August 2014 Newsletter

Sanat Kumara

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our latest Newsletter for August 2014. Cosmic Sai Baba has spoken several times in the recent transmissions that these look like days of chaos on our planet – this is not so, he has assured us, and the coming of the Golden Age is here. In other transmissions, we have been assured we are actually all living in the 4th Dimension, now. All are in the 4th Dimension, we have been told.

This latest newsletter brings you news of archeological digs in Australia, fun and games on the space station with an interesting experiment, a mystery captured on an empty sea vessel about to be cut up and news of Evan and Steven Strong’s latest book, Ancient Aliens in Australia. We also bring you photographs of what seem to be Wanjinas (think of the rock art in the Kimberleys in Western Australia) found as rock art in Chattisgarth in India. We have an interesting newsletter for your reading this month.

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