Helen Smythe Remembers Valérie

Helen SmytheHelen Smythe has been a friend of Valérie Barrow’s for more than 40 years. Helen collaborated with Valerie in delivering the messages of the Cosmic Sai Baba in German translation. Helen – a medium – also brought forward several significant messages for Valérie, which have been reported elsewhere on this website. On the day of Valerie’s memorial and celebration, Helen attended with one short talk to offer, but as proceedings ended rather quickly, she was unable to speak. Helen is delighted to share her message here, on Valérie Barrow’s website.

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Take 5 Magazine Article

I’m a New Woman

From an article published in the July 30, 2020 edition of Take 5 magazine.

On the brink of death, I heard a deep voice guide me

Valérie Barrow
Moss Vale, NSW.

The afternoon sun shone through the window as I watched my kids, Brett, eight, Rod, six, and Glen, one, play in the living room. “Mum, come play!” they begged, pulling my hand. “Not today, love,” I replied softly.

Over the last few weeks I’d been overcome with exhaustion, falling asleep whenever I had the chance. And today, it was as if my body was struggling to function.

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Alcheringa Speaks: The Lion People, the Dugong and the Adonis Race

In this article, Valerie Barrow engages Alcheringa – the oversighting spirit of this planet -for Alcheringa has sighted the history and transformation of this planet for eons past. Valerie seeks to recover information about her past life as a Star Person, a Leonine of the race from Sirius.

Valerie explores the role of the Leonines, and the creation of the hairy up-standing ape like creature. The role of the Dugongs (the sea cow) is also discussed in the genetic history of creating the up-standing hairy ape like creature. The conversation with Alcheringa also engages with the Future of Humans on this planet.

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