Address to Society of Women Writers, NSW


Valerie Barrow gave an address to the Society of Women Writers (NSW) in the Dixson Rooms of the State Library of NSW, on Wednesday, 9 July. The address centered on the journey that led to Valerie to becoming a writer, and more directly, to the writing of “Two Soulmates, Walking Through Time and History”

Hello, and thank you for inviting me to give a talk about our latest book, TWO SOULMATESWalking Through Time and History.

Book Cover - two soul mates

My latest book is about ‘Past Lives’ – reincarnation if you like – and I am aware not everybody is open to the idea. John, my husband and I were standing on the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt when my Spirit Mentor began speaking to me and asked if I would write about our past life memories given to us while we had been traveling to sacred places in Europe – mainly England and France. I argued with my spirit mentor for a bit, saying there had been many books written about ‘past lives’ but was advised, “Not with two people experiencing so many past lives together.” So, as always, I acquiesced on condition that they find me a publisher; I no long wanted to self-publish books. Well to my joy, Custom Book Publications in Hong Kong have published my latest book, Two Soulmates, and I want to thank the Society of Women Writers (New South Wales) for their part in it – for I found the opportunity to send my manuscript to them in our member’s newsletter. (Applause) I am eternally grateful for that.

I am now aged 81 years old – so ladies, it is never too late!!!.

Incidentally the book has been accepted by the Chinese Government to allow its sale in China. There is something like 450 million Chinese people who read English Literature …


Some may wonder what I am talking about when I say I communicate with a spirit mentor. The opportunity came to me when I briefly died in 1967. I could see the heart monitor from my hospital bed – FLAT LINING. But I was still conscious and in fact I was able to feel myself literally flying around the room. It was a wonderful feeling – I felt totally free.

I have since learned I was experiencing from my Soul Consciousness and that it is always with us – whether we are in a physical body or not.

It is that small voice within that will advise something is a good idea or it is not a good idea when we are making a decision about something – and if we ignore that inner knowing advice, that knowing inside of us, we usually regret it.

Our brain is a receiver of knowledge – it is not a generator of knowledge.

I have listened to some authors standing on this lectern claiming they just don’t know where their stories come from. When writing their story it seems to take on a life of its own and they find themselves looking forward to writing the next chapter to see what happens next. I believe they are drawing from their Soul Consciousness. I have learned that our Soul Consciousness is linked to our creative source of all and holds infinite stories.

Many Lives Many Masters

Many Lives Many Masters, is a book written by the best selling author, Dr Brian Weiss who is a Professor of Psychiatry, living in U.S.A. I attended his conference/ workshop in Coolum Queensland two years ago. (You can read about this here.) He writes of his work with Past Life Therapy, of hypnotherapy, in assisting patients to heal sub-conscious fears, & health trauma that he has found still affects his patients in this life. It can be healed.

Another interesting Conference I attended was in New Delhi, India along with Doctors of Medicine, Psychologists, Past Life Therapists, Philosophers and Meditation Teachers. They came from all over the world. I had been invited to give a talk with a colleague, about ‘Understanding the Australian Aborigine Dreamtime’ and was also appointed to a ‘spirituality panel.’

Conference held at New Delhi - March 10, 2006

Conference held at New Delhi – March 10, 2006

When you think about ourselves ‘day-dreaming’ – it is an altered state of consciousness – meaning, for example, we could be sitting in an arm-chair in our lounge room, while our mind is thinking, and seeing and reliving a time we were on a beach celebrating a family get together. Or something like that. In our mind we are in two different places at once.

Or, we could be asleep dreaming, scientists say our eyes show rapid movement under closed eye-lids. We are seeing a real scene in the dream – a place we have never been to in this life – one of a different race perhaps or even using a different language. When we awake we remember the dream very clearly and if we aware, we know it is from a past life – another life – at another time. We have experienced it in our ‘Theta Level’ of consciousness that is in our brain that has been down-loaded with the memory from our Soul Consciousness. Our soul consciousness wants us to understand something and knows much more about us, than we consciously know about ourselves.

The same thing is happening when we have a deja-vu experience when we have traveled somewhere and recognise a place that is very familiar – but we have never been there before.

Or maybe we meet someone for the first time and instantly know and like them even though we have just met them. And they react the same way – they may even have tears in their eyes they are so pleased to meet with us again in this life.

And there again we can also instinctively mistrust someone even though we have just met them – you can be sure you have known them in another life and it is not a happy memory. It is possible to research that – with past-life regression, hypnosis or an advanced meditation.

Getting back to our book – TWO SOULMATES – I find that the ancient Greek philosopher Plato writes about Soulmates and that Plato, Socrates and Aristotle – and others – write about the psyche and the soul. So it is not a new subject.

A quote from Aristotle is:
Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.’


Is there time for questions?


I had a dream when I first began this work in 1982 – where I was driving a huge road train all by myself. I was in the driver’s seat and behind me were 3 large trailers. I found my self driving off the coast of Australia into and through the Ocean and coming out onto land in Hong Kong.

Well the train symbolised my life and I was in control of it. The trailers represented the 3 books I had worked so hard and written. Hong Kong was the place I was meant to take them. After 22 years, it is a dream come true.

Society of Women Writers (NSW)

Society of Women Writers (NSW)