Newsletter, September 2012


Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest Newsletter from my website. John and I have been travelling for the last month. We are in New York now – it has been suggested we write about how we felt when we visited GROUND ZERO – or the 9/11 memorial – and the not finished Freedom Tower.

John and I have been travelling for the last month. We are in New York now – it has been suggested we write about how we felt when we visited GROUND ZERO – or the 9/11 memorial – and the not finished Freedom Tower.

We were in New York for some days. When we decided to visit the place where the two towers once stood, we were advised we needed tickets — that are free — because there are so many people visiting the site there is a need to have them enter the site with some management of the numbers visiting at any one time. Needless to say security to enter the area is strict but courteous.

Approaching Liberty street we were confronted with a huge multi storey Tower that is being built – replacing the once existing Trade Centre and what it stood for.

multi storey tower in Manhattan

We were confronted with a huge multi storey Freedom Tower that is being built

multi storey tower in Manhattan

At ground level, it is obvious it is under construction

We were advised on our tour bus before we alighted, that 7 buildings went down and we could see the massive space created by something like 4 to six blocks. There is still a lot of building taking place and this being after 11 years. John and I are both sensitive to the energies of a place. We found the closer we came to the area where the Two Trade Towers once stood we were overwhelmed with a feeling of huge sadness.

Earlier this month, I had a reflection that 9/11 was part of the cycle leading up to 2012, an integral part of this, and the feelings and meanings of 9/11 have to be excavated and examined: Cosmic Sai Baba told me — and the world — that this was the case, and that we do need to revisit our memories and feelings on the day. The event of 9/11, Cosmic Sai Baba told, were both a replay of an earlier event in the history of humankind, and it was also a wake-up call. You can read (and listen to) what Cosmic Sai Baba had to say, here.

Liberty Street

Liberty Street, New York, on the way to Ground Zero

Meanwhile, my husband John, my webmaster Chris, along with myself followed the suggestion of Cosmic Sai Baba and share our reflections on 9/11 and Ground Zero, below.

(John’s feelings and thoughts are given here:)

So my feelings when I first saw this – when it actually happened on television I felt total incredulity – I could not believe that this was happening. And then of course it did happen. Yesterday, when we visited this unbelievable shrine to the dead – and that is exactly what it is – it is quite horrifying – as I said before, it really upset me. First of all I felt real anger towards the perpetrators; and I felt a certain amount of sympathy for the people who actually flew those planes into those towers, it wasn’t them, they did not start this – it was the ‘fundamentalists’ and these ‘fundamentalists’ need to learn and understand that humanity can and must live side by side as brothers and sisters if we are to survive as a species.

(Chris’s feelings and thoughts are given here:)

On 15 September 2001, I wrote the following:

I sit here mute before the TV screen as it shows over and over and over again the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. It is like a Gospel of Horror, this is too much death and carnage, it is not in my experience. I cannot take it in — it is all the horror movies come true. There should be a law against such movies so that the tellers and keepers of our cultural story (the movie makers and the advertisers) instead tell a story of brotherhood and peace. Play and replay, it is an atrocious act of war, terrorism come home. I think, if it happened here, this is where I walk every day, these people would be gone, that building down, I begin to sense the horror. A sense of security is gone, unknown threats from the sky. Whatever hurts the people of New York hurts me; we are all the one family.

Today, when I look back, the world has irretrievably changed – perhaps for the better. There is more understanding, there are more attempts at connection between faith communities and leaders of these communities. In many places in our world, people strive to reach out with the hand of friendship and understand the other in their own community. When the caterpillar becomes a butterfly – what we call chrysalis – both time and transformation are needed. Much is shed in order to grow wings and fly with freedom and peace.

The Flag of Honor at Ground Zero ..

