The Ghost of Charles Dickens – Part 2

As we have been taught by our Spirit Mentors and guides from “Upstairs”, we are not born with a blank slate. Rather, we bring a soul blue-print with us and we journey through life interacting with the souls we agreed – in the light – to work with and bring about healing – theirs, and our own. For John, the Charles Dicken’s life was important for his soul spirit to review so that usually with release of the memory, the emotions are healed. However it was so deep seated within him there was a need for him to release the trauma he had suffered in his childhood in this life.

Ellen Ternan

A few months earlier to this healing, I had a dream where I saw John laid out on a bed with a white bandage around his head and under his chin – he looked dead. It worried me, until another page fell open in this book showing Charles Dickens laid out dead (looking the same as he did in my dream) exactly 5 years after the train accident. There is also advice that his daughters had invited Ellen Ternan (left) to come to visit his house and pay her respects to his life and death. The dream was preparing me for the memory to come forth about Charles life and my role in it. I would also receive healing from the past-life memory release.

If I may digress here, I would like to add that I have found in my work of past life regression, for the most urgent past life needing healing that people also have a similar story played out in their childhood years of this present life. (It is written into their soul blue-print). It is not generally exactly the same story, but certainly the same emotions are involved. This is a plan that the Spirit Masters have derived so that even if people do not come to investigate past lives, at least they could review and heal their early childhood traumas.

John Barrow at Dickens Cottage

John at the entrance to Dickens Cottage

For John, the Charles Dicken’s life was important for his soul spirit to review so that usually with release of the memory, the emotions are healed. However it was so deep seated within him there was a need for him to release the trauma he had suffered in his childhood in this life. That in some ways was similar to Charles Dicken’s childhood and I cannot help thinking his parents are the same souls. In both lives. I have asked John to speak of what happened:

“Well this was a most extraordinary thing that happened when we went to our friend’s house warming party. There were a lot of interesting people there including some Gold Brokers, very wealthy young men and one of them Michael came sidling up to Valerie, my wife and sat down beside her saying he wanted to talk about Sai Baba and have a look at the ring Sai Baba had manifested for her.

Val was sitting with her leg up on a chair, having had some surgery done to it and he sat beside her holding her hand with the ring on it.

I was sitting opposite, on the other side of the table. He suddenly wielded on me, and he said, “You were born in Brentwood in Essex in England” … which was absolutely correct, wondering where the hell did he get this from. Then he said, “You really hate your mother and father because of them not being there for you when you needed them as a child.” (Whoopsy daisy where is this going?)

Then he said to me, “You went to public school in Kent and then you left and studied law with your father for a while and that didn’t work out so then you went and did your National Service in the Army. You joined the City of London Regiment and whatever … (all of this, I might add, is totally accurate) and then having done that you couldn’t settle down so you went out to South East, Asia and took up a commercial career, which you have been doing ever since. All the way, and even now, you have had tremendous resentment about your mother and father.

So I sat and listened to this quietly, and he said,

This is coming through your Uncle Bill’s spirit, your mother’s brother, who was actually your surrogate father during the war. Because your father sent you and your mother up to Northumberland and Uncle Bill, was really your surrogate father for a couple of years. You worshipped the ground he walked on and he was very good with you as a second father. However, when your mother came out with some unfortunate comments like, “I’ll beat you within an inch of your life” and ” I’ll break every bone in your body”

which wasn’t terribly good listening when I was about 7 years of age.

My father was pretty indifferent – he was never there when I wanted him, there was no doubt about that. It built up a long range of resentment which simmered unto to that day when I met this fellow Michael and he started telling me all this…

Copperfields Resturant at the Charles Dickens Hotel

He said,

“Your Uncle Bill is here is spirit, and he is not very pleased with you because he feels that what you should do is to forgive your mother and forgive your father and not hold this resentment and you also need to forgive yourself when you were 7 years of age.

What you have to do is write your father a letter forgiving him, write your mother a letter forgiving her, and the thing that really sticks in your mind of being dumped in school when you were only 11 years of age and left you there high and dry. You felt they could not get rid of you fast enough.

As soon as you were able you had several nannies and you couldn’t hack that and then when you got dumped in boarding school. You were dumped in a boarding school when you were only 5 years of age but you were taken out of there because the headmaster was a cruel bastard and beat everybody.

Then it happened again when you went to other schools. All your parents cared about, you thought, was having cocktail parties and mixing with a social set.

I received a long email from Michael the next day outlining more for me, saying I should write the letters because your Uncle Bill is not very happy with you holding on to this resentment verging on hatred all these years. Valerie encouraged me to write the letters, burn them and then put them under the tree. I felt almost instantly that a whole weight had been lifted from my shoulders and what Michael had encouraged me to do made me feel pretty good.

Following on from that I have now put up on the wall a photo of my mother being presented at court along with the invitation from the Lord Chancellor to attend a Royal Garden Party in 1937. I have also put up a photo of my father. I have also put up a photo of my Uncle Bill and last but not least I have also put up a photo of myself when I was commissioned in the army. And I feel a lot better about that because it is out in the open – it is all dealt with.”

Betsey Trotwood’s Parlour, Dickens House, Broadstairs.

The room was as neat as Janet or my aunt. As I laid down my pen, a moment since, to think of it, the air from the sea came blowing in again, mixed with the perfume of the flowers; and I saw the old-fashioned furniture brightly rubbed and polished, my aunt’s inviolable chair and table by the round green fan in the bow-window, the drugget-covered carpet, the cat, the kettle-holder, the two canaries, the old china, the punchbowl full of dried rose-leaves, the tall press guarding all sorts of bottles and pots, and, wonderfully out of keeping with the rest, my dusty self upon the sofa, taking note of everything.

A further addendum to this memory, John knows he is to overcome his attitude to women rather than to write books again.

John and his Healing:

On my recent trip with Valerie to England, I visited Charles Dickens Museum in the city of London. I was bad tempered and a little impossible Valerie said, but I did find visiting the place Charles lived with so many children – that there was still some upsetting memories to release. I felt guilty!!! Having overcome that I have joined the Dickens Society – and hope to hear from them soon

We also visited my boarding school from 11 years to 17 years, at Ramsgate. We stayed in a friendly B&B, however I unfortunately had problems with my dental plate and had to seek assistance urgently. It was arranged by our kind hosts that I visit the next village at Broadstairs to find it would be repaired within the hour.

John enters Dickens House

To pass the time, Valerie and I walked to the coast only to find we were in the middle of Charles Dickens’ country. A place he visited on holidays. I had no previous idea. We walked the hotel where Charles used to stay and looked to Bleak House on the hill and other familiar venues in his stories. I could feel Charles’ presence everywhere. So it was yet another co-ordinated and delightful incidence that we were brought there. “For old time’s sake.”

I could feel Charles’ presence everywhere.
So it was yet another co-ordinated and delightful incidence that we were brought there.

The Promenade: Built to honour Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee; Charles Dickens Museum was home to Mary Strong, the inspiration for Betsey Trotwood in David Copperfield. The Charles Dickens Public House was originally the Town Assembly Rooms.