A Psychic examines Kariong Images

Kariong Image

Many years back, Valerie Barrow took a collection of pictures of the Kariong site, and asked a psychic friend to sit with the images and record the impressions that came.

All our readers will be aware of the Egyptian-like hieroglyphs found in a tall stone corridor at Kariong near Gosford, Australia. Our book, ‘Alcheringa when the first ancestors were created‘ speaks about our experiences when first taken to the site. There are two stories found in the writings on the wall – a Mission from the Star people coming on a huge Mothership to this planet that went terribly wrong 900,000 years ago. The survivors from the Pleiades went on to genetically engineer the up-standing ape like creature so that the Human was created (meaning a Light-man, a creature imbued with the hue of light).

We know these to have been the beginning of the Australian Aborigine race. Many tribes have dreaming stories about the 7 sisters (Pleiades constellation) and how they came to this planet and were their ancestors.

There is also another story — much later — of two Egyptian Princes coming to this land to learn from the ‘clever fellas’ in Australia. Unfortunately one of the princes was bitten twice by a snake and died. The Stone corridor with the glyphs telling the story was once covered by a stone roof and is what we believe to be an ancient Egyptian Tomb dating around 4,500 to 5,000 years ago.

The Australian Tribal Elders speak of their knowledge of being visited by Egyptians thousands of years ago.

We were taken to the site by an Aborigine Elder, named Gerry Bostock on thd 10th of October 1995. Gerry introduced us to the area and the ways of the ancient protocol to enter the country. Many photos were taken, including a video, now on YouTube ( here and here).

The Psychic Impressions from Pictures

I showed the photos of the hieroglyphs to my dear psychic medium friend Helen Smythe, from Australia, who said she would sit with them and ask her Spirit Mentor for a translation: This was back in 1995.

The following is what she so kindly gave to us:


As I tune in, I perceive a firey mass – just as it had been broken off from the Sun. There is just fog – a grey mist. Now I see a multitude of Light Beings incorporating with matter – knowing that the essence of spirit would have a chance to progress.

I see the Earth with seven auric spheres.

I see electro-magnetic energy pouring out of those light beings. They will evenutally work with people at a particular time of evolution.

I see light being poured down to stimulate the DNA so that its strength will increase 6-fold.

I see a higher frequency of energy emerging within our world and a collective telepathing flow manifest within the Universe.

All these photos speak of secret knowledge — and a language ‐ which seems to have a two-fold meaning … only understood by the initiated.

This secret knowledge will become acessible to all people as they are awakening to the truth, that they are immortal and that the soul is seeking release from the personality.

I am being given to understand that we enter a kind of amnesia as we enter the body … and that we are given free will as a means by which we are able to make mistakes.

I am being told, that when a certain molecule of mind in any kindgom (mineral, plant, animal, etc.) reaches its full potential, it gravitates naturally to the next level of progression.

I see im my mind gateways all over the world closing up and I see others being opened at the same time. Some are postive and some are negatively charged

I see dormant old sites being located on the planet; some are new ones which begin to manifest etherically, astrally and mentally on the planet.

I see human consciousness going through a 180° change.

I see a lot of encoded knowledge will be revealed in the future.

The Kariong Images

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