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The days of cold descend upon all those in the Southern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year has passed, and we think the coldest day of the year has passed. My husband John and I have both been slowed down by the dratted influenza and all that this brings in its tow. It is good, perhaps, to be laid down low for a time, for many of us simply drive from one appointment to the next, and answer the phone in between! Maybe the flu is just what the Source ordered!!

In this newsletter, we bring you more news about the posterity of the ancient Australian Aboriginals as Australia’s oldest. Due my work with the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena and Lion Island at Gosford, we looked very closely at a recent earthquake in Gosford. Mary Magdalene has been elevated in the Church! (Hip Hooray!!!) Mary Magdalene has now been elevated to the apostle to the apostles of Jesus and her feast day (July 22) is now a solemnity in the Roman Church. We read about what causes an ice age (many references to this recently), the secrets of water, and whether mushrooms are the new plastic. (the packaging is both edible and biodegradable! Hooray! ) We bring you much more, realistic looking not-burgers, BREXIT and the sharks (was it the new Battle of Britain on the 4th-5th Dimension???) and reflections on the recent solstice. I do hope you all enjoy reading the second part of the June Newsletter. There is so much to share.

New DNA technology confirms Aboriginal people as first Australians


Photo: Human remains found near Lake Mungo are the oldest in Australia. (Supplied: Wilfred Shawcross)

A new look at ancient bones with the latest DNA technology has confirmed Aboriginal Australians as the continent’s first people. Researchers say the findings overturn a 2001 paper that argued the oldest known Australian human remains found near Lake Mungo in New South Wales were from an extinct lineage of modern humans that occupied the continent before Aboriginal Australians.

This claim was based on mitochondrial DNA extracted from Mungo Man’s 40,000-year-old fossilised remains by a team lead by Australian National University’s Dr Greg Adcock.

But now, Professor David Lambert, from Griffith University, and colleagues, have used new DNA sequencing methods to re-analyse the material from Mungo Man, who was found in the World Heritage-listed Willandra Lakes region, in far western New South Wales.

You can read more here


 Photo: Lake Mungo is the site where Mungo Man was uncovered. (Supplied: Sherene Lambert/St Augustine’s College, Ipswich)

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake detected off Gosford on the NSW Central Coast


We are most interested in earthquakes nearby Gosford, for Kariong, which contains much information about the history of the human race – and was visited by Egyptian royalty, twice – is nearby Gosford, and the hieroglyphs at Kariong are sometimes called “Gosford Glyphs”. There is more history here, for Lion Island features at the entrance of the Hawkesbury River at Gosford, and it is at Lion Island – it has been shared – that there is a small cadet spaceship from the Mothership buried under the silt of 900,000 years. There are starpeople nearby Gosford as well, so this sudden, momentary, 1-second-earthquake-measuring-4.2 is of great interest.

Mother Nature appears to be playing games with NSW after an earthquake was detected off the Central Coast. The 4.1 magnitude quake struck just after 10am on Tuesday about 100km offshore from Gosford.

Geoscience Australia said it lasted less than a second and was estimated to be at a shallow depth. The Bureau of Meteorology released a short statement confirming there was no tsunami threat.

You can read more here




Mary Magdalene elevated in the Church



Readers may recall that Valerie and John visited France in 2011, and went on a sacred journey, following the inner guidance. A large part of this journey (and later travels) walked the path of Mary Magdalene. Valerie and John visited the Bay des Maries and witnessed the Evocation, the traditional re-enactment of the arrival of the Three Marys (including the Magdalene) on the Mediterranean coast of the Camargue. They paid a Visit to Saint Maximin and la Sainte-Baume where the reliquary of Mary Magdalene is kept in the Crypt. They visited The Cave of Mary Magdalene at la Sainte-Baume (moving in and out of time on this trip) and made a surprise discovery in one of the photos taken. The story of the Magdalene, twin soul to Jesus, is very much twinned with the story of Valerie and John Barrow, both of whom have connections to the extended family of Jesus, 2000 years ago.

