Life-transforming Success and Much, Much More!

On this page, we bring you the message of Patricia Cota-Robles on the increased energies of light connected to the elevation of the 5th Dimension. This message references Mother Mary, Saint Germain along with Archangel Mikael and All Angels. There is also reference to the September Wave X which many enlightened beings have given messages about. Due the number of crop circles indicating that the Earth and all forms of life upon Mother Earth are passing through a light portal and energetic portal of one kind, there is much substance to this message of Patricia Cota-Robles. Valerie shares that this message explains so much of what is happening and is – in the words of Valerie Barrow – “spot on“. Without further ado, we bring you this message of Patricia Cota-Robles with her kind permission. ….

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