Let There Be Light

Let there be light
We have been lovingly requested by our Spirit Mentors to bring you an article about the language of light. Our spirit mentors have also told us there is a truth embedded in many of the narratives of the world’s scriptures. The scripture selected in our image from the Book of Genesis is one such truth – as this article goes on to explain.


There was consciousness to command the WORLD/Word of Light and All came from that. It is with Universal Love.

Let there be Light“, and then there was the World of Light, and the Language of Light.

And then there was life – one could see the Nation of Images … … or as is sometimes described as IMAGINATION – it is everything. All Creation has come from first a thought.

Or rather than the word image, you could say FORM which leads to IN-FORM-ATION. An inner Light with Understanding.

I have been teaching meditation for many years and I have noticed that in the beginning an aspirant experiences colour, clairvoyantly, that is seeing LIGHT within. The Light begins to separate into one shade only – but it is colour or a hue of light. Everything has a reason and a purpose – so sitting still and closing the eyes, one’s inside eyes will develop seeing more colour, many different colours as the aspirant’s self-discipline develops.

can you hear the colours

All colours have a different vibration or sound not always recognised by human hearing. There is an octave of sound and an octave of colour that inter-relate. Some blind people have been known to recognise different colours from the vibration of colour.

Hearing colours is sometimes called synaesthesia.

Returning to meditation, then geometric shapes begin to appear, as in Sacred Geometry, the first three being either a triangle, a square or a circle – again it is the basis of everything.

If you think of a human figure or any form at all it is made up of part of a triangle, part of a square or part of a circle. Think of an eye, it has the corner of a triangle either side of the eye, a circle for the lens and a large circle for the eyelids and a part of a straight line from a square to join all aspects together.

Think of an eye, it has the corner of a triangle either side of the eye

all conscious thought is made up of an aspect from a, triangle, square or circle

It does not matter what form you can consciously think of – it is made up of an aspect from a, triangle, square or circle. It doesn’t matter how large or small.


Shinto symbols, the symbols of presence: the square, the circle, the triangle

So that in practising meditation an aspirant begins to see colours first, then shapes and then more complicated forms like faces or even a movie – with that an understanding will follow. A consciousness follows.

In practising mental telepathy one exchanges images with another to communicate a message. So that is described as one’s consciousness exchanging Light images – or the Language of Light.

Symbols have been developed to communicate a story. Early symbols were simply drawn using an aspect of a triangle, square or circle. The symbols were known to many different races and held a consciousness – a meaning.

Later when writing was introduced to communicate – from the beginning it has been a symbol written to relate to a sound and that was then written into a language. All written languages have an aspect of a triangle, square or circle in their symbols. (See here for examples at Kariong.)

In some way the development within our ‘Inner Light’ is a replay of the greater development of the Creator’s Light and Life/sound & dance.

Consciousness is energy it is everything.
Light is energy it is everything.
Sound is energy it is everything.

Sacred Geometry develops more complicatedly in application of shape and numbers.
Form develops more complicated in life.
Language is communication – it is from LIGHT.

In the Kenninji temple in Kyoto, there is a garden called the Circle, Triangle, Square Garden. It is said that the idea behind the circle, triangle, and square is that all things in the universe are represented by these forms.

square, circle, triangle

Man is symbolised by three elements, one on top of another: pyramid–square–circle.
Zoroaster (founder of Zoroastrianism)

When we begin to press forward firmly established, at first there appears in our mind a lamp which the hand of our mind holds aloft to guide our mental steps; thereafter comes a full moon, circling in the sky of the heart, and, at last, the sun. — Hesychios of Jerusalem, Philokalia