On 15 June, Pope Francis signed a decree making July 22 a feast day for Mary Magdalene. Magdalene, we know from the Bible, was a former sinner who came to be friends with Jesus. She sought the Lord, even after His death, and, because of her deep love, came to be the first to see Him at the empty tomb after His Resurrection. She was the “apostle of the apostles,” the first to go and do what all Christians are mandated by His Word to do: Tell what you have seen and share the good news.

In the modern Church calendar, saints may be commemorated with a memorial (optional or obligatory), feast, or solemnity. By making the commemoration of Mary Magdalene a feast, it is elevated to the same grade as that of the apostles. This elevation of Mary Magdalene will draw more attention over time and come to have greater significance, not only for the Church and believers, but for all women, everywhere.



Mary Magdalene is called ‘the apostle to the apostles; she took the message of the risen Jesus to his apostles.

What causes an ice age and what would happen if the Earth endured another one?


Ice ages don’t just happen overnight, although some movies might have us believe they do. These mythical events have shaped human history, but what causes them and could a new ice age spell the end of the world as we know it?

What is an ice age?

The last ice age was 12,000 years ago. At that time the sea level was 120m lower than today. The onset of an ice age is related to changes in the Earth’s tilt and orbit. The Earth is due for another ice age now but climate change makes it very unlikely. An ice age is a time where a significant amount of the Earth’s water is locked up on land in continental glaciers.

During the last ice age, which finished about 12,000 years ago, enormous ice masses covered huge swathes of land now inhabited by millions of people. Canada and the northern USA were completely covered in ice, as was the whole of northern Europe and northern Asia. At the moment the Earth is in an interglacial period – a short warmer period between glacial (or ice age) periods.

The Earth has been alternating between long ice ages and shorter interglacial periods for around 2.6 million years.

For the last million years or so these have been happening roughly every 100,000 years – around 90,000 years of ice age followed by a roughly 10,000 year interglacial warm period.

What causes an ice age?

Ice ages don’t just come out of nowhere – it takes thousands of years for an ice age to begin.

An ice age is triggered when summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere fail to rise above freezing for years. This means that winter snowfall doesn’t melt, but instead builds up, compresses and over time starts to compact, or glaciate, into ice sheets.

You can read more here

Life and the Secrets of Water


Every system in the body depends on water. Enzyme production, digestion, detoxification, even the beating of your heart are all processes that require water. Water is a solvent for minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Water is essential for the elimination of waste. Water is involved with everything and there’s a good reason “drink more water” is advice that’s frequently dispensed.

More than being a facilitator of life, water is also a medium and it has a memory. It’s able to carry and retain information that’s sometimes referred to as the energy signature or vibrational imprint. This energy can be positive or negative and may be passed on when the water is consumed.

These images are interesting proof that energy and vibrations truly do have an influence. If energy can be imprinted into water, and your body is over 70% water, it stands to reason that you will become the energy by which you’re surrounded.

A structured water molecule of spring water of Saijo, Japan
An unstructured water molecule of Biwako Lake in Japan where pollution is prevalent
A structured water molecule of spring water of Sanbu Ichi Yusui, Japan
An unstructured water molecule of Yodo River, Japan. This river passes through most of the major cities in Kasai

You can read more here

Are Mushrooms the new Plastic?


Polystyrene – otherwise known as styrofoam – is a massive problem for the environment right now. Developed by Dow Chemical in 1944, it’s still widely used for packing peanuts and coffee cups, as well as fast-food clamshells. It also serves as insulation for buildings. The chemist who invented styrofoam stumbled upon it while seeking an alternative for rubber insulation. Tragically, the material breaks down very slowly and never truly disappears, at least not in our lifetime or that of our children nor grandchildren. When styrofoam does break down, it releases styrene, a known carcinogen.

Mushroom packaging uses readily available waste like corn husks or stalks to create biodegradable packaging. Mycelium is the root structure of fungus that grows in a pattern of long strands, attaching itself to whatever is available close by, whether soil or, in this case, a specific packaging mold. Within a few days, these fibers bind together – creating a solid and strong material. The packaging was developed by American company Ecovative in a bid to replace polystyrene, which is very difficult to recycle and can take thousands of years to decompose. In contrast, mycelium packaging can be tossed into the garden where it will biodegrade naturally within a few months – faster if it’s composted.

