The Day of 9-9-9

This coming Friday 9th September is quite a significant day in numerology, for together we embrace a ‘9’ Day, in a ‘9’ Month and in a ‘9’ Year (2+0+1+6=9)….  999 day of potent frequency. We also take a look at the Rishi Stars, which are visible from 9 September to 15 September.

The number 9 in numerology most commonly resonates with completion & endings… but I have always seen it as a number that means so much more than this.

When I connect with the energy of the number 9, to me the feeling and deepest meaning of 9 is that of service, humanitarian pursuits, altruism, philanthropy and sacred wisdom.   Yes, the number 9 represents the end of a cycle (numerological cycles flow from 1 through to 9), but it is this ‘end’ which represents a journey of awakening to a deep inner wisdom, sacred service and a profound insight into our authentic selves.

Collectively in 2016, we are all experiencing a Universal 9 Year in numerology ((2+0+1+6=9).   Whilst we have our own personal numerological & astrological cycles that influence us individually in 2016 (and every other year), on a collective level the ‘9’ vibrational energy fosters a deeply reflective year, a year of completion, a year of letting go and a year of possibility.   It may also foster for you a year of sharing your insights, pearls of wisdoms & sacred learnings in service to others… a year of caring and supporting your community through the heart.

Energy of the Number 999

When numbers are tripled, the energy of the number is amplified and we experience its vibratory potential to a heightened degree.

BUT… here is where the energy comes to us full throttle… on the 9th September (as well as on the 18th & 27th September 2016) we are bathed in a cosmic soup of 999 energy !

The BIG questions in life usually come up during a 999 vibratory gateway such as ‘What is my mission/soul purpose ?’… and ‘How can I really step into the REAL me ?’.    My advice is the get out of the head and instead take the energy of the 999 down into your heart.. how do you feel ?  what makes your heart sing ? and then take baby steps into shining the light and opening this new chapter within your life.

Cosmic Sai Baba speaks on the 9-9-9


The idea is to raise in consciousness to 9.9.9 … which holds the Cosmic energy of God. As Cosmic Sai Baba I hold this energy … .. . That is why I am suggesting that you call upon my name. But you can call upon God and you will be immediately connected to 9.9.9 … which means really, in a back to front way of 6 being turned on its head to 9.

The difference between 6 and 9 is 3. The 3 symbolises the three aspects of God … God within and God beyond.

There is God that holds the energy at all times …
There is God that creates energy at all times … and
There is God that destroys energy at all times

This allows things to grow … and then to fall back, shall we say to go back into the ground and then reform and grow again. With these two things happening God that holds all, is holding onto the energy so that these patterns continue. These, patterns are in everything, in every consciousness of every living thing. But in humanity it is connected to the 666 … … which I would like you to see and know … it is the Pentagram that symbolises the human on earth and all he needs to do is to grow into the 6th dimension or the 6th point of the star of the Dotetrahedron and it will become the Star of David … which leads to the 9.9.9. of all of you. You will need to think about this … and the understanding will come to you.

The Star of David is described as a six pointed star. It is connecting to the Light Beings that inhabited this earth at another time. All of you upon this Earth, inherit this energy … this … shall we say DNA from the Light Beings that existed on earth, as I have said, at another time.

They could be described as the Blue Light Beings … they did come from Venus, but before that they came from another place within the Universe, altogether.

They are here, even now, to help lift the consciousness upon this Earth, to bring Light into this corner of the Galaxy, which has been lost in darkness. But through the work of these Beings, totally dedicated to the work and to the work of God, it is lifting the energy to an ascended state.

The World is changing … the Galaxy is changing… and your Universe is changing.

Planets will come into alignment to assist this … and will influence people upon this Earth and that this is happening now … as we speak. It is up to all to connect to the God within to understand and really help to create the changes that are taking place upon the Earth … for every living being upon this Earth and for Earth, the Mother herself.

So I hope that you will continue to pray … to assist this change to take place.

Remember that prayers and thoughts are the strongest power of energy that you have within you.

The Rishi Stars

Lama Dawa Rinpoche says that, according to Hindu legend, these stars (called Sapta Rishi – the seven Rishis) were once great sages of the past, who, upon their death, raised up into the heavens and became these stars. When they are visible in the night sky, their light is said to possess special healing powers that transform all water into a healing nectar. Typically, Tibetan doctors and healers would place buckets of water outside during this time, then use this water for making their medicines. Lama Dawa remembers how His Holiness Matrul Rinpcoche – a great Tibetan physician – would then boil this water down, thus concentrating it, then use this water to make the herbal medicinal pills, and also to consecrate the water with healing mantras.




It is also an auspicious time to do meditation, prayer, offering of your light meditation for the welfare of all in this world, Mother Earth, and also other stars, other galaxies – offering your light meditation for the welfare of all the worlds.



 The Seven Rishi Stars