Alcheringa Speaks: At The Grandmother Tree

Valerie channels Alcheringa

On 16 November 2014, there were 40 people present around the grandmother tree that guards the entrance to the corridor of an ancient egyptian hieroglyphs (click to translation from Khemit School Egypt) that tells of a royal visit from Egypt nearly 5,000 years ago. The site is an Egyptian Tomb created after lives were lost at that time. Alcheringa has come to advise of another story that the hieroglyphs trigger from the past memory in people remembering being star people.

Alcheringa oversees the Planet Earth.

Valerie speaking:

I ask everybody to be open – We the love in our hearts we are asking Alcheringa to make his presence amongst us and to give a message to us this day.

Alcheringa makes his presence with a loud ‘hurumph’

“I am here – and I am very pleased to be here – I have been here for quite sometime and observed all the beautiful people that are here this day – and I know I am welcomed – and so I am glad to be here among you.

There is nothing much I can tell you really – that you do not already know – when I first spoke here, where the Kariong Glyphs are, I did announce that there would be many keys given – and knowledge would go out – at that time the knowledge was not always readily understood. But since, and that was sometime ago, more information has been given and we are – and I say we because I have those that work with me and the World of Light – that come and help in many, many ways.

I would like to invite questions. It is not normal for me to do this – and I will not today – but at another time I will start to open up to questions. For this day I would like to make an announcement – “I will come – and I will come to anyone that talks to me and feels that I am with them” you will feel it in your hearts, because I work for the good of all.

With the Creative Source, a place that all of you know is another level altogether – a level of consciousness that you could call super-consciousness – that everybody has – everybody has it in them. It is where you receive information – and it is downloaded and installed into your brain, which is like a computer. For the superconsciousness that I speak of is with you, whether you are in a physical body or not. It is very easy to work from that point and communicate with what exists here, with the assistance of myself and my assistants with what we would call the ‘Guardian Consciousness.’

There are different levels of consciousness – it is like a ladder – with no right or wrong – nor is there any judgement of one being better than another – far from it. It is just that some are more awake than others. But everybody has it within them. Everybody.

And so I would like you to think about that – the journey, shall we say ‘up the ladder’ is very different for each and everyone of you. If you follow your INTUITION – it is a simple word for inside teaching. And indeed that is what it is. Everybody has it. Everybody has that feeling and knowing whether something feels right for them or it is not. There is no judgement about that either because it could be that being, or that person, is not quite ready for information at a certain level – for other things need to develop in their lives, so that they can open up and understand exactly what the messages are about. That is all.

Everybody’s path is individual and different. For there is no wrong or right for the path – it is just a way of viewing and seeing and understanding – that is all.

Or, when you come to communicate with each other about information that you receive and feel right about – it may not feel quite right for another – but, they are able to discuss how they feel – and soon, I think you will find, that there is really no difference – it is just a different way of expressing it.

You understand that some people can look at something and say a different view of a scene and they will describe it in one way – and another person will describe it differently altogether. But it is the same thing – it is the same view. There is nothing different, it is just a matter of explaining it and seeing it and knowing of when you are on the path of knowledge and wisdom so that you all lead into the same understanding – that is all.

I am hesitating to talk too long because I do not want to sound like I am preaching – I am hoping that these people here will understand what I am saying; what I hope to impart.

When you think of an image, it is a way of communication. And it is actually the beginning of the language of Light. When the star people communicate telepathically, they communicate with images. So remember that, everybody has the capability of seeing images with your inner eyes – and if you know if it is a message for someone else, then be careful that you do not put an interpretation on it, but just let them know the image you see and they can make their own interpretation of it. It could be helpful to them. Otherwise it is the same as if you were speaking in an earth consciousness when you offer a suggestion or some advice if it is asked for.

Star people do not rush into the house – or the physical body of the starperson, they make it known they would like to speak – usually with some head movement or body language. Just as if you have knocked on the door. And then permission is given and then a conversation opens up. That is with images, and an exchange of images and then meaning is given and known and understood.

It is INTENT that is the most important thing. You understand that I think. And always call to the Source and connection to the Source – it is the energy that you all come from.

I come from; All Beings from the Cosmos come from – and it is important that you connect to the Source of All Creation.

You could call it God, you could call it The Force – you could call it what you like. But the INTENT is for you to connect to main Source of All Creation. Which does exist – believe me. But that is perhaps a conversation that can take place at another time.

I thank you, I thank you for listening to me – I am glad that I have been so welcomed here this day. God Bless you my children, God Bless you. WE are all related, whether we come from what would seem to be Reptillian, or Mamal, insects or anything … because everything that is upon this Earth has come from somewhere else.

I hope you will give some thought to that … That the Planet has come from somewhere else in its Creation – and it has a purpose – and the purpose it for all to come and know and respect each other . To find consensus and understanding with one another … to agree to disagree if you have to, but respect the other’s point of view…

So I am beginning to sound like a preacher so please forgive me for this – thank you my children, thank you. God Bless you. I God bless you.”

© Valerie Barrow; may be used if the source not altered.