A healthier alternative for both the environment and humans is found with mycelium packaging. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Agricultural waste like corn stalks are steam-pasteurized and chopped up.
  2. Trace nutrients are added along with a small amount of water.
  3. Mycelium pellets are mixed in and the mixture is put into a mold shaped like a piece of protective packaging.
  4. The mold is placed on a rack in the dark.
  5. Four days later the mushroom roots have grown throughout the mold, creating “a material almost indistinguishable from Styrofoam in form, function, and cost.”
  6. Heat is applied to kill the mycelium and halt growth.

Mushroom packaging can be made anywhere, utilizing local waste from agriculture with very little energy. Ecovative ultimately hopes to replace plastics on a global scale.

You can read more here


 The case for this wine bottle is made of mushroom packaging … fully biodegradable …

The Great Pyramid of Giza is lopsided, new investigation reveals


It’s one of the most fascinating and well-built structures in existence, but researchers have shown that the Great Pyramid of Giza is actually lopsided, thanks to an error builders made during construction some 4,500 years ago.

This error has led to the west side of the pyramid being slightly longer than the east side, creating a base that isn’t perfectly square – despite the fact that it looks that way from afar.

The discovery came as researchers from the US-based Glen Dash Research Foundation and the Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA) were studying the magnificent structure to better understand its original dimensions.

Way back when the pyramids were constructed 4,500 years ago, under the rule of Pharaoh Khufu, they were encased in white limestone. Over the years, this limestone outer shell was stripped away – likely for other building projects – leaving the structure we know today.

“Most of those casing stones were removed centuries ago for building material, leaving the pyramid as we see it today, without most of its original shell,” Glen Dash, head of the Glen Dash Research Foundation, said in a recent survey report.

To understand what the Great Pyramid was like before this outer shell vanished, the teams set out to take measurements – a task that’s much easier said than done.

The first step was to find points on the pyramid where the outer – or ‘casing’ – stones were likely positioned, by searching for markings and examining the base that the pyramid was built on. The team found 84 points that marked out where the original edges were.

These points were plotted on a grid so that the researchers could use a technique called linear regression to calculate the lengths of each side. They found that the sides of the pyramid were once 230.295 – 230.373 metres (755.561 – 755.817 feet) long, but the west side came in between 230.378 – 230.436 metres (755.833 – 756.024 feet) – meaning it’s off by about 14.1 centimetres (5.55 inches).

You can read more here

Can plant-based meat be better than the real thing?


It looks like meat, it smells like meat, it cooks like meat and it bleeds like meat, but this burger is entirely plant-based. Plant-based meat alternatives have long been regarded as the realm of vegans, devoid of the primal satisfaction that can only be found in meat.

But technology companies across the world are scrambling to change this, investing millions in start-ups that claim to be able to make plant-based alternatives that are healthier, more sustainable and better for the environment. One of the leading companies, Beyond Meat, already has products on the market and has received backing from Bill Gates, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and the venture capital firm behind Google and Amazon, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Companies making this kind of highly-scientific meat alternative boast that “almost no-one can tell the difference” between their product and the animal-based real thing. Chilean company, The Not Company, is set to begin releasing its products in four major supermarket chains in Chile on July 15. “The company is The Not Company because we are actually not a company, we are a movement,” co-founder Matias Muchnick said.

You can read more here

The key to memory retention is exercise, but not straight away


If you’re trying to learn a language, pass your Bar exams or blitz the HSC, try this: hit the books hard, do other things for four hours, and then hit the pavement or a punching bag.

A study by researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands, published today, has shown that undertaking aerobic exercise four hours after a memory challenge improves memory retention. In a strange but interesting twist, exercising immediately afterwards doesn’t seem to show any benefit.

