Regression with Millie White – The Galactic Bee Race

queenbeeIn the year 2000, Valerie leads a regression with a woman who recalls being a Queen Bee. This lady speaks about the fear bees have, when they sting … their life ends. She also recalls Uluru – a sacred place – being enveloped in golden honeycomb above and below – an infinity of golden energy suggestive of our origins in the Creative Source of all beyond time and space. This regression also suggests different forms of the “bee dance” as the violet screen seems to be symbolic for the galactic bee race. As many spirit beings have told, everything on this Earth has been brought here from elsewhere, and so the origin of the galactic bee race is thought to be Venus.


Millie White settled into a meditative state in the Healing Room. I had shown her photos of the Egyptian-like hieroglyphs taken at the Kariong. It was the site that many psychics believe is a very Ancient Tomb once housing an Egyptian Prince.

There was a photo that fascinated her that looked like a bee. It made her wonder. “Remember I told you about the honey that was used for healing. I am fascinated with bees,” she said.



showing the bee-like image among the Kariong glyphs

She was asked to settle into a meditative state and was reminded there is no right or wrong so just relax and was asked to see and feel gold energy coming down into her body.

She was asked to focus again in her mind’s eye on that hieroglyph that looked like a bee. And see if you get an understanding of why it attracts you so much. Don’t worry how ridiculous anything might seem just let the knowledge flow into you.

(My questions are in brackets)

Millie: “It reminds me of the fascination I have for their community of the beehive – and such respect for their work and diligence.

(And what do you see when you look at it?)

Millie: There was hesitation … … I am just aware of their awareness of their purpose. There is obviously a hierarchy but there is not a dissatisfaction for wherever they are in the hierarchical progression; they accept and they respect everybody’s place.

(That’s the way it is – :Why should you think about that and admire that – Is there something about a hierarchy that you mistrust?)

She didn’t know.

(Is there anything else about the bees?)

Millie: “The bees that I am aware of in New Zealand, although we came to Australia – is the fear they produce when they sting. But once they place the sting they actually die, they’re killed.”

(Do they know that they are going to die when the place a sting in something?)

I don’t know.

(That’s O.K. – Why would they need to have that sting to leave the sting in something? If they are fearful?)

Millie: “It’s a supersense. I don’t know – I think that is what it is.

(Is there any part of the hive that particularly attracts you?)

Millie: “Yes The Queen.”

(There is a smile on your face when you say that. Why is that?)

“I have a joke that if I come back to this earth I am going to be a Queen Bee.”




(That’s fair enough but what is so wonderful that you want to be a Queen Bee?- just stay in that alpha state. You are in your imagination but that can lead you to an understanding. I want you to just play with the thoughts)

Millie: “Well it is the future – it depends on the Queen Bee. It is the Queen, the mother that influences the future of the hive. The future generations.”

(Is that what you would like to be `the future mother’ – is that the only thing that attracts you?)

Millie: “ I wonder how they choose the Queen Bee. Its like a hierarchy above the Queen, influencing the Bee that is chosen to be Queen I really have no idea.”

(She was asked to go deeper into regression and ask to have a deeper insight into why she has the attraction to bees? Is there a Cosmic Consciousness connection?)

Millie: Asked Jesus to take her by the hand and take her to the place … …

“I am seeing the rock Uluru with buildings that are like a honeycomb going down into the Earth. Well it looks like a hive and we work it – all over Uluru it is very active. Because I am seeing the hive going deeper and deeper into the Earth.”




(Are you getting the feeling it might be doing something to the Earth?)

Millie: “It is spreading into it. It gets to a certain level and then it becomes a gold colour. Shiny. Not metallic but a light colour. (She was asked where she was at the moment) Now I am standing on the Earth now and I am aware of it so many feet below. Its almost as if and orange peel could be taken off and you would find that hive there and its quite deep.

(I would like you to ask Jesus to give you his hand and to look up above Uluru – is there somewhere you can go when you look up? Ask the Queen Bee? )

Millie: “It’s a city. (how would you describe that city) Its almost like a mirror of what I see under the Earth.”

(If it’s a city how would you describe it?)

Millie: “It seems to have the same hive look and activity but I can’t see.”

(We will ask Jesus to take you by the hand and take you up closer)

Millie: “I am seeing a whole lot of symbols that seem to be leading me into something … …

There is a purple colour. Everyone looking at the screen just became totally violet”

(cannot hear properly … gave her some drops of the flowering white gum essence to raise her consciousness) … …

(On the count of three you will be there)

Millie: “There is movement in my sight but … … (she took some time to see the images clearly) I see the symbol of a dove flying down and it alternates with an eagle. The purple colour is changing into an aqua colour. There was a sense of excitement in getting closer to the city. I have to let that emotion go. I feel I am sometimes in the crystal and sometimes outside walking along.”

(Millie was told to ask Jesus what was happening She asked for the tape to be turned off – she said she couldn’t say it on tape. The tape doesn’t seem to have been turned on again. Oh! )


Summary Recall

(What happened was she remembered walking inside the crystal which were like buildings very close to one another. Sometimes she was inside the building and sometimes she was in between the buildings. She could see herself in a flowing cloak. She was haughty and she liked the feeling. When asked to describe what she looked like she had an extended body (she later drew it) and walked slightly bent forward. On her head was a crown and she had very large eyes that protruded past her forehead. She thought she was imagining it, but she said she looked like a bee and that she knew that she was a Queen Bee. Although she was having a hard time believing that realisation.




She was aware that she was on another planet.

We know that the bees were brought to Earth in its early inception to help pollinate the flowers to create the Garden of Eden. In early times they had no stings. It was only later when the reptilian races engineered stings in their form to act as little missiles so that they could attack the enemy with poison darts so to speak. The bees gave up their life in doing that.

Gerry, the Aboriginal Healer spoke highly of the bees. He said the Australian bush bee was without poisonous stings. Honey was used to eat but also to heal. The wax was used and every other part of the beehive, including eating the larvae.

They were the progeny of the Galactic Bee people from another planet – we think Venus.


NB: Many people have an ‘inner knowing’ from which planet they have come from. But that is the last planet they have come from before beginning to incarnate into an earth body on Earth. The Earth is a very special place giving a level playing field in which all Galactic Beings have the opportunity to come and live as a human being that has been blessed by God and experience a life of warmth, love, compassion, marriage and family – this is direct from the Source of All Creation and gives opportunity to discard all other emotions and unwanted beliefs they may have.



Honeycomb flowing in free form. It suggests a different EXISTENCE of the galactic bee race.