Lord Shiva speaks to Valerie

The Lord Siva

I am the Lord Siva and I am here to converse with you. I hope you do not mind.

The Golden Dancing Lord Shiva

I am the Lord of the dance of Life. I come with the Fire of Life. The Fire can destroy the unwanted and it can renew growth. It can give birth to the sun. I am the Lord Siva from the sun.

Which gives you light from the moon on this earth. You have the Light which gives rest for the sun when reflected from the moon. I speak this way to remind you of the necessity of the sun – The Fire.

I AM Light itself be you asleep or awake. Sometimes I am known as Helios – but I PREFER TO BE KNOWN AS THE LORD SIVA.

I would like to invite questions? Do you have any that you would like to ask?

No so much of a personal nature but of earth and her interaction with the Sun and the Sun with the Galaxy. And the Galaxy’s INTERACTION WITH THE UNIVERSE.

Q: Where do all our thoughts go?

Your thoughts – this is what you ask Where they go? – Your thoughts, it is true – it is an energy – each thought is held within the atoms or sometimes people refer to it as your soul. Unwanted thoughts can gather like clouds in the earth’s atmosphere – these thoughts do gather in clouds, in energies, that are or can be destructive if they gather in great force and come from a place, shall I say ‘negative thinking’ and I am not judging you my son, for everybody is capable of a negative thought. But positive thoughts also can gather in clouds of Light and these energies are matched in weight against the negative – so one can cancel out the other in weight – if that makes some sense.

There is a sorting out of thoughts – the thoughts that are beneficial to each soul that is upon this earth that assists in their development – their character. This energy is kept within the soul … It is taken with them when they leave the earth body and return to the sea of souls which exists in the World of Light.

So does this answer your question?

Sort of – I always thought they continued on forever.

Indeed – the soul is like a stepping stone that leads back to the Being of Light and the Being of Light then connects to the Monad that exists from the Angelic Being and from that to the God Consciousness.

Does this make some sense?


Is there another question? – (silence)

I will of course answer questions telepathically. And I am available to any that want to call upon me – whether they be in this room or at another place.

Your soul is your communication point – there is no limit from that point. Your soul is the doorway to all knowledge. You have it at your fingertips whenever you want it.

There has been much fear of the Fire in the evolution of the earthling. It is understandable indeed. Focus on the Divine Fire for the two go together it is the flame that gives Life it is the Flame that is in your hearts. It exists in Divinity and God Consciousness.

It is this Divine Fire that can be used to destroy the unwanted that is within you and help you to lift in the frequency of Light which is Divine Fire. I would like you to think about this for it is the essence of you and your life.


Soul is another word for Sol – your inner sun.

The use of the word Helios has been misused by men of Religion to gain power through fear. Going to Hellios or Hell as used in abbreviation, brings fear to many.