The researchers don’t know exactly why exercise improves memory, but animal studies suggest vigorous movement boosts the production of a particular group of neurotransmitters which in turn help consolidate memory. Why delaying exercise helps, however, which is perhaps the most tantalising part of the picture, remains a topic for scientific speculation. In other words, no one really knows.

The randomised, controlled study involved three groups of people (72 in total) who, in simplified terms, spent 40 minutes trying to memorise the locations of a series of coloured pictures on a screen. Their recall was tested afterwards. One lucky group then did nothing, one group exercised immediately and one group watched nature documentaries for four hours, and then exercised. The aerobic activity involved a fair bit of effort and heavy breathing – 35 minutes of interval training on an exercise bike, up to 80 per cent of maximum heart rate.

Two days later, all the participants returned to the lab and were re-tested whilst undergoing a brain scan. The four-hour delay group had significantly better recall and their brain scans showed more consistent responses in the hippocampus, the marvellous, seahorse-shaped part of the brain that plays an important role in consolidating short-term memory into long-term memory.

You can read more here

The Magic Of The Summer Solstice

If you peered up into the sky at any point on Monday of the Solstice, you likely would have seen a big, beautiful full moon shining down at you. The June full moon, nicknamed the “Strawberry Moon” by indigenous American tribes, fell on the summer solstice this year — the first time the two coincided since the 1967 Summer of Love.




Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and it’s one of celebration and reverence for many around the world, including some Pagans, Druids, Incans, and spiritual seekers. Celebrations typically honour the power of the sun, but this year, the full moon also showed off its glory by lighting the sky long into the night.




This full moon was also notable for being the fourth to fall between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, when usually there would be just three full moons in that time frame.




You may see more magical photographs of the solstice here

When we die, DNA keep working


Researchers have found that when life ends, certain genes wake up and begin firing and working. These genes are the genes involved in growing embryos. This suggests, researchers tell, that there are hidden functions within the body that try to bring it back to life and function normally after death. But these genes are not enough, say the researchers.

Cosmic Sai Baba, on the other hand, has recently been saying, “Watch and wait”. If you have read Neale Donald Walsch and recall the “Holy Inquiry” … that is, that everyone directly goes to Source at the moment of death and is asked, “Do you want to go back“? And that request is honoured, and this is how some people seemingly, after horrific injuries, stay alive. Now read Cosmic Sai Baba on the 1st of March 2016:

It is important that you understand that, because sometimes people that are helping those in danger – they think they have died and left their body – but they haven’t quite – so it is important that they stay with the body because there may be a choice to continue in the body and their Spirit/Soul may stay even though the body may be badly damaged.

BUT that can heal. The body has an ENORMOUS ability to heal. More than er, I think is readily understood. We have shown the medical world many ways of healing and many ways of assisting people who are sick . but the body itself has a structure of healing that can work very well – it is important not to give up, or to not recognise that within the body.

Sometimes, of course, there might be a need to ‘push’ and try to make the body heal quickly – but this is not the body’s way. It actually has a slower mechanism to heal whatever it needs to within the body and it takes a little time. ( You can read this message here)

Let’s read what the DNA Researchers are saying:

When a person’s heart and brain have stopped ticking, and their respiratory and circulatory systems grind to a halt, it’s time to declare death. The body has shut down, there is no more life. Or is there?

A pair of papers published this week discuss evidence that certain parts of the body are still firing even days the rest have stopped functioning, and it could change the way we think about organ transplants and time of death.

Led by microbiologist Peter Noble, a team from the University of Washington has been investigating the gene activity in deceased mice and zebrafish, prompted by previous research that identified a handful of genes in human cadavers that were active more than 12 hours after death.

The researchers ended up identifying more than 1,000 genes that were still functioning even days after death, but it wasn’t like they were taking a bit longer to sputter out than the rest of the body – they actually increased their activity.

You can read more here

BREXIT, The Sharks and the Crop Circles


The crop circle formation that appeared at the Ridgeway, near Hackpen Hill, on June 23rd clearly seems symbolic of a major event that took place the same day. This was the day of “Brexit” — the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union. Stock Markets dropped sharply and fear was expressed around the world.