(Valérie takes up her narrative of 9/11)

I remember how I felt when in Australia seeing the shocking event unfold on television and how like most people, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought it was a bad film being played out – but no, it was real; and even as I watched I was traumatised with knowing how people, so many people, were dying as we watched. Tears were flowing and sobbing as we watched people lose their lives as they jumped from the tallest buildings to escape the fire.

Where the Two Towers once stood is now a memorial – two deep square holes with water flowing strongly as a waterfall into even deeper holes in the centre. The area is surrounded by trees and green lawns.

(This was when my camera gave out)

Waterfall at Ground Zero

Memorial Waterfall at Ground Zero

My tears flowed once again. All around the edge of each square are etched the names of nearly 3,000 men, women and children who lost their lives. I felt sick in the stomach. Some of the names were women carrying unborn children. Other names were Arabic – Muslim along with Arabic Israelis, and other nationalities. I could only feel the senselessness of it all.

I prayed for the people who lost their lives and thanked them – knowing that their lives were not wasted – the devastating shock to the world has helped to lead the world into a gradual change in thinking. Oh God, please help us to find World Peace.

Waterfall at Ground Zero

Memorial Waterfall at Ground Zero surrounded by green trees. Each waterfall – and inner hole – is where the two Trade Centres once Stood. Around the edge of the ‘holes’ are written the names of all who lost their lives. We both walked around gently touching the names and saying prayers for them with gratitude and to their families.

I personally believe everyone should visit the memorial in New York if they can. There is a huge metaphysic power held there.

The Mayor of the city of New York, Rudolph W. Giuliani, said at the time of the attack:

I think we’re gonna have to remember September 11th in its reality much the same way as we have to remember other horrific events in our history because, I think it pushes the human consciousness toward finding ways to avoid this in the future. But if you censor it too much if you try to find too many euphemisms for what happened then I think you rob people of the ability to actually relive it and therefore motivate them to prevent it from happening again.

Tall towers in downtown New York

Tall towers in downtown Manhattan

We were told by a local New Yorker that just about everybody who lived in New York had been touched by the loss of a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance when the Towers went down. There were hand written slogans such as ‘not hate – love’ and ‘Freedom’ randomly written here and there.

The people on Manhattan were so nice – so friendly, kind and helpful. It didn’t matter what colour their skin. We loved the place and want to return to spend more time there. There is something for everybody. Big thinkers..

A work of art by a German artist, called The Sphere was commissioned; it was originally at the World Trade Centre – a little dented but a survivor after the buildings crashed down upon it. It was placed at Battery Point Park 6 months after the attack, within distant view of the mighty Statue of Liberty near Ellis Island.

The Sphere at WTC as originally sited

The Sphere as originally placed

The Sphere immediately after 9/11

The Sphere, immediately after 9/11

The Sphere today at Battery Point, where it forms a memorial

The Sphere today at Battery Point, where it forms a memorial with an eternal flame

Just as I took this photo a plane was passing – it made my stomach churn – not only that loud sirens also sounded by passing fire engines and ambulances – and then a brief silence and a bell tolled 12 times from a local church. The time was noon.

Airplane flying over Manhattan, New York

Just as I took this photo a plane was passing – it made my stomach churn

I invited my webmaster to add what he thought when the shocking event occurred – I believe everyone should visit the 9/11 Memorial – either on the Internet – YouTube or in person to New York City.

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The Energy of Divine Love is in every heart, as Cosmic Sai Baba recently affirmed) …

God is a word that is sometimes misused. So I would like it to be referred to as the Energy of Divine Love, for there is no judgment from where it comes from and this energy is in everybody. If everybody could relate to this within themselves they would not want to raise a sword or a gun … … and cause war. It would not exist.

… and the world is entirely made up of of this Energy of Divine Love. We take this energy and create our lives, our worlds. Let us all keep our thoughts the highest, and send the Energy of Divine Love to all who need. We recall the affirmation that is so needed by the peoples of our times:

I am the Pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating Everwhere,
and bringing everyone into the Light of God.

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.