my heart, who has made it known to us know that he wishes to speak … and to make his presence here amongst us – but for the moment I wish to say Alcheringa tells us that he resides at Uluru. So in my inner scene I see myself sitting on top of Uluru and I call his name … (and he came to me with the wind, and made his entrance with a loud hurumph sound through my voice box )

It is I Alcheringa and I am very pleased to be here, Valerie has already said I have waited a long time for this meeting to take place. So greetings my friends, we have known each other many times before, many, many lifetimes. And we also connect in the world of the stars.

I have much I could tell you, but I feel this could perhaps cause confusion – I am enjoying being present in this moment of time. There has been much curiosity about the drawings that are upon this rock and the feeling has been, that they have been inspired from other worlds. And, indeed it has. In fact there were many beings that come from other worlds, in fact from other stars, other planets other galaxies.

Over a period of time, this earth has been visited by many. But there has also been an evolvement of living beings on this earth in the form of fish and animal and insects – it is a living planet – it has a life force that lives in everything that exists. But then you are aware of this. You know this.

There has been given to Valerie information about Uluru or Valdamere as it was known to us, the Star People. There are many other things, I am sure, that you would like to know. Uluru was brought to this planet by us – to help the evolvement to take place upon the earth. It brought an energy with it – that helped the creation to further develop upon this earth. At the time there was a development of the Reptilian races, in the form as you know it, were dinosaurs. It became out of control and so there were members of the Hierarchy who came from the Law of the Universe – and the decision was made for help to be brought to this planet. There has been changes down through aeons of time. But there was a time, that the humanity that had been developed onto this earth … took a few steps backwards.

It was a time that most of you would perhaps refer to as the Fall of Atlantis.

This was a time that unfortunately was not really meant to happen as far as the Law of the Universe were concerned. Many lost the knowledge that had been given up until that time – you had to regrow – you had to evolve … and the technology was gradually inspired onto this earth so that man could develop in a way that could use the technology within the Law of the Universe.. rather than against the Law of God.

I am wondering now, if anybody has any questions they would like to ask? As I have said, there is much that I could speak of, but … time will not allow at this time…much of the information will gradually unfold – it is already unfolding – We have a Greater Plan – this information will come together so that the larger picture will be recognized and understood by ALL that live on this planet … this earth.

There is a need for all upon this planet … to understand … to understand their Mother – the Mother…The Mother you call Earth … who looks after and nourishes all who live upon this earth … every living thing is nurtured by the Mother. There is a great need for all to love and nurture her … take her into their bosoms and love her. But I know all of you understand that deeply, and will help us spread that understanding.


May I ask a question? (Gerry speaking) Is there anything that we should know about this site that will aid and protect it?

Al: I understand what you are saying and I appreciate the question. But it has been protected all along and will continue to be protected until it is time for it to come forth in a public way. For it holds keys to this larger picture that I have already spoken about – It will unite, it will open up, it will evolve. The time is a little soon, but it will happen – in a time not too long ahead.

Gerry: Is there anything you would want us to do?

Al: In actual fact my son you are actually following from our inspiration already – Just as this meeting has taken place today with a desire that we wished to take place. And so you have allowed yourself to guide these people …. and at other times we will organise meetings and understandings and you will realise that unseen hands are at work. There is nothing for you to worry about for we know that you are very willing to be of service and we appreciate this. Is there anything else that you would like to ask?

Friend: Could you tell us how we can do our healing work and deal with interference from other forces that are hindering the work of healing – they are creating much confusion and I wonder if there is a way we can complete the healing without this interference.

Al: It would be my pleasure if you call upon my presence while you are doing this work …. you already understand about the duality that exists in the 3rd dimension, and you are actually coping with this very well … it is merely a need to be aware there is nothing that you are doing that is failing … Just continue your work my son, just keep yourself alert. And then deal with each problem as it is put before you.

There are many that work with you. There are many that work with many healers – many Lightworkers – we give assistance – we sometimes push you to a point where it is a little further than what you have been used to – but this is done knowing that you have the ability to work from that point. There is really nothing I could say, other than, to keep up the good work. God Bless you my son.

As you take each step forward in life, know that we are with you, we come from the World of Light, we come with love in our hearts and blessings …. we come from a point of God – and I want to reassure you that what ever form spirit takes in the name of God, we ask that you do not be afraid. We come only to assist and we are ready whenever you call upon us. In some way assistance will be brought to you.

Helen: Is there anything more we can do with regard to the environment ?

Al: It is a difficult problem and we are doing as much as we can to protect Mother Earth. We suggest that all who feel moved by spirit to take a step in a certain direction then to follow that step and to allow themselves to be guided and we will be with you to draw anything that is needed to assist you. Step by step is the way


Friend: Alcheringa could I ask your advice about the work and experiences I have been having with spirit? Do you have any advice about the documentation of this?

Al: You have been working well … and I am really only repeating what I have already said to the others – there is really no need for me to tell you what to do when you can find guidance from within your own heart – I strongly recommend that you follow from that point and all will eventuate. Some of the problems with many, and I am not saying this is for you my dear, but is impatience, just allow situations to eventuate and spirit will assist you in everyway.

And so if there is nothing else I will take my leave. And I do thank you for welcoming here. (Everyone thanked him) It is no coincidence that we are all here this day. More will evolve …. you will see. God Bless you.

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