On the great Ridgeway, for all of us who wish to see, we have a very clear, definitive and apt depiction of things happening in our world today. Two sharks (whose tails also form two small fish) are aggressively chasing the fish. At the centre of the formation we have the triquetra symbol, an ancient representation of divine energies.




The formative origin of the triquetra is found in the fish symbol derived from an early symbol of Venus. The triquetra is made up of three vesica piscis forms, and often thought to be a common symbol for the Trinity in Christianity, and was, before Christianity, a Celtic symbol of the Goddess, and in the North, a symbol of Odin. It was also considered to be a representation of the triplicities of mind, body, and soul, as well as the three domains of earth according to Celtic mythology: earth, sea, sky. (symboldictionary)

You can read more here



The shark as symbol or totem represents primarily the survival instinct. It is powerful, perceptive, focused, efficient and is in perpetual motion. It is out for its own interest. These are not bad characteristics unless they are applied in ways damaging to the rest of life. In this formation we see the sharks as aggressively pursuing the tails of the small fish and even each others’ tails. This situation seems to speak to the connotations of the ‘card shark’ or the ‘loan shark’- those who pursue their own winnings through illegal or dishonest means.

Shark energy applied in this destructive and selfish fashion then becomes dangerous, because it forces all around it into the defensive, thus rendering all factions mistrustful of one and other, and considerate of only their welfare, profit, benefit.




‘C’mon in, we share the wealth’; ‘I have what you need!’; ‘I always make sure things work out in my own interest.’

With all this in mind, we see at Ridgeway that the central and essential energy of life (triquetra) is being almost overshadowed by the surface energies of destruction and avarice.

Who and what are the sharks? Could they represent the present tendency in our world to exploit anything that can be profitable at any cost-AN ARCHAIC SURVIVAL INSTINCT GONE AWRY? Could this formation be alluding to the precipitous situation our world is now approaching-ONE IN WHICH WE MUST CHANGE TACK OR PERISH?

And is there an alternative presented in this picture? Is it possible for the world as a whole to focus on the essential, life-supporting energies-TO RECOGNIZE THAT THESE NATURAL AND SACRED ENERGIES SUSTAIN EVEN THE SHARK NATURE?

All these reflections about crop circle messages (messages from The Watchers, who are not allowed to intervene), Sharks devouring small fry and/or one another, and messages about our shared wealth (that which we obtain from Mother Earth) are all relevant to the message from Archangel Mikael about Earth Honouring. You can read and view Archangel Mikael’s message here.

Why Did NASA Issue a $1.108 Million Grant to Study How Alien Life Could Impact Christianity?


More than a year ago, the NASA Astrobiology Program gave a $1.108 million grant to the Center for Theological Inquiry. And if that doesn’t make any sense to you, you’re not alone.

The project is intended to refresh and expand scholarly and public dialogue on this subject, which is of growing interest due to the discovery of thousands of extra-solar planets and the ongoing search for potentially habitable environments in our solar system and beyond. With this $1.108 million grant, CTI will oversee a resident team of visiting scholars in theology, the humanities, and social sciences that will conduct an interdisciplinary inquiry on the societal implications of astro-biology, the study of the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe.

This inquiry will extend over two academic years from 2015 to 2017 …

Announcing the NASA grant, CTI’s director William Storrar said, “The aim of this inquiry is to foster theology’s dialogue with astrobiology on its societal implications, enriched by the contribution of scholars in the humanities and social sciences. We are grateful to the NASA Astrobiology Program for making this pioneering conversation possible.”

To put that another way, NASA made a million-dollar donation to a religious group so that it could study how the discovery of extraterrestrial life would impact Christianity. Why is NASA funding any sort of dialogue about the intersection of science and religion?

You can read more here


Alcheringa … when the first ancestors were created

This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a giant starship to found the human race on Earth.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth.

Part of the story was about their survival on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breathe, a sun they could not expose themselves to, and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of the survivor’s lives.

Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought. It is our past and they are our heritage.

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